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Structure: ✤Garage Shop – Mugen
Balloons, part of ‘dreamers vehicle/cloud express’ RARE – vespertine @ The Dreamers Factory || Ace table – Breno || Zoe Chair – Pine Blue – LISP || iFall (Early 2014) Media Edition – Apple Fall || breeze. (tripod fan red-with sound) – *Art Dummy! || Factory Lamp – Five Minutes After || Rug-O-Rama Gacha ‘cassette tape’ & joystick (RARE) – Bokeh || windows & doors set, white – oyasumi || City Walk Linocut Prints – DIGS
(More credits next pic)

“When I was your age, I didn’t have Internet!”

“Back during my days, there are no such things as Wifi.”

“When I was your age, if I wanted Internet, I had to disconnect my phone, mess around with cables, connect the phone cable to the modem, dial-up the modem, and if I want to look up a page about Backstreet Boys, it takes 5 hours to load the first page.”

“Back during my days, we didn’t have Internet at home. If I wanted to use the Internet, I have to go to a Netcafe!”


Ace table – Breno || Zoe Chair – Pine Blue – LISP || iFall (Early 2014) Media Edition – Apple Fall || breeze. (tripod fan red-with sound) – *Art Dummy! || ✤Nikka Leather Sofa – ARIA || Bookworm Coffee Table – Consignment || FLF Bookshelves – Zigana || Pipe Lamp – Kuro ||flamingo. (shelf) – *Art Dummy! || ✤pipe magazine rack. iron. – junk || shine. (string lights) – *Art Dummy! ||wanderlust print – floorplan. || ✤Chess Set – Mugen || City Walk Linocut Prints – DIGS

If you remember Netscape and Dialups, you are officially an elderly citizen as far as kids nowadays are concerned. Bonus points if you can remember how DialUp sounds like. How about I refresh your memory?

This post is overdue. I wanted to post it during the weekend, but last weekend was close to being my Apocalypse. SL was borked, Plurk was down and then my Internet was down. I have never felt such intense much First World Devastation in my entire life!

Anyway, let me brag for a bit here. This build I’m using is the Garage Shop from Mugen. Mugen is a new brand, though it is not new-ish. Xero decided to rebrand his store from XTC (no, not the other XTC) into Mugen and one of Mugen’s first offering is…a prefab. WOAH.

mugen\ Garage Shop

Mugen Garage Shop
Source: Xero’s Flickr Stream

I am rather proud of this prefab for a lot of reasons, haha. But the main thing being that it is great to see how a friend progress from making furniture to a full blown prefab. It’s on the smaller size so it’s perfect for a small store or a cafe and ONLY 12 land impact. Xero made it in a way that user can retexture easily, though I didn’t do it because I like to blog things with their natural colour (translation: I’m not the best when it comes to texturing walls).

It is now out at Mugen’s store and you can find the demo here. :D

It’s getting more and more difficult to end a post without being abrupt nowadays, so I shall leave you with a trailing pause…



Emilia Winter


Hair: + Lamb. Nothing - Variety/Ombre/Eccentric@ Hair fair
Skin: Essences {Galadriel} *medium01* @Season Story
Tattoo:*Bolson / Tattoo - Mr. Bolton 
Lingerie: ~Blacklace~ Kindle: Black Lace Set
Ring :HouseofFox :: ForeverYoung Ring
Cigarette: [NikotiN]    Rainbow_Gold   RARE

                                                       Poses: Del May
Emilia WinterContemplatively

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wknd n61

Nina Fessbeinder

slurl to Where The Wild Things Are, find: HERE
slurl to The Dreamers Factory, find: HERE
slurl to Kustom9, find: HERE

avatar 116_002 edit_Fotor

avatar 116_001 edit_Fotor

head: (fd) BB Doll – Sad by Toast Bard (gacha)
body: Slink Physique Mesh Figure V1 by Siddean Munro
body, hands and feet appliers: Glam Affair, tone: petal by Aida Ewing
hair: .Atomic. {Hair} Daydream – Dip Dye by Ivy Graves (New – N.21)
nails appliers: Frogstar – Fairytale Endings Fingernails HUD by Ravenna Rossini

dress: :NuDoLu: Robe daydream Rose – XXS by Neuilles Neuman (New – The Dreamers Factory)
shoes: *BOOM* Sweet Flats – Pink by Athena Loring (New – Kustom9 July)

headband: {Mango Cheeks} Animal Headband: Deer/Baby RARE by Kelly Bellman (New – Wild Things July)
bag: B.C.C lullaby coin purse Bag loveCat RARE by vitamingirl Resident (New – The Dreamers Factory)
hand fan: B.C.C Summer’s Dream Camera Mini Fan Sweet [hand] by vitamingirl Resident (New – The Dreamers Factory)

pose: Propositions! – Rear View 5 by Delaynie Barbosa

background credits: today later, my connection is very slow due the massive rains, pictures are all black, will update this in a few hours!

