Vix Yoshikawa

  • Hair: booN - UKA687 
  • Make Up: *League* - Classic Wing EyeLiner 3
  • Make Up 2: BF Eyeshadow . Smoke . Ashes 1
  • Ears:  [MANDALA] - Steking EARS 
  • Eyes: IKON Promise Eyes 
  • Dress: BEPPIN! - Chowlee Dress (The Cosmopolitan Room) 
  • Pose: ZZang - Serene Pack

Vix Yoshikawa[.049]

Quoth the MadPea, “Please don’t eat me!”


Quoth the MadPea

MadPea has recently made a whole bunch of their older items available on the Marketplace for prices ranging from L$10L$100. They are a eclectic collection of Stuff and Things from past games and hunts created before mesh existed and you can find them all in a store named MadPea Productions’ old items. If you’ve been following MadPea for a while I’m sure many of these items will make you nostalgic.. but there is plenty to appreciate for the new player, too!

I was immediately drawn to the raven avatar as they are my very favourite bird.. and it is delightful! Included in the pack are all the usual body parts plus 2 versions of the head (with/without pea in beak) and a fab AO which has you bob and look around as you stand, hop as you walk and, of course, flap those wings as you fly. All for just L$10! Just watching it makes me smile – it’s really very well done.

I took the above photo at MadPea’s new spot in-world: The Green Mire – a dark swamp with its very own mystery. I’m still working through it (and I wouldn’t spoil it by giving out details anyway!) but you can read a little more on the back story over on the MadPea Blog. The Green Mire is also home to the MadPea’s mainstore which features their more current items. As with all of their builds, it’s a fun place to be whether you’er shopping, taking photos, practicing your detective skills or just looking for an atmospheric hangout!

Hope you’ve all been having a good week!

Caw! <3


Raven Avatar‘ – MadPea Productions (old items) – L$10

The Green Mire

Photo Tools
taken with sim’s default windlight, edited muchly with pixlr o-matic & GIMP


Chiana0Quoth the MadPea, “Please don’t eat me!”

Clean up Morning with Fun ( The Wild Things Gacha Fair Preview! )

Emilia Winter

Skybox:{vespertine- faded horizons skyloft
Wombat:Schadenfreude Chestnut Wombat- Soon @ The Wild Things Gacha Fair (opens July 26th!!)
Sway's [Wild Things] Stool . jellyfish aqua Soon @ The Wild Things Gacha Fair
The Secret Store - Sea Adventures - Fishing Net (last arcade item)
Sway's [Wild Things] Lounger . alligator RARE Soon @ The Wild Things Gacha Fair
llorisen // eclectic hello sign RARE (last arcade item)
Sway's [Wild Things] Rack . whale RARE Soon @ The Wild Things Gacha Fair
Sway's [Wild Things] Lamp . snake lime Soon @ The Wild Things Gacha Fair
floorplan. bunting
Scarlet Creative The Arcade Love Blinds Carriage (last arcade)
8f8 - 17. Our Secret Hideout - Our Memories @ The Season Story
8f8 - 13. Our Secret Hideout - Crate of Wisdom @ The Season Story
8f8 - 16. Our Secret Hideout - Arts 'n' Crafts @ The Season Story
floorplan. bunny chair / mint
*Tentacio* My polaroid green
8f8 - 15. Our Secret Hideout - Magic Box @ The Season story
8f8 - Inside the Story - Emma the Butterfly -Soon @ The Wild Things Gacha Fair
8f8 -Inside the Story - Boat -Soon @ The Wild Things Gacha Fair
*Second Spaces* craft room - paints (gacha)
Desk:AF Cottage Dining Table
Bed:Trompe Loeil - Baybrooke Twin Bed Kids
.lame - Tiara Laundry Basket - Green
*MishMish* My Cute Raccoon Brown
::C'est la vie !:: Teddy Lamb(black/dressup)mesh-RARE @ The Dreamers Factory
Trompe Loeil - Stringlights With Photos
8f8 - 18. Our Secret Hideout - Secret Diary @ The Season story
Second Spaces - Gettin' Jiggy - puzzle
+Half-Deer+ Itty-Bitty Pygmy Goat - Lovemuffin @ The Season Sstory
+Half-Deer+ Itty-Bitty Pygmy Goat - Mulberry @ The Season Story
+Half-Deer+ Itty-Bitty Pygmy Goat - Panda @ The Season Sstory
MOoH! Unicorn with butterflies white/pink -Soon @ The Wild Things Gacha Fair
BALACLAVA!! Rumpus Clock-Exclusive Gift for Where The Wild Things Are
LeMomo: MLP Coloring Books
~silentsparrow~ Fawn - Roo Rat - Hold & Follow Friend -Soon @ The Wild Things Gacha Fair
8f8 - 19. Our Secret Hideout - Precious Thoughts@ The Season story
Floorplan. sailor stripe rug
(what next} Pink Vacuum Cleaner Rare(gacha)
Floorplan. diner chair / mint
Floorplan. large diner table
Travel Guide: TA :: Tartessos Arts ::
Cookies: Kalopsia - Cookies Sale Package 1 RARE-Soon @ The Wild Things Gacha Fair
Kalopsia - Badger Cookies-Soon @ The Wild Things Gacha Fair
Kalopsia - Wolf Cookies-Soon @ The Wild Things Gacha Fair
Kalopsia - Lynx Cookies-Soon @ The Wild Things Gacha Fair
{Kitchinette - lemoncake-{vespertine}
{vespertine- fruit treats} (last arcade)
Summer orange tart poche@ The Season story
AF Tea Time Tins (last arcade item)
floorplan. mimosa jars (last arcade item)
[ keke ] lemonade - lemon
floorplan. vintage surfing poster
TA Grocery Bag:: Tartessos Arts ::
[DDD] Elegant Victorian Kitchen -
{what next}Toaster (flamingo)

