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Look•50 {Peace}

Baiastice_Petal dress-nude - NEW!!!!
Exile::Letters and lipstick - NEW!!!!
Exile::West Coast
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Elegant 
-Belleza- Claudia SK 7 Bk

. Infiniti . - Paper Birds - 10- [WEAR] - NEW!!!!

RyLook•50 {Peace}

Look #50

Cute & Fashion

Hi,  I have news from *chronokit* this very nice polo shirt, have alot of styles at the store and...
Cute & FashionLook #50


Emi Macfanatic


Hair: [CheerNo] Hair_Enzo_Dark 3.4
Skin: Kalina Lancel  Tone 02 Milky Brown brows - NEW
Freckles: Just Magnetized Visage Beauty Marks - set 05 - middle
Eyes: Just Magnetized - Basic Eyes - set 01 - tone 02a
Earrings: Just Magnetized - Genesis Star Earrings - Platinium
Pipe: AZOURY - soap bubble - NEW
T-shirt: Spirit Store - Romana unisex t-shirt [VINOUS]- NEW
Pants: Spirit Store - Romana boyfriend pants [BLACK]- NEW
Bag: -ATTIC- Robber Bag Brown Leather @Kustom9 - NEW

Emi MacfanaticLook141

Owlfit #1096

Goizane Latzo

eyes: [Buzz] Faerie Eyes - Caramel
freckles: [Buzz] Cutiepie Freckles
beauty marks: {Tilly} Beautymarks .Dark.
teeths: [PXL] OpenMouth PRO v1.3.2
eyelashes: *MC* "Falsies" Mesh Alpha Lashes with HUD - Pack1
skin: Essences  {Linka01} *medium01* brunette (cleavage)  @The Dressing Room Fushion  NEW

Hair: eXxEsS : CICHA @Mainstore NEW
top: *MIMOSA* Backy Top Orange  @Candy Shop  NEW
jeans: *Fishy Strawberry* Coated Pants - Deep Blue
shoes: Essenz - Orlando (Fatpack 1) Silver @Mainstore NEW
terrace furniture: Zinnias  Retro Glam Acapulco @Mainstore

Location in Bitacora Travel Blog:  Home 

 Besis ;)
Goizane LatzoOwlfit #1096

Owlfit #1095

Goizane Latzo

eyes: [Buzz] Faerie Eyes - Caramel
mesh body: Slink Physique Mesh Body V1
mesh head: Slink Visage Mesh Head - Emma
body skin: Essences: Slink Physique Applier Hud *medium01* @Mainstore NEW
face skin : DeeTaleZ *Appliers* Slink Visage "Face Laura Powder b1" MIXEDT @Mainstore NEW

hair: Analog Dog - identity crisis - love you/ hate you - blacks  @The Arcade NEW
Sweatshirt[Cynful] Dime Piece Sweatshirt @SWAG 2 NEW 
pants[Cynful] Dime Piece Sweatpants @SWAG 2 NEW 
shoes: [BLK2.0] Magnetized Sneakers_Cream&White  @Mainstore  

Location in Bitacora Travel Blog: Second Norway

 Besis ;)
Goizane LatzoOwlfit #1095

Owlfit #1094

Goizane Latzo

eyes: [Buzz] Faerie Eyes - Caramel
freckles: [Buzz] Cutiepie Freckles
beauty marks: {Tilly} Beautymarks .Dark.
teeths: [PXL] OpenMouth PRO v1.3.2
eyelashes: *MC* "Falsies" Mesh Alpha Lashes with HUD - Pack1
skin: Essences  Whisper - Peche  @Mainstore  

Hair:*~*Damselfly*~*Antonia Rigged-Mesh @Fameshed NEW
headpiece: Tentacio* Friday headpiece blue @The Arcade NEW
romper: ***ArisAris AA57  My Sweet Romper [Fittedmesh] @Mainstore NEW
oreo cake: =fashiowl poses=  Oreo Party  @Mainstore NEW
boots: Pure Poison - Meows Boots - Blue @The Arcade NEW

chairs: Soy. Lounge chairs @The Neighberhood! NEW
wood letters: ASO! Alphabet wood @The Arcade NEW
founde: Lark - Fondue Party @The Arcade NEW 

