Look #89. Cute Hacker

Freezea slBlogger


Skin&Shape: (KALINA) Mousy - Grou Gift<3 - NEW!
Eyes: (KALINA)  Mirabells Eyes - raspberry rose
Tattoo:(KALINA) Sea Devil Tattoo- NEW!
Ears : (Trap) Gelf Ears
Hair: (+Spellbound+) NachoBitch
Hair Clip: (PANTSU*HUNTER) ALTAIR* bun bun bunnies  black- NEW!
Headphones :(LePrimitif): LP_Headphones - Red (@The Arcade Sept)- NEW!
Bag:(LePrimitif)  Gamer_Bag - [White] RARE (@The Arcade Sept)- NEW!
Hippo Bag: (=Zenith=) Animal Bag2 Gacha (@The Arcade Sept)- NEW!
Glasses: [The Forge] Hipster Glasses Black
Socks: (CandyDoll) Twist Socks Black for UBER event- NEW!
Corset:  (CandyDoll) Twist Dress/Corstet/Belt  for UBER event- NEW!
Boots: ( *COCO*) MotoBoots  
Skirt: (*COCO*) Pleated Mini Skirt
Jacket: (*COCO*) Biker Jacket Over Shoulders
Freezea slBloggerLook #89. Cute Hacker

Door Mat

Sway Dench

It's Arcade Gacha time! Welcome your guests, friends and family at your home with this funny and cute door mats. Does the postman left a package, while you were away? Or maybe an admirer left a love letter? You forget your keys? Check the flower pot! Dirty rain boots or your sleeping cat...

[Door Mat]

9 to collect: owl, cloud*, international, ahoy, mustache*, 
cats, birds, home*, hi&bye (*rare)
with decoration as flowerpot, package, cat, rain boots and letter
6 common with 7 single animations and 3 couple animations
3 rares with 7 single andimations and 5 couple animations
all with texture changer for clean and shoe print options.

100% original Mesh + Material | modify + transfer | Land impact 3
(scripts and animations transfer only)
50L$ per play 
 The Arcade Gacha Event - September1st - 30th 2014
get yours here - The Arcade

Sway DenchDoor Mat

- 431 -


- 431 -

- Styling Card -

Magika  Hair Clumsy   @Magika
Glam Affair  Rosa - Asia 08 A   @Glam Affair
monso  MyJumpsuit - Blue   New   @Uber
Remarkable Oblivion  Hipstar Bag - Coffee
ISPACHI  [Upheaval] Gloves - Relaxed
Just Design  Trenton Black (I wear foe mens ver.)  @Just Design

- Pose -

Bauhaus Movement  Fashion Photography 4   @The Liaison Collaborative
Kirin01.Resident- 431 -

New Release @Uber

cocoro Lemon

I'm participating in the Uber as a guest designer in this round.

Please try the DEMO! I hope you like my new items:)

Enjoy shopping at Uber!
Thank you so much!


*COCO* Lace-Up Boots
Rigged Mesh [Copy / No Modify / No Transfer]
3 versions are included. (with/without socks)

*COCO* Combat Helmet
Non-Rigged Mesh [Copy / Modify / No Transfer]
2 versions are included. (with/without painting)
3 colors are available.

*COCO* Knee Pads
Rigged Mesh [Copy / No Modify / No Transfer]

*COCO* Layering Shorts
Rigged Mesh [Copy / No Modify / No Transfer]

cocoro LemonNew Release @Uber

Fever has hit FaMESHed this September.

Elvi Hartley

It is the 1st of a new month and it means FaMESHed is officially open, we have a lot of amazing designers in this round that we are pretty sure you will be going home in a van with all your items you have purchased.

So while you prepare to go shop take a look at some of the amazing things available for you at FaMESHed.

Cheeky Pea
Cracked Mirror
Fishy Strawberry
Glam Affair
Lumiere Apparel
Maxi Gossamer
Maxi Gossamer
Pixel Mode
Pure Poison
Pure Poison
Pure Poison
Pure Poison
Rebel Hope
Trompe Loeil
Valentina E.
Valentina E.
Wasabi Pills


FaMESHed Flickr Group

Elvi HartleyFever has hit FaMESHed this September.

erratic / Oktoberfest for The Arcade


O’zapft is!