Mothers outfit:


Skin_Essences {Galadriel} *medium01*@ The Season Story
Eyebrow:  [BUZZERI] Talia Eyebrow - Dark Blonde @ Cosmetic Fair

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Oceana
Eyes:IKON Promise Eyes - Dune
Nox. Eyebags [Dark]

Phone:Redux - Wild Thing Gacha Phone - White Tiger RARE-Soon @ The Wild Things Gacha Fair
Shirt:(Milk Motion) embroidered tee -- nicewords - pink @ The Dreamers Factory
Skirt:(Milk Motion) plumetis pleated skirt - white @ The Dreamers Factory
Shoes- erratic / summer - flip-flops / koala (gacha last arcade item)
Necklace: BananaN Gacha medallion  - paw RARE Soon @ The Wild Things Gacha Fair
Soy.TAPEMAN [Silver Blue]+Soy. TAPEMAN Earphone@ Kustom 9

Child outfit:


KID - Girl ToddleeDoo Avatar
Skin:[AMITOMO]Diana Tone2-1
Eyes:IKON Promise Eyes -Ice-

.Dress: click. Elephant Chevron Dress - Kid ( Gacha) Rare
.Pekka. Teeth alpha & Teeth
Eyebrows:[BUZZERI]  Yoona Eyebrows - Dark Blonde
Freckles:  [BUZZERI]  Cutiepie Freckles - Heart
Ring: Atomic {Kawaii Moon} Ring_Silver - Blue 1 Gacha
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Honey

Emilia WinterClean up Morning with Fun ( The Wild Things Gacha Fair Preview! )

Renee \r(e)-nee\ as a girl’s name is pronounced ren-NAY. …


Renee \r(e)-nee\ as a girl’s name is pronounced ren-NAY.
Word Origin
: French, Latin
Meaning: reborn, born again

“Don’t wait for your feelings to change to take the action. Take the action and your feelings will change.” - Barbara Baron

I’ve been feeling very blah and stressed about my store lately. I always promised myself that when it no longer becomes fun is when I need to redirect my attention towards fostering positivity. I love to make skins and I’ve wanted to do something nice for the newer residents of Second Life for awhile. New residents under 30 days can grab this skin for free. If you are over 30 days old, you can purchase it for 150L (DEMOS available). Skin tones featured from top left to bottom right: Crystal, Peach, Hazel and Espresso. Comes with dark and light eyebrows. Shape provided.

If you are on Facebook, please consider giving a like! : www.facebook.com/pinkfuel

http://pinkfuel.tumblr.com/Renee \r(e)-nee\ as a girl’s name is pronounced ren-NAY. …

sweets for a sweetie on Flickr.The Dreamers Factory is a really…


sweets for a sweetie on Flickr.

The Dreamers Factory is a really neat event. The sim is so awesome, so be sure to take some time to stop by just for that. Getting there is a real treat! So are the items you’d find there, cotton candy buddies from MishMish and ice cream Cone Thrones from Flowey are deliciously wonderful. The poses that come with the seats are delightful.

