I Got Your Back Jack.

Kimbra Iridescent

I really enjoyed taking this photo and it was all due to Plethora’s Femme Fatale release for The Garden that made it so much fun! I’m showing just a few of  the gacha items up for grabs. The compact in my left hand has 3 options, sound FX and a pose included. The compact on the ground and the camera also have 3 options each with sound FX. Let’s talk about my gun. I’ve been looking for a well done gun prop for poses and this one has both! It’s available in four colors with the option to scroll through seven poses or even add your own like I’ve done below. For more details and photos click here.


Skin w/Visage Applier: The Skinnery – Cinzia Honey 11 (The Secret Affair)

Mesh Head: Slink - Visage Mesh Head Becky

Hair: Milana – Mint Light Blondes (Hair Fair)

Eyes: Adored Bodyshop - Dream Eyes Veilk

Cigarette: Nikotin - Cig’ Lady White/Black

Necklace: Yummy - Monday Morning Necklace Onyx

Nails: Bamboo Nails - Satin Gold Set Slink Appliers

Compact: Plethora – Compact Comms Black (Wear Animation) (The Garden)

Gun: Plethora – Ladygrip Revolver Wood RARE (The Garden)

Leg Strap: Plethora – Thigh Holster And Knives Cold Steel (The Garden)

Makeup: Plethora – Compact Lockpick Set Pink 2 LI (The Garden)

Camera: Plethora – Nightvision DigiCamera Black RARE (Wear Animation) (The Garden)

Dossier: Plethora – Regular 1 LI (The Garden)

Outfit: Fashionably Dead - Full Body Romper Red

Shoes: Hucci - Hampstead Sandal Mud (Collabor88)

Pose: By Me

Location: Virtual Decay

Kimbra IridescentI Got Your Back Jack.

.:.Enjoying in the Breeze.:.

Tosha Bergan

Just taking a little break from work and decided to dance around my house to clear my mind. This dress was designed by Loovus Dzevavo and there are limited copies @ The Couturier’s Docks. Decided to add a little more colors with a vintage style flair to it from Pure Poison affiliated store of Fox Poison . So, I am enjoying my stylish dance around the house right now.

dress: .::LD::. Breezy Tank Dress – Print (Available @ The Couturier’s Docks), hair:*Dura-Boys&Girls*29(Dark Brown), glasses: -Fox.Poison- Clear Glasses Green/Black), shoes: Pure Poison – Floralia Wedges -Nude Green, and makeup: (lips)[mock] Cosmetics Pinky Pearl Lipstain

Tosha Bergan.:.Enjoying in the Breeze.:.

Style 533

Golden Slumbers

Skin : VCO Skin Miki
Hair : pr!tty Po
Eyes : Buzz Crystal Eye Chocolate
Dress : u.f.o Fell in Love Dress
Wrist : YOMAMTE knot watch
Socks : Flair Summer Loving Garter Socks
Pose : kirin


Golden SlumbersStyle 533

..Never Let Know One Tell You How To Feel..

Bubbsy Pornstep


  • Skin~Enfant-Miko_W2@Kustom9
  • Shoes~Flite.-Malibu Lows Pink@Kustom9
  • Top~-Faun-Cropped Sweater@Kustom9
  • Rings/Nails~.Pekka. Heart+Wings Rings/Nails@Manga Fair
  • Pink Bow~[CA] Candy Drippy Head Bows@Manga Fair
  • Headband~SpikedBow Headband@OMG Gatcha
  • Hair~[BURLEY]_Vanessa_Black Pack((Now 180L..Old but still cute!))
  • Katanas~[CX] Katana Kanzashi(Gatcha)
  • Bells~[CX] Tsurine Bells(Gatcha)
  • Eyes~IKON Immortal Eyes-Abyss
  • Shorts~MOON}. Hazemaze Shorts
    Rings~[INK] KANJI Rings((Old Arcade))

Bubbsy Pornstep..Never Let Know One Tell You How To Feel..

048 – More TSA!

Nieleav Kowalski

On the left hair: Elikatira – Over Skin: New Faces – Lorna (group gift) Lipstick: New Faces – Dakota dark pink (group gift) Headdress: LUAS – Sigrid Headpiece RARE Bracellet and necklace: LUAS- Sigrid Dress: The Annex - Flirty Dress (@ The Secret Affair) Bracers: The Annex- Bracer Suede (@ The Secret Affair) Mask: LUAS – […]
Nieleav Kowalski048 – More TSA!