Nina Fessbeinderwknd n61



Clothing Credits !
Look One
Hair: Rowne by Couleur Latoe (NEW)(Hair Fair 2014)
Skin: Vive Nine by Sanya Bilavio
Crown: ISON by Harry Hyx (FREE)(NEW)(Hair Fair 2014)
Necklace: LaGyo by Gyorgyna Larnia (Collabor88 July 2014)
Top: Vive Nine by Sanya Bilavio (NEW)(The Season Story Summer)
Ring: ISON by Harry Hyx (Collabor88 July 2014)
Bottoms: Teefy by Azure Electricteeth (NEW)(The Season Story Summer)
Pose: Pose made by Destiny Philbin

Look Two
Hair: Vive Nine by Sanya Bilavio (NEW)(Hair Fair 2014)
Skin: Vive Nine by Sanya Bilavio
Headpiece: LaGyo by Gyorgyna Larnia
Dress: Faenzo by Faenzo
Bracelet: ISON by Harry Hyx (Collabor88 July 2014)
Pose: Pose made by Destiny Philbin

wknd n60 – Where The Wild Things Are

Nina Fessbeinder

“There can never be too many events when it comes to gacha, so this summer — a new event for you to explore! Wild Things is an all animal and “wild things” themed event and I am delighted to say many of your favourite creators are already onboard! The event will take place on a full SIM as a dedicated build and every effort will be made to control lag as script monitors will be in place.

In this lavish setting you will find an inviting and eclectic array of Gacha wild things, from those which walk on all fours to those flying high above your head. You will find more Gacha wild things as well, including those that you can wear, sit on or simply admire.

TP to Where The Wild Things Are: HERE
Gacha key: HERE
Event Map: HERE

note: I found this flyer on google search, i don’t think this is the official flyer, as i didn’t saw one on the event page

Nina Fessbeinderwknd n60 – Where The Wild Things Are

CAMPAIGN for Virtual Fashion Industry 2014

Tadeu Gartner


[ ➸ English ]

Join us, do not be afraid of criticism!

If you feel wronged in some sort of treatment compared their professionalism there. Remember we are all in Second Life with your goals and no one can “disrespect” their integrity!
Make your protest and show that together we can make this world better and respected. after all:


Take a picture and show that we can build a more fun world Second Life.




[ ➸ Português ]

Junte-se a nós, não tenha medo da crítica!

Se você se sentir injustiçado em algum tipo de tratamento, em comparação ao seu profissionalismo. Lembre-se de que, estamos todos no Second Life com seus objetivos e ninguém pode “Desrespeitar” sua integridade!
Faça o seu protesto e mostrar que juntos podemos tornar este mundo virtual melhor e respeitado. Afinal:


Faça uma foto e mostrar-nos que podemos construir um mundo mais divertido no Second Life.

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Tadeu GartnerCAMPAIGN for Virtual Fashion Industry 2014

Warm Winds On A Space Ride

Deanna Dumpling

{Click to make picture larger.. it's too big for here <.<}
Skin: .Atomic. - Innocence 
Horns: Remarkable Oblivion - CogsWorth Horns   { @ The Secret Affair }
Hair: MOON{Hair}. - Roots & Naturals  { @ N°21 }
Bindi: MONS -  MESH - Bindi (style4)
Eyebrows: [Buzzeri] - Amelia Eyebrow  
Eyes: {Dead Apples}  - Striking eyes - bloom  
Eyebags & Freckles: .random.Matter. - Perfectly Flawed - Eyebags   
Septum Piercing: MONS  - Septum Ring (style2) Bronze
Lipstick:  .random.Matter. - LM glosses - night  { @ Cosmetic Fair } 
Necklaces: .random.Matter.  Fell & Bane  { Soon @ The Fantasy Gacha - Aug 8th }
Watch & Bracelet: -FAUN- - Summer Essential set  { @ L'accessories }
Ring: :::Le Primitif::: - Alloy Spiked Ring    { @ A6D }
Bag: =Zenith=  - Ice-cream bag    { @ The Dreamers Factory }
Tattoo: .Reckless. - Buddhism   { @ N°21 }
Romper: The Secret Store - Kiara Romper   { @ collabor 88 }
Shoes: REIGN. - Livi Wedges   { @ The Big Show }
Ciggy butts: [Nikotin] - { @ TMD }

on C.l.a.y.:

Hat: FLite. - Lux Strapbacks
Hair: [BURLEY] - Carlo
Eyebrow Tattoo: .Reckless. - Wrath
Eyebrow Piercing: [MANDALA] - OKAKI
Glasses: S O R G O - ALCAZ Shades   { @ Kustom 9 }
Eyes: {Dead Apples} - Striking Eyes
Ear Piercing: [MANDALA] - ERO-SENSEI 
Nose Piercing: .r.M. - Harvester v2
Septum piercing: Just Magnetized - Genesis Septum
Stitches: UNORTHODOX - Butterfly Stitches
Toothpick: *Blazerica* - toothpick
Tattoo: .Reckless. - Tomahawk    { @ TMD }
Necklace: [MANDALA] - Kamayara_Dogtag
Bracelet: [MANDALA] - SANKARA_Bracelet
Watch: *chronokit* - watch no.38 QUASAR
Keychain: MUSCHI - Car Key (Belt)
Shirt: ISON MAN - varsity tee   { @ TMD }
Shorts: [ BarmaleY ] - jean_Mutang
Socks: EB Atelier -Mesh_Socks Top
Shoes: FLite. - Masters   { @ Project Limited (sorry - sold out, but there's another style still there i think! )

Deanna DumplingWarm Winds On A Space Ride

Amelie et les petites: Episode "Tea Party"

Amelie Fravoisse

Amelie et les petites: Episode "Tea Party" - You are the last guest to leave the tea party Mr. Rabbit
Dress: :NuDoLu: Robe daydream Rouge - @ The Dreamers Factory
Shoes: - Rebecca.Wedges (Cherry) - @ The Seasons Story
Bag: Howl - Sky Norton BAG [ Dream RARE 2 ] - @ The Dreamers Factory
Hat: 2PM. summer hat / dot red - @ The Dreamers Factory
Hair: Eaters Coma - GIFT 03 / Light Mocha - free
Mesh head: Slink Visage Mesh Head - Becky
Skin applier: [theSkinnery] Xiao (Slink Visage) champagne
Hands/feet: Slink

Dress/shoes: Pop Rocks Peppermint Candy DRESS - 10L
Headband: +>Adore&Abhor<+ Lovely Forest Bunny
Hair: [elikatira] Bevin
Body: ToddleeDoo Body Baby Girl
Skin: VCO Skin _  LOLO <Pure>
Tea cups: Tentacio tea time head pastel (originally on head)
Tea pot: -tres blah- Tea Time - TeaPot

Rabbit avatar: DollCoco Gift Rabbit Avatar - free
Tea cups: Tentacio tea time head blue (originally on head)

Kalopsia - Wonderland Party (The Red Queen Set) - @ The Gallery Gift Shop
(Table, stool, cups, trees) - another color of this set is a free hunt gift
Alpacas: /// offbeat // dreamer mini alpaca red Rare* - @ The Dreamers Factory
/// offbeat // dreamer mini alpaca ribbon Rare*
Grass rabbit: =Zenith=Grass Rabbit with Flowers - free

Amelie FravoisseAmelie et les petites: Episode "Tea Party"

My Sunday Hike.

Kimbra Iridescent

The end of Hair Fair has come and today, as tradition goes, we remove our hair to show we care. I chose to wear this colorful bandana from Miamai which includes adorable animated butterflies that flutter around your head. I’m also wearing brand spankin’ new sandals by aru. and good thing it’s Lazy Sunday because you can snatch this color up for only 75L. Keep reading for more details and have a lovely weekend. :D


Skin: The Skinnery - Zoey Bare Face Honey

Ears: The Skinnery - Human Mesh Ears w/Applier

Mesh Body: The Skinnery - Slink Physique Applier

Freckles: The Skinnery - Light Freckles Applier

Bandana: Miamai – HairFair 2014 Bandana 01 (Hair Fair)

Glasses: Yummy - Quinn Frames Black

Bubblegum: Pink Fuel (Not Sure If Still Available)

Outfit:  Pesca – Denim All-In-One IndigoBlue (TSS)

Bag: VCO – Art Eco Bag Love (TSS)

Shoes: aru. - A Sandals Suede (New & 75L Today For Lazy Sunday)

Pose: !bang – Stand 438 (ROMP)

Location: HPMD


Kimbra IridescentMy Sunday Hike.


Twig Aho

Bike -  {vespertine}-dreamers vehicle/icarus RARE (The Dreamers Factory - July)
Grass - [we're CLOSED] grass field lush, [we're CLOSED] shrub large green
Hills - Land Forms Building Set  from Studio Skye

Twig AhoLifted

Where the Wild Things Are

Carthalis Rossini

Where The Wild Things Are is a new gacha event that is running till August 1oth and features lots of cool and cute ‘wild themed’ items. From Sway’s I have these cute Wild Things Furniture* items, there’s twelve items to collect including three rares which are the giraffe, whale and alligator. Although I do love the snake lamps. 8f8 has released this equally cute gacha collection called Inside the Story that includes the awesome book island as the rare item.

Where the Wild Things Are Slurl

Where the Wild Things Are
Where the Wild Things Are
Where the Wild Things Are

*Promotional copy

Carthalis RossiniWhere the Wild Things Are