Oktoberfest | Novelty
L$50 per play • 19 to collect (2 rare)
Perms: Modify/Transfer
Mesh: 100% Mesh
Land Impact: All Deco Items 1 Li, Bench 4 Li

• Oktoberfest themed food, clothing, and decor items
• Full Outfits in Standard Sizes
• Female Shoes for Slink Mid Feet
• Male Shoes for Default Avatar Feet
• Bench includes 4 animations (m/f)
Some Information about the Oktoberfest:

What is the Oktoberfest

Visit / erratic / The Arcade

Visit / erratic / mainstore for previous Gacha Machines

Visit / erratic / marketplace

<3 erratic

Connect with erratic ♥
PLURK: http://www.plurk.com/erratic_sl
FB PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/erraticstore
FLICKR GROUP: http://www.flickr.com/groups/erratic
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/erratic_sl
FLICKR PROFILE: http://www.flickr.com/photos/erraticsl

and don’t forget to add my blog to your readers! http://erraticsl.wordpress.com

erraticerratic / Oktoberfest for The Arcade

#156 The Galactica Girls.. Hey Guys!! I just had to do a special…


#156 The Galactica Girls..

Hey Guys!!

I just had to do a special post for The Arcade Gacha Events! I just loved, loved the space sets from BOOM, Pixicat & The Secret Store. They did AMAZING on everything you guys are going to love it. Definatly be sure to stop by their machines.

Taxi to .. The Arcade Gacha Events (opens Sept. 1st!)

On Left:

Hair: Taxi to .. Fiore

Helmet, Boots, Gloves & Suit: The Secret Store New! (100L per play)

Rocket: The Secret Store New! (100L per play)

In Middle:

Hair: Taxi to .. LCKY New!

Laser Gun: BOOM New! (25L per play)

Suit & Boots: The Secret Store New! (100L per play)

Pig: Taxi to .. OhMai

On Right:

Hair: Taxi to .. Fiore

Laser Gun: BOOM New! (25L per play)

Suit: The Secret Store New! (100L per play)

Boots: BOOM New! (25L per play)

In Scenery:

Astro Companions: Pixicat @ The Arcade

Astro Piggies: Taxi to .. OhMai 

Little Rocket: Taxi to .. Tentacio

http://electriquejubilee.tumblr.com/#156 The Galactica Girls.. Hey Guys!! I just had to do a special…

064 – Belleza at the Arcade

Nieleav Kowalski

The arcade will open in a few hours, and while I am making my shopping list for it, I would like to show you the Belleza Emily skins that will be available at this edition. An important note: I havent edited the skin other than the usual neck and hair shadows. leftSkin: Belleza – Emily make […]
Nieleav Kowalski064 – Belleza at the Arcade


Prue Genira

Hi there gentle readers.

I’m doing something that I have never done before; a GoFundMe page. I have opened up allot about my personal life(as in the last two posts) to you all. I wouldn’t have made this page, if it wasn’t needed.

My computer is basically my life right now and that life is slowly starting to stop working and crashes often. What I have currently is a laptop that is 4 years of age. I would much rather have a desktop that I could just simply replace a part, instead of having to replace all of it when it starts going.

I’m asking you all for help. I know that money doesn’t grow on trees & many cannot afford to give and believe me I understand that. Even if you can just share my GoFundMe page link with others, that would be a huge help. I know the amount seems exceptionally high, i’m looking at having one built and that was the minimum quote from a lot of places for a decent spec build.

My GoFundMe page is in my Real Life name so don’t be to shocked(lol).  My GoFundMe link.

Prue GeniraGoFundMe

L.Warwick at Uber Apocalypse!


Hello Everyone!

So sorry for the delay at Uber, Lindsey ran a little behind this month.  But, hey, she’s finally finished, and look what she has for you this month!  These awesome flats are available in 10 colors, materials enabled, and are low poly rigged mesh!  Hope you enjoy!



Lyrical Ember ♥

lyricalemberL.Warwick at Uber Apocalypse!

