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oyasumi / bar stools set (wall bar/bar stool red)

Lark - Winter Bunting
POST: Darkbloom Pencils in Retro Cup
(NO) Cat Head Pot - Polkadots
Picnic note - tree
Picnic paperweight - tree
PILOT & JIM - Sketchbook

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Blog 79

Abel Streeter

Seeing Red!

 Featuring Titzuki.


MINA - Sid - Dark red: MINA 

[BP] Faranorn helmet- ultra rare: Black Pearls / Fantasy Gacha (4th Nov)    

- .HoD. - The Dead Piercings & Makeup Collection: - .HoD. - {Tengoku no Rakuen}

.Inhale. Bruised & Bloody face & Bloody F*cking Tape:.Inhale. / The Unique Varied Event (22nd Oct)   

[IK01] SLink Nails Applier - Sectoid StingerZ:[Ik01]- MPFeaturing Titzuki.

.DirtyStories. Skeleton Shoulder Pads:  .DirtyStories. /  Bloody Horror Fair

::TI:: Machete Belt (Bronze): : : TI : : / Bloody Horror Fair

[n.i] screwed.over necklace:  Bloody Horror Fair

Speakeasy :: Skin Canvas Tattoo: Speakeasy / Victims of Ink   

UrbnW. Mesh Slim Pants - TrueR SuperT Black: UrbnW. / L'Atelier Monthly Men's Event.     

-DRD-zombie apoc- armblade & sleeves - leather: -DRD-

Abel StreeterBlog 79

LoQ’ueking Good

Bayberry Lilliehook

Hi. It's going to be a tough day at work tomorrow. Some of us will get laid off. Not knowing is the worst but I'm not really looking forward to knowing either. The weather suits my mood perfectly, it's dark and it's raining.

Luckily things always look a little brighter in SL. So here I am, introducing three recent hair releases by LoQ'ue. You'll be happy to know that the first style pictured, Rosolio, is a subscriber gift. The other two cost you some cash money but I'm sure you'll gladly pay for Champagne and Liqueur.

The pretty skin, Ingrid, is by Essences and it's available at Über. The sweater and the shoes are both available at Collabor88. I definitely wouldn't miss the Maitreya Gold shoes, they're usually way more expensive than this pair. The leggings are also by Maitreya but they're an older purchase.

That's all there is to the outfit today. Thank you for reading. -B-

Hair | LoQ'ue, Rosolio, Champagne and Liqueur*
Skin | Essences, Ingrid, Pale02, ginger* (Über)
Freckles | Tres Blah
SweaterRowne, Mila Knit Sweater, Wine (Collabor88)
LeggingsMaitreya, Panel Leggings V1, Grey
ShoesMaitreya Gold, Zest Pumps, Brown (Collabor88)
Pose | marukin

*Review copies
Bayberry LilliehookLoQ’ueking Good

Lady, you lost your hat! – News from Truth, Remarkable Oblivion and more! :)

The Blogging Elf

Hi guys!

I am so happy, pretty recently I received one of the coolest compliments about my blog. :D The person said, that she loves reading my blog and that reading it feels like having a chat with a friend over coffee. :) I was SO flattered when she said that, because it is one of the nicest compliments ever so far. :D Also, I am super happy that Entwined now will be adding smaller versions of their hairs to their packages! :D But enough gushing! Lets see what I am wearing. :P

The hair!

Eeeeeeep, Truth’s releases for The Mystic Realms Faire are SO gorgeous. He released three styles of which I am featuring two in this post. :) The first one is called Thalia, the second one is Neria. I am SO happy to see him making some wilder hairs again :) My absolute favourite one of these thre eis Neria, the style on the second pic in this  post. I love how long it and and I love the many, many loose strands. :) Thalia is a style I personally imagine being worn by a sorceress. It looks wild yet at the same time very fitting for a woman who puts a lot of effort into getting her hair done. I am not gonna repeat myself about Truth’f textures here, but let me say this: I am really, really fond of his light blondes pack, I think the tones are VERY well chosen. :D

Blog400 copy

The hat!