Location in Bitacora Travel Blog:  Home 

 Besis ;)
Goizane LatzoOwlfit #1094

September 02, 2014



Calendar ≫ SHOP CHIHIRO ≫ Hiroshige Ukiyo-e calendar
Plant pot ≫ #NULL. ≫ Koke Bonsai_1 LI
Daruma Doll ≫ AsyuraDou ≫ Daruma V1.4 ≫ @ 猫磨神社
Cabinet ≫ #NULL. ≫ Japanese Cabinet_1 LI
Buddha ≫ PRIME ≫ Buddha Figurine
Electric fan ≫ Soy ≫ Fun [blue]
Tea Bottle, Glass ≫ add9 ≫ mugi-cha set ≫ Closed
Japanese Breakfast set ≫ LION ≫ Asagohan set
Rice seasoning ≫ maiworks ≫ noritama gohan ≫ not find
Seasoning ≫ LION ≫ majishio set


Building ≫ oyasumi ≫ japanese house / RARE ≫ @ The Arcade Gacha Events
Willow ≫ EDO JAPAN Material Department ≫ EDO-J Willow 1.01
Well ≫ oyasumi ≫ japanese well / RARE ≫ @ The Arcade Gacha Events
WaterLily Bowl ≫ R488 ≫ WaterLily Bowl – R1101
Bonsai ≫ Organica ≫ Mugo Pine 1 (mt)
Stool ≫ oyasumi ≫ simple stool ≫ @ The Arcade Gacha Events


Tissue Box ≫ Núna ≫ Past Item
TV ≫ oyasumi ≫ television ≫ @ The Arcade Gacha Events
Newspapers ≫ Elilka Sieyes ≫ Pile of Newspapers
matcha tray ≫ oyasumi ≫ matcha tray ≫ @ The Arcade Gacha Events
tea pot + cup ≫ oyasumi ≫ tea pot & cup ≫ @ The Arcade Gacha Events
Rice Cracker ≫ Love Soul ≫ Rice Cracker*Package* ≫ Past GG
Japanese cushion ≫ oyasumi ≫ zabuton / blue, zabuton / green ≫ @ The Arcade Gacha Events
Fan ≫ oyasumi ≫ fan ≫ @ The Arcade Gacha Events
Kendama ≫ oyasumi ≫ kendama / tipped ≫ @ The Arcade Gacha Events
Table ≫ oyasumi ≫ japanese table ≫ @ The Arcade Gacha Events
Lantern ≫ oyasumi ≫ paper lantern ≫ @ The Arcade Gacha Events

ParadaaSeptember 02, 2014

Group Gift : Platform Sneakers (Union Jack)

cocoro Lemon

Thank you so much for your support always!

The platform sneakers (Union Jack) are my new group gift, please visit my store and get them!
I hope you like them:)

*COCO* Group Gift
Platform Sneakers (Union Jack)
Rigged Mesh [Copy / No Modify / No Transfer]


cocoro LemonGroup Gift : Platform Sneakers (Union Jack)

Not Kind When You Betray Me


Not Kind When You Betray Me

Soooo many exciting and amazing events opened, opening and soon to open, yesterday, today and this week! I really feel like I don’t know how I’m going to keep up, but it’s gonna be fun shopping till I drop anyway.

I’m mixing up a bunch of new things from Uber, which kicked off a new round yesterday with it’s Post Apocolyptic theme, and FaMESHed which opened it’s doors today.

The epic train/tank I’m using is from Kalopsia at Uber, by the super talented Isabeau Baragula. It comes with several different texture options as well 3 variations. There’s the full size, animated piece (which I’m using in this pic), a miniature, mounted interior decor item and another large version that’s buried in sand. Really great options and a very cool decoration for anyone to own, I love Kalopsia for always surprising with it’s unique and creative designs.

More from Uber in this pic, the edgy hair do from Exile, and unique layered shorts from Coco. The skin you can also pick up there which is a special version of Artemis from Glam Affair, tons of make ups available so we can all be post apocalyptic beauties.

Finally at Uber are these shoes from JD which, I just cannot describe my love for. They are made to fit the JD MyFeet, SLink feet and the soon to be released Belleza mesh body, so everyone can love on them. If you see me around the grid any time for at least the next month, these are probably what I’ll be wearing. Really no plans to remove at all.