This top from DRIFT is cute and of course, the HUD based changing system is always perfection. I like the length of this crop top but the sleeves are making me yearn for fall. I feel like this will be a transition piece that everyone will be clamoring for soon enough. Buzzeri has some make-up items out at N.21, bold lip choices and ‘late-night’ eye shadows that will look amazing on everybody. Atomic has a sweet hair style out at the same event. The precious style also reminds me of getting ready for fall classes, so I feel like everyone is ready for summer to be over. The heat at least! Everything at N.21, from my understanding, are event items only. You won’t find them again once the event is over. So get by ASAP!

Last, this widdle sweet necklace, so dainty, so cute, is from Imeka. You need this necklace. You really do.

| Look |

Skin: [PF] Sora - Sugoi (dk purple)
Shape: !matte.006 (shape) MOD
Body: Slink Physique Mesh Figure V1
Hands/Feet: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands
Eyes: [Buzz] Crystal Eye - Chocolate (Kustom9)
Eye Shadow: [Buzz] Late Night Shadow – Obsidian (N.21)
Hair: .Atomic. {Hair} Daydream -Pastels (N.21)
Lipstick: [Buzz] Late Night Lip – Cosmopolitan (N.21)
Teeth: [PXL] OpenMouth PRO TEETH v1.3
Top: DRIFT Oakley Crop Shirt (New!)
Bottom: -tb- Metallic Glitter Shorts - Black
Shoes: fri. - Rebecca.Wedges (Teal)
Necklace: {Imeka} Kawaii Cloud Necklace {Silver} (The Dreamers Factory)
Friend: *MishMish* Candy Fluffz - Pink (The Dreamers Factory)
Pose/Seat: Flowey. Cone Thrones – Neapolitan RARE (The Dreamers Factory)

technotealsweets for a sweetie on Flickr.The Dreamers Factory is a really…

Daisy pickin’

Twig Aho

Hair - [INK] Hair___MARY :Blonde(Click Resize)
Dress - ::{u.f.o}:: Pure Love Dress Ivory
Bike - {vespertine}-dreamers vehicle/botanica
Bunny - HPMD* StandingRabbit white M
Shed - Zigana . garden shed RARE
Sink - {vespertine- upcycled garden sink 
Tree - :Fanatik Architecture: Garden Tree 1
Hose pipe - [PM]Pixel Mode - THG - Garden Hose
Plants - [ Organica ] Field of Flowers - White Daisies - flat - ratioed, HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass
Twig AhoDaisy pickin’

The Forgotten Office in The Air


The Forgotten Office in The Air

Structure: Old Potting Shed Rust - Culprit
Beachcomber Shelf – Lark || grandpapa`s  studies – Zigana || Palmerston Wall Hanging (Tuscan) – Theosophy
Vintage Typewriter (from Reporter Deko set) - 22769 ~ [bauwerk] || Silvia  deco book pile and a green tea mug - ARIA || Keene Desk Lamp – DIGS || Tropical Birds – Toucan – Half-Deer || geekbook/cloudy - vespertine || Books – Apple Fall || Mason Jars & Notepad - Sari-Sari || Sheets Of Paper (from Reporter Deko set) -  22769 ~ [bauwerk] || ✤perry chair. ethnic diamond. - junk
Heart of Polaroids – Apple Fall || Adventurer Wire Shelf – Sari-Sari || ✤Feels like heaven ladder – Kuro || Artist Desk – Apple Fall || wall clutter – floorplan || ✤ari tool.sunny – junk || ✤ivan leather rug – junk
The Arcade Carriage Day - Scarlet Creative

LTD Magazine Page on FB asked: “Do you have a Home Office in your Second Life house? If so, share some pictures with us in the comments! We would love to see your work spaces!”

I had already snapped this pic a few days ago and I can totally wing it and say ‘yeah, this is how I SLive everyday. This is where my avi sit to blog. This is where I sit down to write my Notecards.” And y’all will laugh at me because you know it’s not true. XD  I do like this setup and I might keep it for a few more days, and actually live in it. There’s even a daybed there, so why not?

Wanna hear a story? I totally forgot I had this scene set up on my land.

This room was decorated nearly a month ago, while Summerfest was on. And then, as usual, I completely forgot about it because I would have started yet another decorating project. I love decorating so much and SL is a great place to exercise this hobby. So much so that my attention span when it comes to decorating is about 5 seconds. LOL. I usually have 3-5 different scenes rezzed at any one time, on several metres up, that sometimes I can forget what I have and what I don’t have. Because come on! SLife is too SLhort to only have one build rezz at a time, amirite?

And this build would have continued to be forgotten if Mun hadn’t decide to come live on my land. While I was rezzing her platform  in the air, I saw this build that looked familiar, so I cammed in and….