LOTD 181

Rocky Dethly

Click image for better viewing!
I finally turned my empty platform into green grass and cozy corners and even when it's still summer on the outside I started using autumn colors on the inside. It was love at first side with the "Gabled Barn by HAIKEI. I love the mix of old, used and new, modern. A lot of the time you see a home and it looks perfect until you walk inside and you just don't see why they choose to divide rooms the way they did. Haikei did an amazing job on the lay out and I can see a lot of options for me to make it a really lovely home. You can go see the house at the demo area for KUSTOM 9! Our send me a message inworld and come take a sneak peak at mine. You are more then welcome! Tho I didn't finish decorating the entire house yet. 
Today is the last day, August 31, for THE FANTASY GACHA CARNIVAL and Ivy Graves from ATOMIC made my pirate heart melt with these cute little statues and pirate boat shelf ❤ To see the full gacha vendor check her Flickr here.

Atomic { Arggg Pirates! } Gacha @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Gabled Barn by HAIKEI @ Kustom 9

Skin : The Skinnery :: Marni 5 (honey) RARE @ The Arcade :: NEW
Brows : The Skinnery :: Marni Brows (7)  @ The Arcade :: NEW
Lips : The Skinnery :: Secret rare (including 15 lipstick shades) @ The Arcade :: NEW
Freckles : Buzzeri :: Summer Speckles :: More Speckles!
Eyes : Buzzeri :: Celestial eyes :: Pitch @ Kustom9 :: NEW
Hair : Ayashi :: Ledi hair :: black (optional crown included) @ Kings & Queens II Fair
Ears : Mandala :: Simple Ears :: Hutuu
Necklace : Yummy :: raindrop chain necklace :: gold @ C88 :: NEW
Watch+Bracelets : Mandala :: Billionaire :: fatpack @ C88 :: NEW
Ring : Yummy :: Fortune Cookie Ring (old Arcade item)
Top : Emery :: Crop Top Feroe :: salmon
Pants : Maitreya :: Boyfriend jeans with belt :: dark
Bag : Zenith :: Insect Leather Bag :: black-red @ TMD :: NEW
Shoes : Amala :: Kanza sandals :: wolf :: crow (for Slink flat feet)

Pose : Imeka :: Violet :: pose 4 @ Kustom9 :: NEW

Haike :: Gabled Barn @ Kustom 9 :: NEW

Zigana :: pouffe sun
Cheeky Pea ::Barrel Chalkboard :: Beauty and Brave @ N°21 :: NEW
Junk :: prudence chair :: orange leather @ N°21 :: NEW
Junk :: open book :: mutual and converge @ N°21 :: NEW
Half-Deer :: Deer paintbrush holder :: natural
Kalopsia :: round coffee table + coffee cup @ TMD :: NEW
Kalopsia :: Ladder Wall Lamp @ TMD :: NEW
Kalopsia :: Crate books chair @ TMD :: NEW
Floorplan :: photo ribbon (you can add your own pics) @ N°21 :: NEW
Apple Fall :: Jute Natural rug (texture change)
Apple Fall :: books
Vespertine :: bookstacks (older Arcade item)
Vespertine :: book of scientist (older Arcade item)
Atomic :: {Arggg Pirates!} Natural - Shelf RARE
Atomic :: {Arggg Pirates!} Natural - Kraken
Atomic :: {Arggg Pirates!} Natural - Captain
Atomic :: {Arggg Pirates!} Natural - Buccaneer
Atomic :: {Arggg Pirates!} Natural - Mermaid
Atomic :: {Arggg Pirates!} Natural - Pirate Booty
Atomic :: {Arggg Pirates!} Natural - Pirate Cannon

Rocky DethlyLOTD 181

this is it, the apocalypse .-

Lucas777 Vespucciano





Mask: ISPACHI [Upheaval] Militia Gasmask – Plain from the past Arcade

Jacket: xin. apocalypse jacket + olive @ UBER

Bracelet: [MANDALA] – BILLIONAIRE_SMEXY(Black) @ Collabor88

Shotgun: Akira Creations - Angel Sawed off Shotgun

Lucas777 Vespuccianothis is it, the apocalypse .-