FaMESHed started it’s September round today and you can find this great necklace from Glam Affair, it’s a really versatile piece that you could dress up all fancy, or dress down like, well, like someone who’s just been through the end of the world. The bra top I’m wearing is also from FaMESHed and is part of Haste’s summer hoodie, obviously it can be worn alone which is great for mixing and matching stuff up!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Monday, I know it’s a holiday for lots of people reading this and hope you’re having a great one! Back to more shopping and photo snapping for me, maybe I’ll try to get into The Arcade even. Maybe.



Hair – Day The World Went Away – Exile @ Uber NEW

Skin – Artemis The Last Days – Glam Affair @ Uber NEW

Bra Top – Part of Summer Hoodie – Haste @ FaMESHed NEW

Shorts – Layering Shorts – Coco @ Uber NEW

Necklace – Empire Statement Necklace – Glam Affair @ FaMESHed NEW

Shoes – Decimation – Just Design @ Uber NEW

Tattoo – Don’t Close Your Hands – Elska @ The Thrift Shop COMING SOON 8TH SEPT

Train Tank – Kalopsia @ Uber NEW

Pose – Del May

CoralNot Kind When You Betray Me

Leather & Plaid

Destiny Philbin


Hair:MOON{Hair}. Valium Gloom
Top:MB - Karmen Studio Crop in Onyx (NEW)
Skirt:// SEUL \ Denim Wrap Skirt - Leather  (NEW)
Jacket:mikunch     waistcloth (for stripe shirt coodi)
Shoes:**Dirty Princess** Legend Princess Boot-
Necklace:1992 // Chained Choker (Onyx)
Hat:rabu. - leather fedora (black)
Clutch:[Co57] Larissa Flap Clutch BLACK

Destiny PhilbinLeather & Plaid

morning noon and night on Flickr.Arcade began at midnight, did…


morning noon and night on Flickr.

Arcade began at midnight, did anyone get any sleep? Its a birthday round so there is a metric ton of fun there! Really, there wasn’t a machine that I didn’t want to hit, but that’s not unusual. With the coffers low, I returned to my liar to sort through my loot.

Morning: The moment U.F.O. put up the preview of the banana in pajama, I knew it had to be mine. How could it not? The pattern is spunky, but the attached head is hilarious and, frankly, what my inventory was missing. The kitty companion reminds me of a toy someone gave me when I was small, but this is much cuter and comes with a nice animation. The slippers are sweet, too, I wish they made quack sounds like I walked!

Noon: Ready to be ironic or whatever hipsters do (I’m old, okay? So old. (not really, just uninformed)). Actually, let me leave the hipster to the cat and I’ll be mori-esque with these cute woodland accessories from Half-Deer and slouchy sock/boot combo from Tee*fy. The details on both are delicate. The socks are HUD changeable, too! This hip-cat neck to me is from Alchemy/Birdy, it sways to and fro and follows me wherever I go. I love the little outfit and and great accessories, which the non-digital camera is supposed to be quirky, right? Right!

Night: Flash Gordon, keep your pants on! This spacesuit/helmet/gloves are amazing. Auh-muh-zing. I love retro sci-fi and this was just amazing. I know I’ll go broke trying to get all the bits and pieces, but how can you not? While not shown, the ass on this won’t quit. What space-girl would be complete without some kicky futuristic accessories? BOOM has you covered with a Pyro gun and jet boots. Gotta be able to blast off at a moments notice! Another cat-panion (HA!) from Pixicat this time. You have to have a helper and what’s better than a big fat cat squeezed into a sleek spacesuit? NOTHING, look at those widdle paws. Seriously, look! He has a little helmet, too, isn’t that adorable? I need one of those for my dogs. Luckily, there are dog options, too.

All: Glam Affair’s Skye skin is gorgeous. The heavy lid sits perfectly (which we all know can be derpy looking if you aren’t careful) and the lips have just the right amount of shine to make them look fuller and better than just any AV adjustments you can make. I must say I’m particle to the Noon look’s make-up. Totally 90’s-tastic and is making me yearn for Revlon’s Raging Raisin lipstick. Exile’s hair style this round (and on Noon), is a great updo. The wispy front layers with swooping bangs is a great wistful combination that can is versatile for any style. I almost threw it on the banana girl, but the cat would have blocked the best parts.