HAIR| Exile:: / High and Dry |NEW!| @HAIR FAIR 2014!
HAIRBASE| -Entente- / Yves Hairbase – B&W – Midnight Black
FACIAL| Beusame:: / Facial Hair V6.3
HANDS| Slink / Male Hands (AvEnhance)
EARS| Tunnel(Hole_size_3/L) Stretched ears-Omimi- / [MANDALA]

BACKPACK| / XIAJ / Dreamer Backpack + red torpedo (RARE) |NEW!| @DREAMERS FACTORY!
SHIRT| ISON MAN / varsity tee -S- (light gray) |NEW!| @THE MENS DEPT!
PANTS| [Pumpkin] / Tight pants
BOOTS| CREDO / Classic_Boot_{Blk/Blk} |NEW!|


Take me to the moon

Emma (emmag2006 resident)

second life-fashion-dreamers factory-moon-milk motion


THE DREAMERS FACTORY OPENED, some super great stuff there, cute stuff too, it’s a new event, so go check it out if you like cloudy and dreamy things lol. Also another new event opened, N21, that’s pretty dope too, some cool stuff there also, so go check that one out too….


SKIN// [the Skinnery] Quiana

EYES// {Dead Apples} Solar Eyes II

HAIR// *Soonsiki! Bambi @N21

EARRINGS// Soy. [Connection Dream] Earrings @ The Dreamers Factory

TATTOO// elska – Blackwork @N21

TOP & SKIRT// Milk Motion – Embroidered tee and skirt@ The Dreamers Factory

MOON PROJECTOR// [ keke ] dreamers projector – Moon @ The Dreamers Factory

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Emma (emmag2006 resident)Take me to the moon

Shed some light on me, please


My moon, my man
So changeable and
Such a lovable lamb to me

My care, my coat
Leave on a high note
There's nowhere to go but on

Heart on my sleeve
Not where it should be
The song's out of key again

My moon's white face
What they're gonna face?
It's the calendar page again

Take it slow, take it easy on me
Shed some light
Shed some light on me, please

Sophia Harlow

[celoe.kenya.dress.masala.S] - NEW @ Collabor88
-Glam Affair - Rose - Jamaica - Clean H  - NEW
[Tia] Masquerade Jewel- NEW
~Tableau Vivant~ Panther Hair - S - NEW @ Collabor88
=Zenith= Bohemian string patform shoes (chocolate) -High - NEW @ Collabor88+ROZOREGALIA+*MIZUHO*Bracelet 
Dudley Necklace for Sophia <3
EarthStones Double Infinity Ring - Ladies (c) 
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual -  
Slink AvEnhance Feet High   
IKON Ardent Eyes - Dew (XS)
pose: marukin
SophHarlowShed some light on me, please

Luck be a Lady tonight


Luck be a lady tonight

The shopping list and rambling

  • Build – *Y’s HOUSE* OMISE002
  • Sofa - -JoHaDeZ- Daybed “Shy” (NEW)
  • Sideboard - JoHaDeZ-  Rustic Sideboard “Wolf”
  • Chair - Apple Fall Organic Form Chair (Black) (NEW @ The Garden)

On me

On him

  • Hat - 7mad;Ravens Black Jack Fedora (NEW @ Project Limited)
  • Shoes - 7mad;Ravens Black Jack Shoes (NEW @ Project Limited)
  • Jacket - …Scars... 1B Tailored Jacket [Black]
  • Pants - …Scars…Shirring sarrouel pants [Black]

The ramblings

7mad;ravens and Heathenesque released all the goodies listed above for the second half of Project Limited. I could burst out in another declaration of how much I love it all but I think you know by now I do like what comes out of those stores a lot.

Same goes for the JohaDeZ releases, I just adore them. The textures, the shapes they are just great. 

Today Apple Fall has a new release as well for the Garden. I am only showing the chair, which I absolutely adore but there is more of course. 

Just grab one of the taxi’s in the list and take a look for yourself. 

Happy shopping!

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RwahLuck be a Lady tonight

Goodbye and see you soon! – With news from ieQED and The Forge. :)

The Blogging Elf

Hi guys!

