From a distance


From a distance

The shopping list and ramblings

Sofa/daybed – junk. bartlet daybed. canvas. pg.(NEW @ TMD 8/2014)

The ramblings

An ultra short shopping list because well.. the release from Junk says it all. It comes in a few versions and you simply will have to hop over TMD to try out the epic animations and drool over the textures, which are as per usual outstanding.

Short and sweet this time, happy shopping!

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RwahFrom a distance

you always know what I mean.

elle kirshner

The August round of The Men's Dept has started today, and Second Spaces is happy to be participating!

The Patrick Pallet Desk is perfect for those tight spots - a great place for your keys and important documents. The set includes a decorated version, complete with ticket stubs from your favorite concerts, a handy grocery list, and the all-important 'little black book', ifyouknowwhatimean. The set also provides an empty version of the desk that you can decorate with all of your own your 'big black book' IFYOUKNOWWHATIMEAN.

The Patrick Pallet Desk is available exclusively at TMD from Aug 5 - 31, and is available at a discounted price. Go there now!

The Men's Dept [SLurl]

elle kirshneryou always know what I mean.




The shopping list and ramblings

Sign – 7- Jesus is coming (NEW @ TMD 8/2014)

On me

  • Coat – FATEplay – Willow – Dark
  • Horns – 7mad;Ravens Battle Worn Clean Horns (boxed)
  • Pants – 7mad;Ravens Foster Shorts (boxed)
  • Ink – .Reckless. – Jameson (NEW @ TMD 8/2014)
  • Mask – [BjD] – Crow Mask
  • Hands – -DRD- Grinchhands dark
  • Pose – ::Axix:: LordCrow.

The ramblings

Seven Emporium has released this grand sign for TMD. There is another one as well which is just as epic so hop over and go see for yourself.

Of course I am not immune to what FATEplay puts out there but usually the designs are not those I would wear for women. BUT… This release was for me a must have. I am only showing the coat but it’s a full outfit!

As for the horns of 7mad;Ravens this picture doesn’t do them justice and I hope I can rectify that soon. The horns are so incredibly well made and there is so much detail that they really are a must have if you like horns.

As for the scene.. that just happened. Sort of. Kinda.. Ya know? Just take is as you want.

Happy shopping!

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Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, loves gives us a fairytale…

Annan Adored


Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, loves gives us a fairytale...



Trompe Loeil – Fiona Treebed Green Draped @Fameshed August 2014

Trompe Loeil – Fiona Greenhouse @Fameshed August 2014

[we're CLOSED] leather swing brown

[we're CLOSED]  party lights

ISPACHI - The Arrival – The Bear and The Fox


{vespertine}-letters for bike @DF

*ionic*  I am still Bunny Girl!

*ionic*   Boho love

Lark - Charms (Rez) (Books Animated)

HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass – red, white and yellow

HPMD* Garden Tree07

HPMD* Garden Tree02

HPMD* Globe Lamp

HPMD* Dirt Road

HPMD* Shrub – yellow, pink and Green

HPMD*  Little Birds

HPMD* Groupgift – old post

[DDD] Sunflowers

Zigana – Star light .red

!Ohmai: Tulip Fairy

!Ohmai: Lady Bug Fairy

!Ohmai: Gerbera Fairy






Annan AdoredOnce in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, loves gives us a fairytale…

Eager girl


Eager girl

The shopping list and ramblings

  • Build – MESHWORX BOXED – Q1 With/Without Stairs Version v5 (NEW @ Fameshed)
  • Chair – -JoHaDeZ- LapdanceChair “Nest” [Adult] (NEW @ TMD 8/2014)

On me

  • Boots – *COCO*_LaceBoots_Black
  • Undies – *Crazy* Tulle Lingerie
  • Ink – .Reckless. – Jameson – (NEW @ TMD 8/2014)

The ramblings

TMD is dressing up for a new round and the first new vendors are ready to go. Again TMD is offering a wide range of stunning goodies. As you know TMD is the only event (I think anyway) that does invite you to cam shop while they are setting up. TMD opens August 5th  officially. 

JoHaDeZ is participating in this round of TMD for the first time and Johnny Hardstone has released this epic, stunning lapdance chair. It does come in an adult and PG version but I think you will floored if you see the animations in both. 

Reckless an absolute favorite of mine, as you all know by now, also is in this round and has released 3 new tattoos. Sadly the one I am wearing doesn’t show that well in this picture but go and look for yourself. They come as always with appliers of course and in fresh and faded options as well as a tattoo layer or you have the choice of clothing layers. 

Last but not least… Meshworx. Droooool!!! The new build which is available at Fameshed is simply stunning. Yes I love and adore grungy, urban look and feels to my builds but at times I can not resist and go ultra modern. Well.. with this build all my wishes were granted in one go. The shape, the lines, the textures, simply stunning and perfect. 

