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Home and Garden Expo 2014
Home and Garden Expo (HGE) raises money for Relay For Life of Second Life (RFL of SL).
Relay For Life is the American Cancer Society’s signature fundraising event, and RFL of SL is one of its virtual counterparts.
You can get more information about RFL of SL here: http://relayforlifeofsecondlife.org/ .
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Look #93. Raven (The Secret Affair Event)

Freezea slBlogger

Skin: Kalina Anabelle ( @TGM sept.14)
Eyes: Kalina Scary Eyes   (@TTS sept.14)
Doll Body: COCO
Hair: .Atomic.  Nevermore (@ The Secret Affair Sept.)
Hat: *May's Soul* The crow  gacha (@ The Secret Affair Sept.)
Mask: Pure Poison - Magic Armor (@ The Secret Affair Sept.)
Wings: Pure Poison - Broken Wings (@ The Secret Affair Sept.)
Dress: =Zenith=Kustom9 Sept items
Corset: Pure Poison Lianne Armor (@ The Secret Affair Sept.)
Necklace: Noodles - Memoir Locket Bronze(@ The Secret Affair Sept.)
Rings: .random.Matter. Secret Affair Blog Box(@ The Secret Affair Sept.)

Bench ship: oyasumi / rowboat bench(@ The Secret Affair Sept.)
Light: oyasumi / hanging nautical light(@ The Secret Affair Sept.)
Bird Cage Right (epia) - Raven Bird Cage(@ The Secret Affair Sept.)
Lantern: (epia) - Grim Lantern(@ The Secret Affair Sept.)
Bird Cage Left: *May's Soul* The crow  gacha (@ The Secret Affair Sept.)
Raven Mask: *May's Soul* The crow  gacha (@ The Secret Affair Sept.)
Freezea slBloggerLook #93. Raven (The Secret Affair Event)

Look# 644 SELFIE

Misha Naopolitana

Eyes: Just Magnetized - Basic eyes - set 01 - @ SOHO MARKET (june)
Marks: Just Magnetized Visage Beauty Marks
Necklace:  AMAYA ~ Exotic Stack Necklace (now avaible at the store) @ THE GACHA MANIA - 1st Round (July 15th)
Hand and arm tattoo:  HIATUS -  The Gacha Mania 3rd Round / sept /
Bracelet:  [7891.] Lion's Eye Collection  @ THE SHOWROOM 
Iphone with pose (SELFIE):  =fashiowl poses=  The Gacha Mania 3rd Round / sept /
Backpack:    [BENJAMINZ] /// Quilted Backpack - (BEAR)  RARE   The Gacha Mania 3rd Round / sept /
Bag: [BUC] Dillinger Duffle Bags  The Gacha Mania 3rd Round / sept /
Maria Ring (right hand):  .:villena:. - Kush Ring @ THE SHOWROOM (past round)
Shirt: ryvolter
Jeans: Emery High Waisted Jeans Jule Smoke
Shoes: Rerty-Blazer (purple)

Misha NaopolitanaLook# 644 SELFIE

Home Decor

Goizane Latzo

Este es un post especial con distintos objetos de decoración que me han llegado estos últimos días, Me han fascinado todos y por eso he decidido añadirlos a la decoración de mi casa! Espero que os gusten! 

BirdsHut: Serenity Style-BirdsHut @The Thrift Shop 6.0 NEW
chair 1: Soy+SKBIO. Chair [in town of Camaguey] sky @Atelier Kreslo NEW
chair 1: Soy+SKBIO. Chair [in town of Camaguey] poppy @Atelier Kreslo NEW
tub: Soy. Tub of tinplate @Mainstore 
drinks box: Soy. Drink bottle box @Mainstore 
orange bottle: Soy. Orange juice @Mainstore 
melon soda: Soy. Melon Soda @Mainstore 
fun: Soy. Fun [orange] @Mainstore 
fishing float: Soy. Glass Fishing Float (green) @Mainstore 
chilis: Zinnias Chili Pepper Floor Vase @Mainstore
toys: Serenity Style- My Wooden Toy Family @The Gacha Mania  NEW

clotheline: Serenity Style-Rustic Clotheline @The Fantasy Room  NEW

sofa: Serenity Style- Family Couch @Mainstore NEW
table: Serenity StyleHappiness Table  @Mainstore NEW
chair: Serenity Style- Wooden Chair @Mainstore NEW

tree: Serenity Style- Dreamers Tree @ Home and Garden Expo  NEW

wall decor: Serenity Style- Dreams Hang RARE @ Home and Garden Expo  NEW
table: Zinnias Boho Baby Chest of Drawers 6 prims w/ lamp & shadow @Mainstore

wall decor: Serenity Style- Grandma Frame RARE @Mainstore
wall decor: Serenity Style- HIPSTER FRAME RARE @Mainstore

House: Tiki Tattoo - Pool & Tower House Blinds @Marketplace

Location: Home 

Besis ;) 
Goizane LatzoHome Decor

- 438 -


- Styling Card -

Tableau Vivant  Writer Accesory - Bonte - Pink   50L Per Play   @The Arcade
Tableau Vivant  Upshaw Hair - Long bangs (A)   @Collabor88
Ladies Who Lunch  Cuffs and Collars (Heirloom) RARE - Collar   Past Arcade
Donna Flora  MITA ring   @Donna Flora
VCO  Romantic Bouquet (Packing 1)
Dead Dollz  Full Measures   New   @Penumbra fashion week AW14

