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hair Eaters Coma – for Uber

skin [theSkinnery] Marni @ TheArcade

dress !gO! Fay dress – white We <3 Role-Play!

shoes [L.Warwick] -Sawtooth Flats- Pearl for Uber

flower OrsiniRed In Another Life Headpiece Pack-We <3 Role-Play!

bracelet 2PM. pony bracelet

tights ~Cannibelle~ Bow Seam Socks – Pastels with SLink Appliers

eyes {Dead Apples} Striking Eyes


igotdressedigotdressed 2014-09-02 15:52:44


elle kirshner

*pic credits below

*pic credits below

If you're not as busy as I am with getting to all the events and buying all the home decor things, then you may be doing it wrong. (not really, i love you ♥) 

That gorgeous leather sofa is from ARIA and is available for just a few more days at Collabor88. It's texture change with several gorgeous jewel tones, and the texturing and the sexy curves are absolutely perfect.

Oh, and The Arcade has started, in case you hadn't heard. ;) As always, so much wonderful home stuff to be had! Get over there as soon as you can!

Collabor88 {SLurl]

The Arcade [SLurl]

pic credits:

  • sofa: [ARIA] - Lydia sofa (Yelo Uriza) *C88
  • chaise: Cheeky Pea - Picardy Chaise (Isla Gealach) 
  • drawers side table: {vespertine} - stacked drawers table. (Amelie Knelstrom) *Arcade
  • books (on side table): [ARIA] - Lydia decorative book pile (Yelo Uriza) *C88
  • coffee table: 7 - Chinese Checkers Table (Agustkov Resident) *Arcade
  • ashtray (on coffee table): junk. - ashtray. (Tab Tatham) *No21
  • tarot cards (on coffee table): S O R G O - Tarot Cards (Arscene Dubrovna) *Arcade
  • sideboard: floorplan. - simple sideboard (Tegan Serin)*No21
  • mirror: junk. - arch mirror. black. (Tab Tatham) *No21
  • wall map: floorplan. hanging map / paris (Tegan Serin)
  • skull: Apple Fall - Deer Skull (Apple Fall) *TLC
  • wall telephone: junk. pipe telephone. (Tab Tatham) *Arcade
  • crate of pillows, blankets: [ARIA] - Gretchen blanket and pillows crate (Yelo Uriza) *Arcade
  • rug: floorplan. - peacock feather rug (Tegan Serin) *No21
  • fortune telling scale (in corner): 7 - Your Future (Agustkov Resident) *Arcade
  • nabequin: junk. - half man(nequin). (Tab Tatham) *Arcade
  • cat (on scale): Fashionable Dead - Cat - 10 Scared (Toast Bard) *Arcade

on sideboard:

  • potted lilies: [ keke ] - lilies (Kean Kelly)
  • tray of vases: MudHoney - Vases Tray (Rayvn Hynes) *Arcade
  • binoculars: Every Pixel Is Art - Binoculars (Darksider Alex) *Arcade
  • wooden vases: [ARIA] - Gretchen wooden vase pair (Yelo Uriza) *Arcade
  • wooden boxes: MudHoney - Wooden Boxes w/ Metal Diamond (Rayvn Hynes) *Arcade
  • metal fan w/photos: junk. - memory collector. (Tab Tatham) *Arcade
  • metal baskets: junk. - metal basket. (Tab Tatham) *Arcade
  • books: Sari-Sari - Old School - Library Books (Stupidmonkey Resident) *Arcade 
  • small wire baskets: Sari-Sari - Old School - Wire Baskets (Stupidmonkey Resident) *Arcade 

elle kirshnersexy.


Twig Aho

Hair - Exile::Blown Away Pastels
Dress - :Moon Amore: Sudestada dress - Fit for a Princess - A Royal Shopping Event!
Cat - (fd) Cat - 04 Stretched On Back - New at The Arcade
Bed - AF Old Roman Bed - New at The Arcade
Pictures left - AF Frame Shelf - New at The Arcade
Pictures right - tarte. hanging wall art, tarte. small wall art - New at The Arcade
Vase with twigs - tarte. tin vase & twig - New at The Arcade
Step ladder - AF Stepladder Table - New at The Arcade
Books with cup - tarte. books & tea - New at The Arcade
Chest - tarte. worn chest - New at The Arcade
Pillow stack - tarte. pillow stack - New at The Arcade

Twig AhoLeap

Murphy Has Nuthin On Me

Linda Reddevil

Murphy’s Law? It should be Linda’s Law because yesterday everything just went haywire for me. A few things happened in my Second Life over the weekend that I’m not thrilled about and while one good friend reminded me that it’s not a life or death real-life event, these things still bothered me anyway. So I’m posting a perky outfit to help lift my spirits. Thanks for taking a peek today!