Look at Wurfel’s new hat! It’s a new release by Remarkable Oblivion (Nimvade Resident/Axisthorn Resident) for the TAG Gacha Event and it is SO awesome. RO’s textures are always awesome, there is no need to point that out imho. This hat however is really, really nicely done plus also useable for role-play. Imagine you play a wizard or sorceress of some kind. The hat is PERFECT for these roles. I noticed it is also really easy to downside and adjust to your head, also big enough to cover most hairstyles (I tried it with Thalia) which is often an issue with many hats. So if you fancy playing some sort of mysterious witch/wizard/sorcerer or something along those lines, this hat is definitely a must have. Not to mention, there are other hats in that gacha as well one of which has a HUGE eye where this one has a cross. Love it. :)

Blog400_3 copy
Hair 1: Truth, Thalia, light blondes (Truth Hawks, NEW @ Mystic Realms Faire!!)
Hair 2: Truth, Neria, light blondes (Truth Hawks, NEW @ Mystic Realms Faire!!)
Hair 3: Entwined, Elisabeth, blondes (VivienMarli Resident, NEW @ The Fantasy Collective!!)
Ears: The Skinnery, Puki Elongated Ears (Umazuma Metaluna)
Horns: Glam Affair, Chic Deer Antlers, black (Aida Ewing, NEW @ Mystic Realms Faire!!)
Eyes:  Dead Apples, Almost Human Spiral – Beta/Innocence (Soleil Reid, NEW @ Cosmetic Fair!!)
Lashes: Snow Rabbit, R6 v. 1.00, attach to nose (Shirousagi Noel)
Eyeliner: Soiree, Last Call Eyeshadow X Liner, bare minimum (Julep Mixemup)
Dress: B.C.C, Emily Romantic Corset Dress, pink (Vitamingirl Resident, NEW @ The Seasons Story!!)
Boots: Muka, Ceres Boots (Muka Release, NEW @ Tales of Fantasy!!)
Harness: Soedara, Here Comes Wicked, earth (Marbella Pronovost)
Belt: Emo-tions, Xana Outfit (Mirja Mills, NEW @ Mystic Realms Faire!!)
Bracers: Lost Junction, Corded Bracers (Tala Laval, NEW @ The Fantasy Collective!!)
Wreath: ieQED, Nest Crown Delilah Racen, rare (Sigifaust Resident)
Headpiece 1: Storybook, Harmony, Sahara (Vix Nirvana, NEW @ Mystic Realms Faire!!)
Headpiece 2: Lark, Icelandic Helm of Awe – Headband (Sienia Trevellion, NEW @ Mystic Realms Faire!!)
Collar: Aisling, Valentine Outfit (Druunah Esharham)
Necklace 1: Half Deer, Stag Key Necklace (Halogen Magic)
Necklace 2: Lassitude @ Ennui, Bird of Prey, gold (Jackal Ennui, NEW @ Mystic Realms Faire!!)
Necklace 3: Tea S., Pixi Dust Necklace, gold (Tea Soup, NEW @ Mystic Realms Faire!!)
Ring: Random Matter, Lenore Ring, gold (Nikohl Hax)
Hat: Remarkable Oblivion, Oracle Hat, rare (Nimvade Resident, AxsisThorn Resident, NEW for TAG Gacha!!)
Quiver: PFC, Elven Quiver, brown/rare (Pucca Firecaster)
Staff: Bites & Claw, Ethne Staff (Graea Resident, NEW @ Mystic Realms Faire!!)
Companion: Alchemy, Dire Protector, earthen (Nina Helix/Tyr Rozenblum, NEW @ Mystic Realms Faire!!)
Poses: Imeka, Lulu Pose Pack (NatiWilliams Resident)

Location: Happy Mood (Store Location), HappyMood

Blog400_2 copy

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The Blogging ElfLady, you lost your hat! – News from Truth, Remarkable Oblivion and more! :)


Travis Velde

New @ Dura, Kustom9, & The Seasons Story.