Enough ramblings. Y’all have shopping to do!

Enjoy and happy shopping.

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RwahEager girl

HAYDEN SOFA by Redgrave

Samuel Fallen

The Hayden Sofa is part of the new interior collection of REDGRAVE. The special about it is the possibility to change textures as you like without loosing the shadow layers. REDGRAVE uses a very progressive LOD technology which allows you to zoom out without that the objects disappear. See the collection here.

Photo taken at MONAISE.


Snapshot_007 copy

Samuel FallenHAYDEN SOFA by Redgrave

It always seems impossible until it’s done…

Annan Adored

It always seems impossible until it's done . . .


Culprit Village Cottage Cotswold

Apple Fall Plantation Dining Table (Rustic) @ Uber 

Apple Fall Plantation Sink (Rustic) @ Uber 

Apple Fall Plantation Stove Hood (Rustic) @ Uber 

Apple Fall Plantation Counter (Rustic) @ Uber 

Apple Fall Plantation Cabinet (Rustic) @ Uber 

Dutchie  vintage metal dishrack

Dutchie  cookbook

Dutchie  book with glasses

Dutchie sand, soap and soda set

Dutchie mortar

Dutchie  broom

Dutchie  bucket with mop

Dutchie  art deco brown and blue rug

Dutchie  – 3 flowers

-tb- Kitchen Basics – Preserves old item for arcade gacha events

{Surf Co. HOME} Hand-Painted Bowl of Eggs – White old item for arcade gacha events

-tb- Kitchen Basics – Bakeware old item for arcade gacha events

oyasumi / funnel candle / tall / light

oyasumi / crate (jars) / dark

oyasumi  / kettle bronze (wear)

oyasumi / branch bench

POST: Dutch Oven ~ Red

:CP: Kitchen Stools

[FOG]Kitchen stove

POST: Humble Candle Sticks

[*Art Dummy!] for winter contemplation. (black & faux fur)

PILOT – Window Shade [Brown Stripes]

AF Heart (Home Sweet Home)

AF Throw Cloth

AF Cottage Dining Table

AF Feuilles Lantern

ISPACHI – Welcome Bell – Bless Our Home

Sari-Sari – Portable Stove

Sari-Sari – Vertical Herb Garden

A.V. Mont Blanc Step Stool

*ionic* mora carpet

Trompe Loeil – Rivershire Chair with Pillow

{vespertine-basket full of summer}

{vespertine}-dreamers vehicle/poet @DF

*kOPI* wire basket and eggs

love ♥

Annan AdoredIt always seems impossible until it’s done…

Fit for a Princess: Medieval!

Anke Hatchuk

August's round of Fit for a Princess comes with the theme of Medieval, and of course being on our shoe kick, we made a pair of gorgeous and simple brocade slippers!

While these are made to fit Slink Flat feet right out of the box, they're easily adjustable to other feet due to their unrigged (modifiable) nature.

These come in 9 texture choices, including black, light blue, violet, green, and more.

They are available for purchase at the low everyday price of 75L$ per at Fit for a Princess.

Anke HatchukFit for a Princess: Medieval!

Apartment of Broken Dreams


Apartment of Broken Dreams

Structure: Grunge Office – ALH
Ceiling: Ventilation pipe-bbqq || ✤repurposed wheel light. bronze. – junk
Left to right: ✤retro arcade machine – rocketwars – [ht] home || Heart Marquee – 7 Emporium || ✤Home Grown – ChiC Buildings || Beer bottles – Theosophy || ✤Fremantle TV  – %Percent || Mesh Art – Gazelle’s Head – ISPACHI || Metal Floor Clock – Alouette || Makeshift Table – CerberusXing || Siphon of Dr.CoffeeStrangelove – SOY || Steel Ashtray (part of The Reporter Deko Set) – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] || Cigarette Butts (04) – [NikotiN] || ✤ivan leather rug. – junk || Dress Form – Remarkable Oblivion || ✤Vintage Leather Lounger – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] || Atelier – Painting Robot – ~*GOD*~ || Marilyn Wall Decor – Breno || ✤repurposed wheel table. iron.-junk. ||BAKE-2 – 19MC || ✤Noor Hookah – Tartessos Arts || ✤Floor lamp (Gourd Tree) – SOY

I had a lot of fun with this! And a disclaimer: smoking, drugs and alcohol are bad for you, mmkay? Grandma Zee do not condone the use and consumption of drugs IRL, mmmkay?

But you are an adult and you make your own decisions about your life, mmmkay?

Gonna ramble about deals here, mmkay?