D E T A I L S:
Earrings: MG Big Disk
Shoes: ::DirtyMind:: Atlantis Boots w/socks
Shirt: * KITJA CHERIE * Spike Blouse
Lips: Clemmm -Blood Lip Blush
Hair: *Soonsiki! Route 66 (prev. Milk Hair)
Skirt: DeeTaleZ Skirts highwaist folds Skirt “Dots”
Purse: [.LAYOVER.] Super Fringe Crossbody [Camel]
Ciggie: [NikotiN] SLIM_ Classic

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Linda ReddevilMurphy Has Nuthin On Me




The shopping list and no ramblings

  • Build – 1. Scarlet Creative – Meribel House (NEW for The Arcade – 9/2014)
  • Day bed – Scarlet Creative Meribel Day Sofa  (NEW for The Arcade – 9/2014)
  • Lamp – Scarlet Creative Merbiel Lamp *click for on/off* (NEW for The Arcade – 9/2014)
  • Stepladder – AF Stepladder Table (NEW for The Arcade – 9/2014)
  • Radio – 7 – Radio 1A579-A (NEW for The Arcade – 9/2014)
  • Ladder – [we're CLOSED] old ladder dark

On me


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hand: slink

hair: TRUTH HAIR Rogue   @Uber    *NEW
top(inner)erratic / basics - racerback 
jumpsuit: [monso] My Jumpsuit - White   @Uber    *NEW
shoes:  J's Short Boots Laceup (Black)
mask: TRUTH HAIR Rogue Gas Mask [Black] [add attach]   @Uber    *NEW
ring: Color.Me.H.O.F [TriangleRing[Black]
manicure/pedicure: Kitty's Claws: Space Race   *NEW

pose1: -no wow- [Autumn Nr.1]
pose2: -no wow- [Autumn Nr.5]
chaconneeLOOK BOOK 121


second life tamary

hair:Magika [01] Shine
[monso] My Preppy Sweater - Navy (and shirts/tie) [Fameshed / Sep]
[monso] My Preppy Skirt - Black [Fameshed / Sep]
*Edelweiss* School-Line Socks
*Edelweiss* School Loafer
pose and books: Kirin - Back to School Pose 4

ASO! Stick Plants (brown)
ASO! Stick Plants (white-paint)
ASO! Stick Plants (brown-paint)
ASO! Stick Plants (white-word)
[The Chapter Four / 4 Sep]

second life tamary20140902

Tell Me About The Years


SKIN [ The Skinnery ] Marni ~ 5 Honey RARE { @ The Arcade | September | info
EYES [ Dead Apples ] Sinistre ~ Rainy Day 
HAIR [ Tableau Vivant ] Writer Hair ~ Braid Naturals { @ The Arcade | September | info }
EYEBROWS [ Moon ] After It All  
EYELINER [ Epoque ] Essential LIner ~ Thin II << ❤ these! 
NECKLACE [ Amaya ] Matte Black Chain ~ Cheeky { @ N°21 | August | info } 
HEADPHONES [ Le Primitif ] LP Headphones ~ Yellow { @ The Arcade | September | info }
BAG [ Death Row Designs ] Geek Mania ~ Pins n Patches { @ The Arcade | September | info }
RING I [ Yummy ] Dainty Tiara Ring ~ Silver { @ The Arcade | Sept | info }
RING II [ Yummy ] Modest Crown ~ Gold { @ The Arcade | Sept | info } 
GLASSES [ Epoque ] Vintage Frames ~ Neutral
SECURITY GUARD [ Mutresse ] Chic Anteater ~ Security Guy { @ The Arcade | Sept | info }  
GUITAR CASE [ Reign ] Nashville Case ~ Black { @ faMESHed | September | info } 
TOP [ Mikunch ] Camo Skirt Coordinate T-Shirt { @ Kustom9 | August | info } 
TIED TOP [ Mikunch ] Stripe Shirt Coordinate Waistcloth  { @ Kustom9 | August | info } 
BOTTOM [ Tulip ] Alana Jeans ~ Midnight 
SHOES [ Ingenue ] Naja Booties ~ Jet { @ The Arcade | Sept | info }
All this pretty decor  { @ The Arcade | Sept | info } 
 [ 8f8 ] La Petite Joie Cafe - Coffee House RARE 
 [ 8f8 ] La Petite Joie Cafe - Maple Tree 
 [ 8f8 ] La Petite Joie Cafe - Bench 
 [ 8f8 ] La Petite Joie Cafe - Decorative Wall Clock 
[ 7 Emporium ] Estate Sale ~ Giddy Up RARE
[ Zigana ] Starring Autumn ~ Door Deco Mixed
[ Consignment ] Planter's Habitat ~ Bike Planter 
[ Sway's ] Door Mat ~ hi&bye 
[ Theosophy ] For Future Reference ~ Evil Tester
[ Fashionably Dead ] Posed Cats ~ 06 Caught in the Act
EmilianaTell Me About The Years

