LOTD 189

Rocky Dethly

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Skin : The Skinnery :: Marni 1 (champagne) RARE @ The Arcade :: NEW
Brows : The Skinnery :: Marni Brows 1  @ The Arcade :: NEW
Eyes : Song :: Anim :: Black eye @  Kustom9 :: NEW
Hair : Ayashi :: Nariko hair :: fatpack @ The Black Dot Project :: NEW
Hairband : Zenith :: Chrysanthemum sheep headband :: rose @ Kustom9 :: NEW
Collar : Buzzeri :: Cutey collar :: white plain (texture change HUD for ribbon)
Dress + Cardigan : offbeat :: hello to my sweetie (1) @ Kustom9 :: NEW
Bag : Zenith :: little sheep bag @ The Arcade :: NEW
Socks : .tsg. :: Prissy Ruffle socks :: white solid
Shoes : Cocoroni :: Love Me Sandal :: light pink (gacha)

Pose : okkbye :: static ao poses :: 1 ::  no breathing
Rocky DethlyLOTD 189

Machine Birds

Amelie Fravoisse

Machine Birds
Pants/jacket: [sYs] BIOPUNK - @ The Liaison Collaborative 
Shoes: Eudora3D Electric Dreams  - @ The Liaison Collaborative 
Hair: .Olive. the Misty Hair - @ The Liaison Collaborative 
Mesh head: TheMeshProject - Moody
Skin applier: DeeTaleZ *Appliers* TheMeshProject "Face Loreen" nordic
Lipstick: Pink Acid Overly Done light lip gloss
Pose: [Black Tulip] Action! - @ The Liaison Collaborative 

Cage/birds: +Half-Deer+ The Mad Scientist's - @ The Liaison Collaborative 
Trash: Kuro - Trash (black) - @ Level Up
ISON - Altar - @ The Arcade
(bowl, elixirs, death in a bottle)

Amelie FravoisseMachine Birds

Dream Room


Just before the rain

Everyone has an idea of a how the perfect room should be right? Some like it modern, some more classic, some shabby chic, some industrial, some eclectic and some minimal. Well my heart is usually always in a place between eclectic and shabby chic/classic. I adore antiques in real life and Second Life. To me old does not mean dusty and unpractical, to me it’s a piece with history, memories and exquisite design. I am not a huge fan of minimal or too modern unfortunately as many seem to me too simple although I do appreciate that style’s fine examples too always. But yes thats where my heart lies; in gilt gold, fine wood, antique cream paints and finishes, florals and lace and silk and of course beautifully crafted furniture and buildings. That’s why I have almost shrieked with joy when I seen Apple Fall’s September 2014 Arcade items a month ago. The rare Mayfair skybox was an answer to my dreams with its worn walls, beautiful walls, parqueted wood floors, a grand Victorian fireplace and at a perfect size for me, my cats and new puppy. And the antique beautiful Roman bed and closet from again the same Apple Fall Arcade September 2014 set were the pieces I just would dream myself for a skybox like that if I had any building or design skills!! So I present you (even maybe a little late) my version of the Apple Fall Mayfair skybox. Also this months Kustom 9 has some beautiful teacup gacha set from Apple Fall and it fitted perfect to that dream house but would look good in anywhere really so I have tried some new layout in my bedroom to display them . What a joy to start the day in a house like that!

A cup of tea pleaseWitching Hours

My dream room


Skybox: Apple Fall (Arcade)

Closet, Blue wood Roman bed, Dollhouse, Gilded Painting, Lamp, Winged Chair, Cafe Table with Flowers Cloth, Bookcases, Teacup with Rose, Pocket Watch, Blueberries, Rose Vase, Pipe Sidetable, Log chair, Porcelain Pug, Rug, Ladder Table: Apple Fall (Arcade, Home and Garden Expo, Uber, Kustom 9 September collections)

Brass Bed: Lisp

Embroidery Art: Mudhoney

Vanity Stool: What Next

Tray, Dresser, Puppy: Ispachi (Arcade)