Tableau Vivant  Upshaw Hair - Straight bangs (A)   @Collabor88
Donna Flora  Oldwest earrings jade   @Donna Flora
Ladies Who Lunch  Cuffs and Collars (Hoot) RARE - Collar   Past Arcade
COCO  Fur Trippet & Pearls Pink
Pure Poison  Diamonds Apple Clutch - Colored   @Pure Poison
Dead Dollz  Gray Matter   New   @Penumbra fashion week AW14

- Pose -

Kirin Pose Store  Asuka Pose 3 (*Left*), Asuka Pose 6 (*Right*)   New   @KUSTOM9

- Decor -

Apple Fall  Cafe Table (Flowers)
Apple Fall  Toile Chair (Cyan)
Apple Fall  Tea Time Gacha - Teacup Pearls RARE   New   50L Per Play   @KUSTOM9
Apple Fall  Tea Time Gacha - Teacup Rose   New   50L Per Play   @KUSTOM9
Apple Fall  Tea Time Gacha - Teacup Teal   New   50L Per Play   @KUSTOM9
Apple Fall  Tea Time Gacha - Blueberries   New   50L Per Play   @KUSTOM9
Apple Fall  Tea Time Gacha - Bouquet   New   50L Per Play   @KUSTOM9
Apple Fall  Tea Time Gacha - Pocket Watch   New   50L Per Play   @KUSTOM9
HPMD  Sweet Garden Grass01 (green)
HPMD  Rock in the forest(L)
alirium  petit woods [b]

- 438 -
Kirin01.Resident- 438 -

igotdressed 2014-09-16 08:52:45


pose Label Motion – Paola Pose1

cap ::LC:: 5 Panel Hat [Dotty Salmon] GACHA MANIA

skirt ::LC:: Lydia Skirt [Cobalt] KUSTOM 9

skin New Faces - Lyandra

earrings [7891.] Lion’s Eye Collection SHOWROOM

jacket -tres blah – Varsity Jacket  – Orange Collabor88

scarf *COCO*_Bandanna TC4_

camera Soy. camera gacha KUSTOM 9

socks ILLMATIC :: Hemp Knee Socks – Mandarin / Crisp

hair [e] Tallulah – Essentials ( part off )

shoes  OVH - Velma Pumps . Blue


igotdressedigotdressed 2014-09-16 08:52:45

I’m open to hair style suggestions.

• Stay Beusy •

I'm open to hair style suggestions.
I feel the urge to mesh but I lack inspiration.
If you're from SL and give me an inspo I like, I'll gladly send you the finished hair w/ it's fatpack as a thank you. I'll just need your inworld name!

You can message me here in my Ask, inworld by notecard (Colorless Resident), or my flickr ( https://www.flickr.com/photos/colorlessisblogging/ ) if you'd like.

• Stay Beusy •I’m open to hair style suggestions.

Belleza’s Mesh Body – Venus

Aiubrey Snoodle

So, quite a few mesh bodies have now hit the grid, some I love, others not so much. Belleza's mesh body, Venus, is coming soon! You guys know how what a Wowmeh fan I am, but this body is too stunning to not notice. It's so very unique. The curves on this body are just.. woah. Hot as hell!
 There are so many awesome features to Venus, such as built in hands and feet, both with options to change position, and the feet are slink compatible! I found myself playing around with all the options for hours. The body itself even comes with a few goodies, such as the lingerie seen above, as well as some sexy heels in a few colors. This is a must check out.

Aiubrey SnoodleBelleza’s Mesh Body – Venus

I ruined your path

Kathya Szczepanski

Skin: PF – Doll v2 -New!!-
Eyes: DA – Striking eyes
Hair: Little bones – Eden 2 -The Secret Affair!!-
Head Piece: Birdy (foxes) – Melancholy Throned rose silver -The Secret Affair!!-
Necklace: Aisling – Chimalma necklace -The Jewlery Fair!!-
Stole: Enigma – Cholia Fur
Shoulder pads: DRD – Melancholy Shoulder dark
Top: Birdy (foxes) – Melancholy bustier -The Secret Affair!!-
Skirt: Peqe – The Raven -The Secret Affair!!-
Sleves: Peqe – The raven sleeves -The Secret Affair!!-
Hands: SLink – Enhancement hands
Cat: Birdy (foxes) – Melancholy familiar -The Secret Affair!!-
Feet: SLink – Enhancement feet med
Feet wraps: KeyStone – Feet wraps -The Secret Affair!!-

Kathya SzczepanskiI ruined your path


Lucas777 Vespucciano


hair from taketomi
beard from dossier
necklace & bracelet from mandala
shirt from ronsem
jeans from dossier
phone from muschi
chair from soy @ atelier kreslo

Lucas777 Vespuccianoesperandote

August C88 Stuff In The Store! (Odyssey) + Updates!

Toast Bard

electric odyssey

*click for full size*


Hey, guys! Some of you have been asking for the Elysian Fields Dress and Medusa Jewelry set and I finally got them out in the main store! Sorry it took so long! I’ve also touched up the Immortal Hair and unrigged it so it’s modify now and doesn’t squish the outsides!

*Also for those of you who messaged us about not being able to buy the Assassin shoes (pictured) out at the current C88 we got that fixed so now you can get your hands on them and play with all the color options!

Taxi to the main store:  Tableau

Taxi to C88:  Collabor88


Toast BardAugust C88 Stuff In The Store! (Odyssey) + Updates!

New Belleza Mesh Body Preview and FAQ

Nieleav Kowalski

So yesterday Mr. Tricky Boucher and Ms Shyla Diggs caused a big frenzy by releasing to Belleza bloggers a preview of the newest SL mesh body,  Venus by Belleza.   I happen to be one of the lucky bloggers and I wanted to show, not only how beautifully shaped the Venus body is, but also – […]
Nieleav KowalskiNew Belleza Mesh Body Preview and FAQ