August C88 Stuff In The Store! (Odyssey) + Updates!

Toast Bard

electric odyssey

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Hey, guys! Some of you have been asking for the Elysian Fields Dress and Medusa Jewelry set and I finally got them out in the main store! Sorry it took so long! I’ve also touched up the Immortal Hair and unrigged it so it’s modify now and doesn’t squish the outsides!

*Also for those of you who messaged us about not being able to buy the Assassin shoes (pictured) out at the current C88 we got that fixed so now you can get your hands on them and play with all the color options!

Taxi to the main store:  Tableau

Taxi to C88:  Collabor88


Toast BardAugust C88 Stuff In The Store! (Odyssey) + Updates!

~Glam Affair~ @ The Liaison Collaborative


 The 15th of every month, Liason Collaborative begins a new themed round and this month we were excited be a part of it.

Artemis went all kinds of Cyber for this round and we so hope you like our little Princess.

Six different make ups ranging from sweet to out of this world with sass, all the usual eyebrow options, including no brow and a tintable tattoo layer.  Artemis Cyber Princess comes in one skin tone - America, with Slink appliers available at our main store.

We also have Nivy Flowers for your pretty heads! Nivy Flowers come in six different colors - you can wear them on your left side or your right side or go crazy and BOTH sides like a pretty flower crown.

Both items are for sale for a limited time at TLC, your ride to the event is below and we hope you enjoy Artemis Cyber Princess and Nivy Flowers!

Thank you!
~Glam Affair~

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GlamAffairManagement~Glam Affair~ @ The Liaison Collaborative

Kustom 9 and TLC

Fae Eriksen

*Fishy Strawberry* is participating in two great events that opened their doors today.

► Kustom 9

Ducato Leather Jacket

Ducato Leather Promo

Available in 4 colours; 
each colour includes a jacket-only version and a jacket + tank one. The tank top has 10 textures to choose from, selectable via HUD.

Special price of 199L

► The Liaison Collaborative

This round's theme is "Technologic".

Technofuture Bralette and Metallic Panel Leggings

Technologic Promo

Four shiny variants;
sold as separates

Fae EriksenKustom 9 and TLC

Spike Jewelry @ TLC


Izzie’s is offering a Spike Jewelry Set at TLC! It is non-rigged mesh and comes in 9 colors and as full set. The jewelry set includes necklace and earrings.

Spike Jewelry (for TLC)

Visit TLC

izziebuttonSpike Jewelry @ TLC

SOMBER+ LIGHTS @ BEUSY. Both come rigged, modify, and with…

• Stay Beusy •


Both come rigged, modify, and with tintable hairbases.

LIGHTS is inspired by the singer, Lights’ hairstyle.

SOMBER is  a second version of the style with a longer right-side.


Beusy now has Root hair-styled Huds.

Dark root (shown in Somber’s Ad) and White Root (shown in Light’s Ad)


• Stay Beusy •SOMBER+ LIGHTS @ BEUSY. Both come rigged, modify, and with…

::K:: Slim Flare Pants Homme feat. L’HOMME MAGAZINE SL

Kitt Ragu

::K:: Slim Flare Pants Homme


Original Fitted Mesh
Each Copy

This item a featuring with L'Homme Magazine SL August 2014
L’HOMME SL Magazine is The Authority in Second Life's Mens Fashion.
It aims to keep the men of Second Life inspired and informed on current trends in male fashion across the grid,and provide male models with an opportunity to showcase their styling abilities.

Please check this site and see the awesome designer and model and photographer:)

I release Coat Jacket which suit well this pants at the in this weekend.
This round starting September 20th. is a new event just began in June of this year.
This event get together the creator of the best in Japan and from around the world. 

Please check this official site.

【Fitted Mesh Info】
1.Formal viewer or third party viewer corresponding to Fitted Mesh is required for this product. 
2.Make sure you have updated your Viewer to the latest release which Fitted Mesh is required.
3.Fitted Mesh is not perfected yet. In order to unite with your shape completely, correction of a few amendments to your shape might be required.
4.And unfortunately, it does not necessarily fit the body shape of all. 

Please try on DEMO before purchase enough.

I am glad if it adds to one of the wardrobes of yours.
I hope you visit my store.
Please enjoy your secondlife fashion.


::K:: Official Blog

::K:: MarketPlace

::K:: Flickr Group

::K:: Face Book Page

::K:: Kitt Ragu

Kitt Ragu::K:: Slim Flare Pants Homme feat. L’HOMME MAGAZINE SL

Soy / Skbio for Atelier Kreslo Sept


Soy x SKBIO Chair [in town of Camaguey] for Atelier Kreslo

we collaborated with SKBIO animations.
because AK is my one of favorite places, i am glad to participate in this event.
please visit Atelier Kreslo to see this chair, thank you.
SoyoySoy / Skbio for Atelier Kreslo Sept

Hello! I wasn’t going to release this initially, but I had…

I wasn’t going to release this initially, but I had a freak accident with spilling water on one of my monitors (my terrible mistake). Bad for me, good for you!