Bedroom Curtains: Spargel &Shine Homes

Living Room Curtains:BBQQ

Birdcage: Standby

Ballet Shoes: U.F.O

Blue Sidetables: Dutchie

Floral Settee: Tres Blah

Rattan Stool: Mudhoney

Tarot Cards and Quaja Board: Sorgo (Arcade)

Letters: Zigana (Arcade)

Birdcage Lamps: Trompe Loeil

Daysofa, Stool: Scarlet Creative (Arcade)

Dresser: Junk

Mirror: Mudhoney

Gramaphone: Breno

Books: WhatNext

Stenographer: Contraption

Frames: Zaara (Arcade)

Cats: Fashionably Dead (Arcade)

sldesigncatDream Room



hand/feet: slink
skin: AMITOMO.Dreamy Skin base
eye: [UMEBOSHI] Spirited Eyes -Ashes

hair: TRUTH HAIR Amaris    NEW
top: Willow~ Boat Neck Top- White Lily
dress: Color.Me.H.O.F Mesh [Strap Tunic Dress[Jean]
bag: * Cocoroni : Eco Bag Gacha  @ kustom9    NEW
shoes: fri. - Gloria.Heels   @Collabor88     NEW
necklace: {mon tissu} Oui Necklace - Gold
watch: w e l l d o n e . a t e l i e r / Cat Watch
ring: !Ohmai : Antique Bee Ring
manicure/pedicure: beauty by alaskametro<3 Slink manicure/pedicure - "Basic Pack"

pose1: Overlow Poses - Gift ( 1 )
pose2: *coucou* charmant Stand 01
chaconneeLOOK BOOK 127

141 : 0918

Ton Thumper

HAIR : Unorthodox : Alontae Ponytail
GLASSES : Nu-na : .n... Glasses(Black)
NECKLACE : Dead Apples : Antlers Chain Necklace - Brown Wood/Golden (GACHA)
JACKET : ::K:: : Slim Coat Jacket with Shirts Homme Black @Creation.jp (Open Sep 20th, SOON!!) <<NEW>>
BAG : GABRIEL : Body Bag / Black (GG)
PANTS : Pumpkin : Sweat pants(grey cotton)
SHOES : FLite. : Skyhigh Black 1.1

DECOR : *Rez* : Wood Bench 1 , Celling Fan , Wall Lamp @Creation.jp (Open Sep 20th, SOON!!) <<NEW>>

SITTING POSE : 3M : me2_2_letter1

[ Creation.jp WEB ]

Ton Thumper141 : 0918

Style 592

Golden Slumbers

Skin : DeeTalez Jule Celtic
Hair : booN POI481 sandy
Eyes : IKON  Promise Eyes Blush
Dress : (fd) Miami Sunset Dress khaki <3
Blazer : (fd) Belted Men's Blazer Tangerine <3
Shoes : fri. Gloria Heels Dust <3
Clutch : LaGyo LouLou clutch Terracotta/Sand
Pose : kirin Ivy <3

Golden SlumbersStyle 592

Gag me with passion

Kathya Szczepanski


Outfit 1:
Skin Birdy foxes – Melancholy Skin -The Secret Affair!!-
Eyes DA – Twinkle eyes
Hair Spellbound – Lux
Ears: Mandala – Taper ears
Gag: Spellbound – STFU ballgag -ROMP!!-
Necklace: Pekka – Supernatural pentacle necklace – gold
Choker: Pekka – Cross chain choker – gold
Top: Birdy foxes – Melancholy bustier royal line -The Secret Affair!!-

Outfit 2:
Shape: Pekka – Zoey female shape (modded)
Skin: PF – Doll v2 -New!!-
Makeup: Sub Rosa – Crying Game-Running Mascara-Gift
Eyes: DA – Striking eyes
Hair: Lamb – Strangelove
Ears: Mandala – Steking ears ver 3
Top: Birdy foxes – Melancholy bustier gold -The Secret Affair!!-
Skirt: Birdy foxes – Melancholy Skirt black -The Secret Affair!!-
Necklace: Noodles – Memoir locket gold -The Secret Affair!!-
Gag: Spellbound – STFU ballgag -ROMP!!-

Kathya SzczepanskiGag me with passion

Autumn Lake House


Working On an Autumn Lakehouse

Bigger and clearer pic here!
Structure: ✤Outdoor Open House – HAIKEI @ Kustom9

It’s that time of the year where people start posting Autumn pics, eh? :D

How are you, lovelies? I hope everyone is well. Be warned, I have breathing room this week so you know what to expect now…ramble time!