…found a project I was working on a few months ago….

….halfway decorated and all the way forgotten. ;____;

A thought occurred to me. I raised my draw distance to 200, flew 4000m up and just ‘fall’. And sure enough, every few hundred meters are some other clutters I rezzed and forgotten about. A few were random little items I forgot to clean up, but mostly there were fully decorated rooms that I abandoned. Probably because I TPed out in the middle of decorating to shop or some such.

Long story short, I had so much clutter in the sky, it was borderline insane. I also found several builds that I forgot I had…

…so I cleaned up and freed nearly 800+ prims on my land. Good Lord.

A few months back, I decided to sort out my Inventory by doing a ‘Nath Pevensey Style’ cleanup. I don’t remember where I found out about his idea…maybe Plurk? Maybe his blog (though I can’t find reference to it now). Basically, Nath’s idea is this: rezz everything new on a dedicated platform (skybox, a plank, whathavesyou) and leave it there til you have blogged it or sort it out. And I think that’s a great idea!


In hindsight, one should not attempt to practice this great idea during Arcade season when one is an Arcade Gacha addict. It was successful for the first few days. I even had color-coded planks–”things I don’t know what is in there”, “gacha stuff to open”, “gacha stuff to trade with” and so on. And then I started buying things, and playing gachas, and buying more things, and playing more gachas that now my ‘Inventory Platform’ is somewhere I never venture unto.

I have a feeling I’m doing this so wrong and that Nath will disapprove highly of me…LOL.

Anyway, I’m off to…er…attempt to clean up my Inventory Platform so I shall leave you to your happy shopping!

(P.S: If you don’t hear from me for a few days, send help and make sure you bring hunky men able to do heavy box lifting. Preferably only in their undies. Deal?)

zeeslThe Forgotten Office in The Air

The Wood Nymph

Twig Aho

Dress - Boudoir Earth
Crown - LaGyo_Naiad headpiece Yellow
Hair - Clawtooth: Color Me Pretty (Glamorous Blondes Pack) (Hair Fair - July)
Lights - Part of Enchanted Tree Tunnel V2 from Studio Skye .
Pond with waterfall - Secret Forest Pond by Felix 64 Prim 25x25m Size copy/mod (marketplace)
Log behind where I'm sitting - (pose)HPMD* Fallen Tree - flowers
Swans - The lid from !O: Animal Spice Gatcha [Mr&MsSwan. Peppercorn] (The Arcade)
Twig AhoThe Wood Nymph

.Atomic. {Hair}


hair: .Atomic. {Hair} Daydream - Brunettes @N.21

skin: AMITOMO.Dreamy Skin makeup1 @TDF
dress: ::C'est la vie!:: Stella Dress(mint) @TDF
Linolatina.Atomic. {Hair}



[e] Jordyn - Blondes : hair SALE (elikapeka.tiramisu)
* Cocoroni : meow Hat Mint : gacha THE DREAMERS FACTORY(nosanta)

::C'est la vie !:: Stella dress(mint)mesh : NEW TDF (larcoco.mathy)
NEO** : Lululala   - Pan : tattoo The Seasons Story gacha (briceneo)
REIGN.- EMPRESS SANDALS- Teal : (kenadeecole)

POTCHA. daydream set : bag TDF (cecilina)
::C'est la vie !:: Teddy Lamb(ivory/dressup)mesh-RARE-copy.ver : gacha(larcoco.mathy)
{Imeka} Bird Cake Pops {3} : TDF gacha (NatiWilliams)
Izzie's - Letter Heart Necklace : (Izzie Button)
*Kotolier "Aile D'ange" I Ring (Silver) : gacha (kotori.skytower) :::S tyyy❤:::

Location : SS+:::+Natural+:::+


Weddings Around the World

Strawberry Singh

Libby Farleigh, the publisher of Fusion Magazine recently contacted me and requested I do two images for her special Wedding issue. They have a segment on weddings around the world so she asked me to share some colorful imagery depicting indian wedding traditions. Indian weddings are usually a big celebration of two families coming together, […]

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Strawberry SinghWeddings Around the World

igotdressed 2014-07-24 05:04:23


hair [taketomi]_Meisa_@ N21 (please note  this is an exclusive item and can no longer be sold ever again after the event )

tattoo .Reckless. “electric ” @ N21

skin Deesses Skins: Nadine – milky coffee tone

shorts ::DirtyMind:: Never Tame Denim Shorts


igotdressedigotdressed 2014-07-24 05:04:23