Help Me with my bags!


"y ahora los pibes andamos viajando 
y el que quiere que le convide 
que levante las manos " :P

Details :3
Hair » little bones. Stardust (N21 event) august
Glasses » {T.T} "Kailtyn" Butterfly pink glasses
Lip Ring» [Haste] Cross Lip Ring - 4 Rose <3 (Olive You Fundraiser) help Rose please!
Mouth » .Loud Mouth.  - Alli
Lipstick » .Atomic. Muse
Brows » NOX. Parker Brows [Tintable]
Sweater» .Atomic. {Charlotte Sweater} (N21 event) august ♥LOVELY!!!
Hands» Slink
ToteBag » Cocoroni casual tote bag LightBlue (N21 event) august
Bag» [Love Soul] Plastic Bag-Cup Noodles*MIX-FatPack Ex* 
Phone » VCO - bunny phone (RARE1) (gacha)
Hair » *Soonsiki!  Rat *Colors* ♥tysm Kati! LOVELY!!!!
Nosechain » MG - Nose Ring and Chain - Ashira 
Dress» ::{u.f.o}:: blooming moment dress - yellow cardigan
Mouth » .Loud Mouth.  - Alli
Lipstick » .Atomic. Muse
Paperbag » BCC Rainbow macaron Paper bag Rare [BOX]
Shoulder Bag» Pink Acid Biscuit Shoulder Bag - Original/White RARE (The Gacha mania) 'ntil September 10
Bag» [Love Soul]  Plastic Bag-Cup Noodles*Curry*
Hands/Feet» Slink

enjoy each day as if it were the last!

PsyQueenHelp Me with my bags!

132 : 0902

Ton Thumper

[ 王朝 - dynasty - ] - Autumn/Winter Collection @The 24 (Open Sept. 5th SOON!)
SWEATER : Bergen Sweater - Steel
CANBERRA : Canberra Black Croc
SHORTS : Denim Shorts .v2 - Dark Blue
SCARF : Stockholm Scarf - Navy

HAIR : Tableau Vivant : Learner Hair
BOOTS : Deadwool : Patmos boots - black @Uber

Ton Thumper132 : 0902

Dont Touch my wheels


"Patinar es un buen ejemplo de compañerismo porque todos compartimos lo que son las caídas y lo que son las victorias"
Details :3
Hair » *Soonsiki! Keiko  tysm Katty
Glasses »  [Buzzeri] Kaleido Glasses - Gold
Septum» Aitui - Septum Ring - Tongs - Metal Pack
Mouth » .Loud Mouth.  - Carley v1.5 
Lipstick » .Atomic. Muse
Jacket » AMITOMO .Vintage denim jacket 1-2 
Shorts »  :Moon Amore: Omg Shorts (food pack)  (gacha) (The Gacha mania) 'ntil September 10
Hands» Slink
Nails » .Figure. Les Memes Common Set 2  (gacha) (The Gacha mania) 'ntil September 10
Bracelet » 2PM. pony bracelet / pink
Necklace » (Yummy) Divining Crystals Necklace - Gold
Shoes»  VCO - Female Mona high sneakers (white) 
Skate » [BUC] "GOD" Camden Skateboard (gacha) (The Gacha mania) 'ntil September 10
Glass Ball » Soy. Glass Fishing Float -hanging- (clear) (Kustom 9 Event) August

enjoy each day as if it were the last!

PsyQueenDont Touch my wheels