 If you’re ready to turn over your virtual space for autumn, check out the Outdoor Open House from HAIKEI. It’s available at Kustom9 this round.

I’m experimenting something with this post.


Autumn Lake House: Ingredients!

Enchanted Woods v2 (seasons change)- Studio Skye || Bergamot Square Decking – Warm Oak – LISP || Crane the Lightbringer – Gold – +Half-Deer+ || ✤Glass Fishing Float -hanging- (green) – Soy. || ✤Chair [in town of Camaguey] sky – Soy + SKBIO @ Atelier Kreslo || ✤tealight bucket. purple. – junk || ✤step ladder shelf. first aid. – junk. @ Kustom9 || The Raft (animated)- Sari-Sari || Creeping Wall Vine (texture change)- Dysfunctional Designs

I get asked daily where to get certain items. “Where can I get this item I see in your Flickr/blog?” It helps my ego massively that people are convinced to buy anything from my blog, but I have to admit that constantly getting IMs like this was starting to get to me. Not to mention the capping that I get when people IM en masse, despite me saying in my profile that sending me an NC or an email would be an easier option.

I assumed people were lazy to read and I admit I was slightly disappointed by it. The most tedious thing in Second Life blogging is the credits and it’s offputting to feel that all that work you’ve done with crediting is overlooked.

HOWEVER. A conversation with a dear friend gave me a new insight. That I might be at fault here.

Ok. So. I admit that us homebloggers can be one of the most annoying creatures on this metaverse planet. Rezzing everything and crediting everything but not specifying what it is we’re crediting.

There are some awesome homebloggers who are more diligent and helpful in their crediting, clearly labeling things such as “Chair: so and so by so and so”. Most designers also name their items helpfully such as “climbing vines” or “neon chairs”. But what if you come across a blogpost with 20 different chairs? And what if you come across blogposts that uses things from Apple Fall (for example) and you don’t know which item in that picture is the “L’Air Frais”?

(It’s a fan, by the way. An amazing fan at that).

We also credit EVERYTHING and by everything I mean “even things that were rezzed yonder, that thee cannot see in this picture, unless thee be having good eyesighteh”. So not only do you poor readers have to deal with finding out what chair is called what, you also need to figure out if this particular chair is the one you were looking at!

So, I hope that doing some crediting this way will be helpful in the future. Sure, it’s extra work, but not by much. And if it makes you buy things quicker to prettify your house without having to wait for me to log and reply, then it’s a BONUS, right? :D

That said, I am always happy to answer any questions that hasn’t been answered by any of my posts. :P I hope this does not frighten anyone to contact me if they need clarification on anything. I’d be talking to an empty room without you lovely readers and I intend to keep you all forever in this room, mmkay?

zeeslAutumn Lake House

brother nature

Lucas777 Vespucciano


Hair: ACTION -Shaun

Pipe: [NikotiN]   Pipe Royal

Ears: AITUI – Ear System: Gen 4, ACRYL*IMALS – Red Fox @ The Arcade

Beard: [DossiEr] Beard V1 *Wear

Flowers: Beusame – brother nature

Bracelet: AITUI – Live Free Bracelet

Sweater: Mikunch – Mens Simple sweater with shirt @ Kustom9

Jeans: [DossiEr] skinny basic_dJeans

Boots: [NikotiN] SplitRock (Classic)

Location: Izzie’s Mainstore

Lucas777 Vespuccianobrother nature

LEVELS@Beusy!!! New hairstyle available at the…

• Stay Beusy •


New hairstyle available at the mainstore.

It’s a loose,messy braid.

It’s copy/modify and fully rigged mesh.

TP: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rhage/40/206/3002

Thank you Amelie for the inspiration of this hair!

(Dark Root Hud is used for this Ad)

• Stay Beusy •LEVELS@Beusy!!! New hairstyle available at the…