The Challenge

A lot of the items used here are from The Challenge this round. Every month, homestuff designers build around a theme and put it on sale for a week in their store. The site probably explains it better than I am doing now LOL. This round’s theme is Retro/Vintage, and they might as well call it The Challenge for Bloggers too because Retro/Vintage is not my forte at all. However, the combination of the ‘plant’ *cough* and the Arcade Machine made me decided to go grunge instead.

  • Retro Arcade Machine from [hate this] is meant to be used as a gacha machine. You will need your own script, though.
  • Fremantle TV from %Percent contains 20 retro movie clips. Yes. It plays ‘em. It is streamed from websites, which means it works by way of script, which means you don’t need to deed to your group land, which means you will need script enabled on your land. Which means, you definitely need to test this instore before you decide to buy, mmkay?
  • Vintage Leather Lounger from Bauwerk…hnnng, the texturing! That sheen is not ‘shopped. If you view it on Materials-enabled viewer, you’d be drooling too!
  •  Home Grown from ChiC Buildings…made me chuckle for a long time. Again, the sheen of the metal is not ‘shopped. That’s inworld sheen when you enable Materials. I was a bit uncomfortable with using it here, to be honest, but I really couldn’t pass up the chance. XD

Seems like I’m racking up the rebel points this week….let’s move on….

Cheapies and freebies!

  • Dress From from Remarkable Oblivion was a Group Gift. Group costs 50L to join, but you get ALL past and present group gifts. RUN!
  • Metal Floor Clock from Alouette is only 50L for Friday, RUN!
  • Heart Marquee by 7 Emporium is ALSO 50L for this Friday only…so after you head to Alouette, you should RUN TO 7!
  • BAKE-2 from 19MC is probably meant to be ‘BUCKET-2′, because it is…a bucket. See it next to the lounger? It’s free from 19MC store, and there are plenty of freebies on the left side of the stair. RUN!

Happy weekend! <3

zeeslApartment of Broken Dreams

An Uber Weekend For Cheeky Pea


We have an adorable pair of releases for you and two awesome events. For one of our regular events, FaMESHed, we have an updated version of Tegan’s Pallet Bed, which was one of our most popular items. PG and Adult options are included as always, as well as an optional beside table with lamp and decor.


And a new event has arrived! Uber, coordinated by Truth Hawks and Kaelyn Alecto. It opens on the last day of everything, and items are focused around a certain theme each time.

14601747670_f82d36ae29_o 14808286083_25e72bf7a6_o

We have two different styles of our new Molly’s Tea Party, a fresh, summer look, and a warm, autumn look for the upcoming season. There’s lots of little details here, including tons of treats, tea cups, and the most adorable cupcake stand I’ve ever see.

Make sure you get to these events and check them out!

ValenaAn Uber Weekend For Cheeky Pea

Owner of a lonely heart


Owner of a lonely heart

The shopping list and ramblings

  • Heart – 7 – Heart Marquee (NEW for FLF)

On me

The ramblings

Well nice and short this time because it is hot here, the not nice heat just before a thunderstorm breaks but then decides not to break so that claminess is lingering.

Is claminess a word? It is now.

Seven Emporium doesn’t need any introduction I believe. But the textures on this heart are mouthwatering. Yours truly is drooling over them and I so so love the tone of red as well. It’s just perfect.

I want to point out the dress from Leonard as well. I fell in love with those pretty dresses (yes Peep another dress look at me go girl!). The texture, the way it fits.. works!

Also my shoes. Traphouse Collective has released those earlier this week and they come in several colors so you have the agony of choice. Or just be greedy and grab them all.

Either way, as I said I will keep this short because really it’s so warm!

Happy shopping!


ps.. the heart is spoken for. Just sayin’.

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RwahOwner of a lonely heart

Warm Whisky.


AF kitchen1500



Apple Fall Plantation Stove Hood, Dining Table, Plantation Cabinet@Uber

AF Province Chair, Throw Cloth, L’Olivier, Rue du Fauborg / de Bourgogne sigh on the wall, L’Air Frais

Chaise Musicale@AK

Dutchie art deco brown and blue rug, books, 8 cups and saucers with milk and sugar set, tea kettle, metal washtub


Ps. Dear viewers, credits i have added below my post are blogging products that were sent by creators ot events.

If you have any questions regarding the objects, please feel free to contact me via flickr mail.

Your Cara





carachamiWarm Whisky.

Magic becomes art when it has nothing to hide . . .

Annan Adored

Magic becomes art when it has nothing to hide . . .