That’s only a tiny portion of Arcade, so keep an eye out for more!

| Look |

Skin: -Glam Affair - Skye - Asia 02 H (Arcade)
Body: Slink Physique Mesh Body V1.4
Shape: !matte.016 (shape) MOD
Hands/Feet: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands
Eyes: [Buzz] Celestial Eyes - Fatpack
Eye Lashes: *MC* “Falsies” Eyelash - Upper+Lower
Head/PJs: ::{u.f.o}::the lazy song - pink banana (Arcade)
Shoes: ::{u.f.o}::the lazy song - ducky slipper - white (Arcade)
Friend: ::{u.f.o}::the lazy song - lazy cat - mung (Arcade)

Skin: -Glam Affair - Skye - Asia 10 H (Arcade)
Body: Slink Physique Mesh Body V1.4
Shape: !matte.016 (shape) MOD
Hands/Feet: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands
Eyes: [Buzz] Celestial Eyes - Fatpack
Eye Lashes: *MC* “Falsies” Eyelash - Upper+Lower
Hair: Exile::Dancing on my own (Arcade)
Dress: Emery Dress Kenya Tan_Small
Boots w. Socks: Tee*fy Cheslea boots - Brown (Arcade)
Cardigan: Maitreya Wool Cardigan * Cream
Necklace: +Half-Deer+ Forest’s Tale - Heart Key Necklace - Pink (Arcade)
Crown: +Half-Deer+ Forest’s Tale - Flower Crown (Arcade)
Ring: (Yummy) Modest Crown - Gold (Arcade)
Glasses: [Buzz] Kaleido Glasses - Gold
Friend: Alchemy/Birdy - Puss (Girl) - Companion RARE (Arcade)

Skin: -Glam Affair - Skye - Asia 03 H (Arcade)
Body: Slink Physique Mesh Body V1.4
Shape: !matte.016 (shape) MOD
Hands/Feet: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands
Eyes: [Buzz] Celestial Eyes - Fatpack
Eye Lashes: *MC* “Falsies” Eyelash - Upper+Lower
Spacesuit: The Secret Store - Retro Space Suit - Noa (Arcade)
Boots: *BOOM* Jet Set Boots bubblegum (Arcade)
Helmet: The Secret Store - Retro Space Helmet - Noa (Arcade)
Gloves: The Secret Store - Leather Gloves - Pink (Arcade)
Weapon: *BOOM* Piyo Piyo Gun (bubblegum) (Arcade)
Friend: -Pixicat- Space.Companion (Tabby) (Arcade)

technotealmorning noon and night on Flickr.Arcade began at midnight, did…


elle kirshner


The Arcade is open. I repeat, The Arcade is open. ♥

For this round, Second Spaces brings you all the coolest stuff you hope to find at your local flea market. One man's trash IS another's treasure, after all. The machine is 75L per play, and there are 11 prizes. Two are Rares: the Old Bingo Set and the Vintage Cigar Boxes. Each prize is just 1 prim LI, and really, I think together we're all going to be able to take SL clutter to the next level with this set. Clutter all the spaces!

The Arcade is open thru Sept 30!! [SLurl]

Check out the Arcade Shopping Guide to see all the amazing things you can find in this round! 

elle kirshnerfleacade.

We are the wild youth…



HAIR • WASABI PILLS • Freya Mesh Hair - Blacks Pack for UBER 

SKIN • Go & See • * Leo * Goth
HORNS • Random Matter • Eleri Antlers - Black
EYES • BUZZ • Voodoo Eyes - Dust for The Fantasy Collective

LASHES • Koketka • Eyelashes

EYEMAKEUP  • NOX • Flight Shadow [Neutrals]

EYEBAGS • NOX • Eyebags
EYEBROWS • Random Matter • Echo Brows
FRECKLES • Random Matter • Perfectly Flawed - Freckles

EARS • Mandala • ELF_EARS
TEETH • Random Matter • Teeth - Nicolette 
NECKLACE1 • Random Matter • Arya Necklace - Black for N°21

NECKLACE2 • MG • Ukai's Talismans (edited) for UBER 

PHONE PANIK • Swaggy Bunny Phone - Noir for THE SWAG FEST 2
SHIRT • PANIK • Pop Top v2 - Noir - Bang Bang for THE SWAG FEST 2

lonlysouleWe are the wild youth…