This is just a quick post really, but I totally wanted to display these fashionable items. :) In four hours I will be on my way to Crete so please forgive any spellign mistakes, I am flailing around here! :) I will be gone from July 23rd until August 4th (WE LOVE RP will start on the 6th!) and all desigerrs/eventmanagers should be aware by now (sent out notecards!).

The floral crown!

This crown is a rare item from a Gacha at The Secret Affair and offered by Sigifaust Resident of ieQED. It is SO damned pretty. The best part is that you can resize it in all directions and thus make it fit to your head nearly perfectly. The flowers are really welldone, very detailed and very, very pretty imho. The other items in that gacha are good as well, so even if you are not a fan of gachas, you’ll get pretty items! :)


The necklace!

Deccan Arida of The Forge roooooocks. I would not be surprised if all of these ar esold at at Project Limited. We were discussing designs for necklaces one evening and the next morning, he came up with this, very much based on an idea we had found on the internet. The man is so fast, yet stilldelivers great quality. The man’s insane and this item is very much worth it.

Hair: Elua, Shena, reds (Miu Edman, @ Hair Fair 2014!)
Ears: The Skinnery, Puki Elongated Ears (Umazuma Metaluna)
Eyes: Buzzeri, Crystal Eyes, ocean (Eleri Catlyn)
Lashes: Snow Rabbit, R6 v. 1.00, attach to nose (Shirousagi Noel)
Eyeliner: Soiree, Last Call Eyeshadow X Liner, bare minimum (Julep Mixemup)
Eyeliner 2: Kooqla, Z-Eyeliner, 02 (Rocketta Haven)
Top: Fashionably Dead, Belted Shirt, olive (Toast Bard, @ Collabor88!!)
Skirt: Baiastice, Kafue Mini Skirt, rust (Sissy Pessoa, @ Collabor88!!)
Pants: Caverna Obscura, Anariel Pants (Elvina Ewing)
Crown: ieQED, Rose String Crown, spring, rare (Sigifaust Resident, @ The Secret Affair!!)
Headpiece: Keystone, Vette, gold (Aymee Monk, 25L Tuesdays!!!)
Necklace: The Forge, Trojan Necklace, gold (Deccan Arida, @ Project Limited!!)
Ring: Empyrean Forge, Tesoro del Sol Flora Ring, gold (EmpyreanForge Resident)
Legharness: Velvet Whip, Tracker Belt (Reeva Hax, NEW @ WE LOVE RP!!)
Pocket: Velvet Whip, Arm Pocket, left (Reeva Hax)
Sleeve: Velvet Whip, Dauntless, blood (Reeva Hax)
Dagger: Velvet Whip, Leg Knife (Reeva Hax)
Lamb: Birdy/Alchemy, Spirit Lamb, rare (Nina Helix, @ The Secret Affair!!)
Poses: Imeka, Luna Pose Pack (NatiWilliams Resident)

Location: Harrowdale

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The Blogging ElfGoodbye and see you soon! – With news from ieQED and The Forge. :)

You’re Cool

Paradox Messmer



Hair: You’re Cool by *Milk* Hair (
Hair Fair
Ears: Auricle Mesh Ears by Midnight Lotus
Earrings: Placide by Zibksa
Shades: Wright Shades tortoiseshell by ieQED ( The Mens Dept , July)
Shirt: Oen Buttodown by David Heather ( The Mens Dept , July)
Pants: Samurai Shorts + Samurai Stockings by BarmaleY
Shoes: Deer Loafers by David Heather
Pose: Edgar6 from Edgar set by PosESioN (new)

Paradox MessmerYou’re Cool

Alchemy at a steal!

Anke Hatchuk

Our 25L$ Tuesdays deal this week is the adorable simple "Alembic Alchemy Table!"

This simple table has texture change woods, books, oozies, and on/off light function.
Copy & Mod and
3 land impact, but comes in with a lot of details.

You can pick it up for the low price of 25L$ until 11:59pm SLT at our main store.

Anke HatchukAlchemy at a steal!