*Dura-Boys&Girls*53 - *Dura* - (NEW)

Owl Necklace - MG

Ye' Collared Top - Wonton: - (Kustom9)

Tweed Pants - D R O P .  - (The Seasons Story)

Ripped Old Chucks - C L A Vv. - (Kustom9 - Rare Gacha)

Travis Velde{c312}

LOTD 208

Rocky Dethly

Skin : Atomic :: Song :: Autumn - Milk - Black Brow @ TSS
LashesRedgrave :: Eyelashes 41 - Bella
Eyes : Buzzeri :: Bewitched eyes :: Wolf @ Kustom9
Lips : Atomic :: Song :: Autumn - Lipstick 2 @ TSS
Teeth  : Mudskin :: Teeth Tattoo v1
SeptumAmala :: The Sadie Septum Ring :: gold
Nosechain : random.Matter :: Orianthi Nose Chain :: Copper @ Mystic Realms Fair
Earring : random.Matter :: Olyvia earrings :: black (no longer for sale//exclusive to N°21)
Hair : Taketomi :: Izumi :: Dessin
Crown : Ariskea :: Cruor :: The Damned Crown @ Bloody Horror Fair
Top : Spirit Store :: Kusa Top :: white  @ Kustom9
Pants + Suspenders : Spirit Store :: Kusa skinny jeans and suspenders @ Kustom9
Shoes : Bleich :: Creepers Spike Oldschool Leather - double
Backpack : Amala :: The Cece backpack :: I Got Spinach @ Kustom9
Pet : MishMish :: Scawy Monster :: Frankie :: for TAG

Pose : Posesion :: Halloween 5 @ Kustom9
Rocky DethlyLOTD 208

the boys, the girls

Matilda Soon

fake lashes: Vita´s Boudoir - Couture mask lashes
eyes make up: +PAZZESQUE+ BLOW EYES
eyes: [UMEBOSHI] TTS anniversary gift (3 sizes) *TSS GIFT BOX*
hair with hat: Clawtooth: Timeless Glamour (Silent Movie Star Pack)

dress: Vita´s Boudoir Miss Lace dress
stilettos: .::FemmeFatale::. Swarovski Stilletos (Leopard Version)
bracelets: .:EMO-tions:. *NIANI * bracelet

Matilda Soonthe boys, the girls

Everybody Plays the Fool


Skin: The Skinnery  for Tag! Gacha Gemma 8 – Honey RARE
Hair: +Spellbound+ for Tag! Gacha Velvet – Jet Black
Eyes: .random.matter. @ Bloody Horror Fair  Salvatore Eyes – Silver

Clothes & Accessories:
Hat: -Attic- @ The Fantasy Collective (Opens 10/20 Noon) The Fool Headpiece Black
Cape: -Attic- @ The Fantasy Collective (Opens 10/20 Noon) Pierrot Cape Black

Pose & Prop: a.n.c. Ltd. for Tag! Gacha Cirque de Reverie Blanc Ballon Ladder


anabellemarquisEverybody Plays the Fool



TRUTH HAIR Thalia : NEW hair Mystic Realms Faire (Truth Hawks)

ASO! Basic Hoodie (brown) : NEW The Seasons Story (menieelee.gelles)
GizzA - Josie Pants [Snake] : NWE (Giz Seorn)
Pure Poison - Fringe Yoo-Hoo Boots : The Seasons Story (Shaleene Kenin)
La Malvada Mujer - The Guardian Tattoo : Victims Of Ink! (faina.cortes)
.Inhale. Illusion : Tattoo of hand The Gacha Mania (may.tremont)
[LB Steampunk Set5] *Slink* Manicure & Pedicure : The Boho(Santana Lumiere)

ASO! Traveling necklace (silver) :  (menieelee.gelles)
(Milk Motion) fringe bag - brown : (Marie Lauridsen)
UNISEX [MANDALA]BILLIONAIRE_Fashionista(white) : (kikunosuke.eel)
Sari-Sari - Apples : pose : : K U S T O M 9  : : (AbbyAnne)


[monso] My Hair - Daisy/ Dark Blonde : hair (Morphine Janick)
:::LP::: Ichi Glasses - Black : (yani.tryce)

GizzA - Donatella Outfit [Black] : NEW (Giz Seorn)
GizzA - Donatella Outfit [Black] Hat
GizzA - Donatella Outfit [Black] Blazer
GizzA - Donatella Outfit [Black] Pants
GizzA - Donatella Outfit [Black] Boots
GizzA - Donatella Outfit [Black] Boots
:Moon Amore: Mandala Hand Tattoo : NEW Cosmetic Fair Halloween (psyqueen)
SOURIRES TATTOOS. - Mandh TATTOO : past item(migueliku.avro)  *Market place*

GizzA - Pearl Set [Gold & Silver] : (Giz Seorn)
Silver Necklace&Silver Earring &Silver Bangles
Zaara : Raga oyster ring *paua* (silver) : Zaara Kohime

ABRANIMATIONS : * PROPHOTO - Professional Photo Studio v1.1 *



Taylor Wassep



Penumbra takes a giant leap forward and moves ahead to provide us with the SNEAK PEEK of trends to come, an exclusive, monthly, fashion and creativity event that will put YOU, on the fashion forefront!!

Slurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/zanze%20two/64/191/26
SNEAK PEEK sim opens every 25th of the month.

Penumbra, Second Life, October 10, 2014 – After two fantastic seasons of unparalleled success, PENUMBRA is opening the way to new opportunities.  This year you will be able to benefit from their monthly event appropriately called SNEAK PEEK.

Enjoy the finest quality creations from the hottest designers who will be providing you with their exclusive items allowing you to become part of the fashionable elite.

SNEAK PEEK is a vamped up production and an effervescent style platform that will take you to the front row of upcoming trends throughout the SL grid as the Penumbra staff and their chosen designers and creators kick off in full gear making sure you get the most from your SNEAK PEEK into the wonderful world of SL fashion.

Take a Chic SNEAK PEEK into inspired designers with distinctive items that will outline the future of Second Life´s Fashion. Sophisticated pieces focused on luxurious and affordable style.

The first monthly event will take place from the 25th of October to the 5th of November and you will have 10 magnificent days to shop and scout the latest trends!!!

Featured Designers:
Angel Dessous
Asteria Creations
BN designs
Dead Dollz
Deluxe Body Factory
Divalicious Designs
Ever An’ Angel
JUMO Fashion and Beauty
KL Couture
Leri Miles Designs
Linealrise Design [LRD]
Loovus Dzevavor
Lush By CoCo
Lyrical B!zarre Templates
Nya’s Shop
petit chat


There exists a space of shadow and light, the almost imperceptible zone between luminous sun and the velvety black of an eclipse. This is the merging place of light and dark, the niche of perfect illumination and shadow. This is the penumbra. We are .PENUMBRA. We are FASHION.PENUMBRA is designed to be a fashion center, welcoming to various agencies and designers for fashion events of all types.

. P.ENUMBRA. Website:  http://penumbrasl.com
. PENUMBRA. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/penumbrasl
. PENUMBRA. Flickr Group: https://www.flickr.com/groups/penumbra/

Download Press Release Here:

SNEAK PEEK Press Release 10.18.2014

Taylor Wassep.SNEAK PEEK.

At a distance

Mavi Beck

At a distance 01

At a distance 02



Hair: + Lamb. Foxy – Variety/Ombre/Eccentric – by Lamb Bellic (@ Collabor88)
Skin: -Glam Affair – Sia – Americal 01 NB – by Aida Ewing (@ Collabor88)
Eyebrows: -Glam Affair – Rose – Universal Eyebrow 08 Red – by Aida Ewing
Sweater: Rowne.Mila Knit Sweater – Wine Tucked – by Couleur Latoe (@ Collabor88)
Skirt: Rowne.Kane Jersey Skirt – Onyx. – by Fashionboy Landar (@ Collabor88)
Jewelry: LaGyo_Mahalia Collection – by Gyorgyna Larnia (@ Collabor88)
Shoes: Maitreya Gold * Zest Pumps – by Onyx LeShelle (@ Collabor88)
Bag: Emery Uber Bag Berry – by Sunami Beck
Nails: Ma Vie. – Les Vernis – Pink Halloween – by Mavi Beck
Poses: !Bang by Luna Jubilee & Le Poppycock by Olivia Lalonde

Mavi BeckAt a distance

Who is this drunk?:P



hair: (Chemistry) Hair – Lyric / by Kimberlee Miles /
tops:*Fishy Strawberry* Oslo Shirt – Light Denim / by Fae Eriksen / new at The Chapter Four
pants:RONSEM* old skinny jeans / blue (female)/ by Eow Reverie /
shoes:*COCO*_PlatformSneakers(GreyMulticolor) /by cocoro Lemon/

Soy. Kerosene heater [Ash green] / by Soyoy / new at The Seasons Story
Soy. Atsukan (Hot Sake) Set by Soyoy / new at The Seasons Story GIFT
Oh La La :: Kotatsu :: / by Sleepy Hermit / new at The Chapter Four

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larcocoWho is this drunk?:P