Culprit Village Cottage Cotswold

:CP: Molly’s Tea Party Autumn Table @ Uber 

:CP: Molly’s Tea Party Autumn Chairs @ Uber 

:CP: Molly’s Tea Party Autumn Loveseat  @ Uber 

:CP: Molly’s Tea Party Autumn Plate Rack @ Uber 

:CP: Molly’s Tea Party Macarons @ Uber 

:CP: Molly’s Tea Party Afternoon Tea Stand @ Uber 

:CP: Molly’s Tea Party Cupcake Carousel Dark @ Uber 

:CP: Molly’s Tea Party Autumn Teapot and Warmer @ Uber 

*ionic*  I am still Bunny Boy!

*ionic*  I am still Bunny Girl!

*ionic* Fiesta Camera

*ionic* mora carpet

POST: Humble Candle Sticks

Sari-Sari - Upcycled Brass Bucket Lamp

8f8 – 15. Our Secret Hideout – Magic Box @ The Seasons Story July 2014

8f8 – 18. Our Secret Hideout – Secret Diary @ The Seasons Story July 2014

+Half-Deer+ Sleepy Italian Greyhound in Dog Bed – Black

*bbqq*-Butterfly Sewing Machine-Dark

-tb- Framed Picture – Marie Antoinette old item for arcade gacha events

ANE SLON SET – Frame old item for arcade gacha events

ANE SLON SET – Book  old item for arcade gacha events

Zigana . banjo . warm days

Scarlet Creative The Arcade Love Curtain

Kuro - Retro curtain

*MishMish* Kitty in Delhi old item for arcade gacha events

Trompe Loeil - Antique Floor Lamp with projection lighting

Annan AdoredMagic becomes art when it has nothing to hide . . .

Focus on The Light


Focus on The Light

Structure: Summer House – nonino (no longer available, thank you Honshu for lending me the build!)
✤Lotus Buddha – Tartessos Arts || ✤Lotus Incense – Tartessos Arts
✤Eva Plumeria in a vase – ARIA || Marimo – Soy || Summer tray with Flowers – keke @ The Seasons Story || Orchids – Kalopsia || ✤Thalassa Massage Table Hot Stones – ARIA || Bali Offerings Basket – 8f8

The foot feels the foot when it feels the ground.

Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.

Work out your own salvation. Do not depend on others.

The mind is everything. What you think you become.

No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.

Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.

Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.

It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell.


zeeslFocus on The Light

Uplands Fold by Roost Homes

Carthalis Rossini

Roost Homes has released this gorgeous new home that I adore called Uplands Fold*. The home is available in two versions with the pool or with a deck. All the walls and ceilings can be tinted to your choice of colour to match whatever scheme you want to go with. I love the sliding doors and the skylights in the roof provide lots of light. As well as the home there are accompanying fence, tree & hedge, and driveway kits* to match the home or to use on other items.

Roost Home Slurl

Uplands Fold
Uplands Fold
Uplands Fold
Uplands Fold
Uplands Fold
Uplands Fold
Uplands Fold

Furniture and Slurls

Studio Skye – Rocky Outcrops with Base, Cliffs
Botanical – Mediterranean Cypress
3D Trees – Triple Maple with Virginia Creeper, Mossy Double Oak with Ivy
Kidd Grass Garden – Green Meadow with Wild Flowers
Lisp – Victorian Street Lamps (noir), Jelly Bean Doormat,
MudHoney – Flynn Kitchen Cabinets (tobacco), Flynn Appliances (stainless)
Pilot – Chandelier (copper), Lilac Tray, Its a Horse, Snyder Tie Rack
Cheeky Pea – Yukon Kitchen Rug, Yukon Kitchen Stools, Dock Bar
N4RS – South Beach Loungers, Outdoor Candle in a Bowl, South Beach Side Table, Life Savers
Second Spaces – Beverage Cart, Minouveau Corner Shelves
Roost Homes – Casa Verna Chiminea, Summer Days BBQ, Subway Wine Art
Dutchie – Double Ceiling Lamp, Dining/Meeting Table, A Gust of Wind by Emil Orlik, Falling Snow by Kamisaka Sekka
Floorplan – Coastal Sideboard, Dictionary Prints, Paris Subway Sign
Pixel Mode – Play It Again Sam Wine Rack, Bali Bed, Bali End Tables, Bali Dresser
Abiss – Alto Sofa, Armchair and Table Set
Junk – Retro Rug, Candle Rings Holder (gold), Candle Rings Holder (steel)
Digs – Orson Fireplace, Arthur Pictures Scattered
Ispachi – Gazelle’s Head
Apple Fall – Fern Specimen, Unknown Specimen, Reading Pile, Interior Plant, Fiber Rug, Asian Art, Preserved Poppies
Consignment – Mill Collection Cabinet
Vespertine – Clipped Prints
Bazar – Arizona Rug 2
*Promotional copies

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Carthalis RossiniUplands Fold by Roost Homes