Features a new updated body:
What is Included

Eyebrow Colors: blonde, black, brown, red, nobrow, recolorable - light/med/dark (8 total)
Brows can be edited/recolored to change colors

Lips: Neutral Lip, Red Gloss, Pink Gloss, Orange Gloss, Clear Gloss (5 total)
Eyeshadow: Blue, Green, Noir, Pink, Purple,Sepia, Soft Black, Tears I, Tears II, White (10 total)
Blush: Cute Blush, Remove Blush

[PF] Doll V2 features a new body. As a result, all the following appliers have been updated to reflect this change.

[Pink Fuel] Body Modification Tattoos (changes body appearance):
- Cleavage Enhancer
- Small Chest
- Dehancer
- Athletic
- Ripped
- Boi
- Athletic Boi,
- Curvy

Mesh Appliers:
- Slink Physique Hands, Feet, and Body (Regular, Curvy, Athletic, Ripped + Freckles + Cleavage)
- Wowmeh Mesh Body
- TheShops/TheMeshproject Mesh BODY (Regular, Curvy, Athletic, Ripped + Freckles + Cleavage)
- TheShops/TheMeshproject Mesh HEAD(10 eyebrows, 8 eyeshadows, 5 lips)
- Nyam Nyam Mesh Mouth Appliers
- Loud Mouth Applier
- AMD Baby Bump Applier
- Lola Applier
- Phat/Cute Azz Applier

BONUS! Dave from Just Designs has kindly donated a pair of matching feet and shoes for Flat and Tip Toe versions. Also a pair of Lolita shoes included.! I wasn’t going to release this initially, but I had…


Fae Eriksen


*Fishy Strawberry* is looking for new bloggers.
The bloggers applications have been closed for too long and it's time to give a chance to fresh faces.
Requirements are:

An active blog
High quality pictures
Experience (it doesn't necessarily translate into blog age)
Syndication in one or more feeds
No support of copyright-infringing items
Proper use of  tags and slurls

If you are chosen, you will be asked:

-To publish a minimum of 2 posts a month featuring one of *Fishy Strawberry* new releases (it can be one or more items incorporated in a look, it doesn't have to be showcasing the full release)
-To contact Fae Eriksen if your blog will be inactive for an extended period of time

If you think you meet the requirements, apply below and good luck!

Fae EriksenBloggers!

The Arcade Gacha Events & We <3 RP September 2014 | NEW from ANE!


Hey exciting news about September’s new releases by ANE, visit The Arcade Gacha Events & We <3 RP, below are the previews! Try demos before purchasing & don’t forget to follow ANE’s social media profiles linked below.



The Arcade Gacha Events - Wrapped Heels

The Arcade Gacha Events – Wrapped Heels

We <3 RP - Athena Armor Necklace

We <3 RP – Athena Armor Necklace

We <3 RP - Deerbit

We <3 RP – Deerbit


Follow ANE

qopiqopimeThe Arcade Gacha Events & We <3 RP September 2014 | NEW from ANE!

~Glam Affair~ The Shops Mesh Head Appliers


Hello Glam lovelies!

After months of endless requests, we have a release that should make many of you very happy!

Glam Affair is happy to announce that we finally have The Shops Mesh Head Appliers.

We released two different faces; Lara and Artemis. Each is unique and quite the set of beauties

Each hud comes with 4 different eyebrow colors, as well as a no
brow version. Lara and Artemis come in our 8 regular skin tones.

* Please keep in mind that the mesh head is not included.

* Please be sure to follow the instructions provided by The Shops on how to make your new appliers work with their head.

We hope you all love these two new arrivals to our Glam Affair line of beauties! You can pick up the appliers in our main store in the Appliers/Shapes room in the middle of the store.

As always, thank you so much for your support of Glam Affair.

Thank you,
~Glam Affair~


-Glam Affair- is  also available on the following platforms:

Flickr group:

Don't forget to like us on Facebook and remember a group gift once we hit 2000 likes. We are halfway there!

GlamAffairManagement~Glam Affair~ The Shops Mesh Head Appliers

Baiastice News – September 2014

Sissy Pessoa

Hello everyone,

September starts with new and special releases at FaMESHed - Collabor88 - Uber:

- FaMESHed September-

- Rivia Minidress

A special printed lace minidress in 2 versions and available in 10 different colors.

100% original mesh in 5 standard sizes, with available demo.

Only at FaMESHed

New exclusive releases for the September cycle of Collabor88:

Theme: Miami Electric

- Caget Top
- Ives Skirt
- Cuore Clutch

A very trend and sexy top for your last days of summer and all your great Nights, Caget top is available in 8 different colors.

Ives Skirt is available in 2 versions, plain and with floral electric colored print. In 8 colors all adorned with a metal gold belt.

Cuore Clutch is a small glitter clutch available with and without poses, in 8 brilliant colors.

Only at Collabor88

Baiastice is excited to take part in the second round of Uber a special monthly event managed by Truth Hawks and Kaelyn Alecto.

Theme: Apocalypse

- Apocalypse lingerie

Special lingerie set available in 2 versions apocalypse inspired, in 12 different colors with optional alpha.

100% original mesh in 5 standard sizes, with available demo.

Only at UBER

Sissy PessoaBaiastice News – September 2014