Dream As If You Will Live Forever

Anabelle Marquis



The Gallery Gift Shop Anniversary Hunt is going on and there is a lot of cute stuff to buy and easy to find hunt items ;-) Cubic Cherry Kre-ations has the sweetest shoes I have seen in awhile they come in lots of sweet colors and there is one for the hunt. I hit The Dreamers Factory and snapped up 8f8‘s lovely Dreamer’s Cloudland set. We set it up nestled in and snuggled for the night. This is a sweetie pie event, I am cooling it with my gacha intake. I am happy there was some regular items there.


This hair is by Moon and is at Kustom9 it is called Light Hearted Wanderer and it is such a sweet style tysm Silent <3

Skin: DeeTaleZ Anka in Eastern
Hair: Moon @ Kustom9 Light Hearted Wanderer Ombre Pack
Shape: SLink Physique Fitted Mesh Body
Eyes: The Sugar Garden @ The Cosmetics Fair Summer Eyes in Hazel
Hands & Feet: SLink Avatar Enhancement Mesh

Freckles: Pekka @ The Cosmetics Fair Light Freckles Heart Mole
Eyebrows: NOX @ The Cosmetics Fair Taylor Brows Naturals Brown
Lips: The Sugar Garden Lovely Sheer Chapstick (Tintable)
Eyelashes: Mon Cheri Falsies
Nails: Chary Appliers for SLink Hands & Feet French Tip Set

Dress: C’es la vie @  The Dreamers Factory  Stella Dress in Mint (Love it)
Shoes: Cubic Cherry Kre-ations @ The Gallery Gift Shop Anniversary Hunt Papilio Pumps in Pink
Tights: Cannibelle Shimmy Tights W/ SLink Physique and Feet Appliers
Earring: Cae @ Serafilms Kay (Comes a necklace and w/ a texture change hud for lots of color options)

Decor: 8f8 @ The Dreamers Factory Cloudland Set


Anabelle MarquisDream As If You Will Live Forever

Dream a Little Dream……

Emilia Winter


                                 Skin:-Essences {Galadriel} *medium01@ The Season Story
                                 Hair:  Exile::Young and Beautiful@ Hair Fair
                                 Eyes Dead Apples {D.A} Sinistre - Rainy Day
                                 Eyebags:Nox. Eyebags Dark
                                 [Buzzeri] Talia Eyebrow @Cosmetic Fair
                                 Bracelet 1: Izzie's - Hair Tie Bracelet white
                                 Bracelet2:ISON - safari tribe bracelet (gold) @Collabor88
                                 Ring:{Imeka} Rose Ring @Chapter four
                                 Dress:::C'est la vie!:: Stella Dress @Dreamers factory
                                 Shoes: fri. - Lizzie.Slippers (Antique)
                                 Necklace: Lark - Dreamers Necklace - Valerian Root@Dreamers factory
                                                          & (Yummy) Work Pearls - Peach
                                 Socks: ~Cannibelle~ Sheer Floral Knee Socks - Beige
                                 Lamb:::C'est la vie !:: Teddy Lamb(ivory/dot)@Dreamers factory

                                                                      Scene :
8f8 - Vintage Birds II  -@Dreamers factory
8f8 - Dreamer's Cloudland - Home Cloud - <3 AMAZING!!@Dreamers factory 
 Bicycle{vespertine}-dreamers vehicle/icarus/box RARE @Dreamers factory
*MishMish* Candy Fluffz -@Dreamers factory

   Hugs & Kisses <3

Emilia WinterDream a Little Dream……





Pink Acid Annette (Bare) – Peach (at Cosmetic Fair Beach Party)
Angel Rock Eyelash Extensions FIT 2 – Soft-DarkBROWN
*REDGRAVE*Eyelashes -16- Elemental
[KoKoLoReS] Eyes – Summer Reflections – laguna (at Cosmetic Fair Beach Party)
[KoKoLoReS] BP – Pure matte lips – wine
[KoKoLoReS] Hair – Sleek (coming to 24HourSale!)
-Thalia Heckroth- Thalia Dress (Fitted Mesh) Green
Slink Siren Leather Stilettos Leopard
(epoque) Cubist Ring – Silver
M O N N I E R – Leopard Round Glasses/Black
Ricielli Mesh TDR – YUSE bag (hand) – sweet yellow
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands + Pink Acid peach skin appliers + [theSkinnery] natural nails applier
Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) high + Pink Acid peach skin appliers


Le Poppycock – Bite me en la boca

All links can be found on the Link Page!

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