building/ junk. bennett house. @Fameshed
plow/ PILOT - Victorian Snow Plow [Black] @C88
bag/ ::K:: Outing Bag RARE A @TMD

coat/ BlankLine DuffleCoat_Black @TMD
pants/ (NO) Skinny Jeans -  Houndstooth @C88
shoes/ FLite. -Skyhigh Black
hair/ +elua+ Chay_Black

Horrorfestive 2014


(on flickr)

 Horrorfest is back! ... as Horrorfestive 2014!!
I'm always happy to be part of this event, not only because it gives me a good excuse for making something odd, gross or creepy to satisfy the psychotic part of me but because it's always happened for a good cause. Every time I give a huge YES on their choices of charity, and again it made me happy when they announced that this year they will donate proceeds for supporting Munchflower Zaius from Nomine, who is suffering from Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.
Personally I never had a chance to get to know her, yet it's really nice that I can show some love to fellow designers who have been making this world unique and fun, making other SLers happy. Especially in this season of full of joy, I would love to be someone's secret Santa, though now I look like the picture above. ha x

Please check her gofundme page.
More info about Horrorfestive 2014 is here.

So here are my releases for Horrofestive 2014.

(on flickr)
100% of proceed from the sales of these Wimpy, Smiley & Merry single packs will be donated to Horrorfestive 2014 for supporting Munchflower Zaius. Each pack contains 2 masks bald and with hair (so you can wear the bald mask with your own favorite hair to make a fabulous look), tattoo and alpha layer for wearing with the mask. Also I packed a bloody weapon prop, hope you'll use them wisely, e.g. to chase people to Horrorfestive venue. Machete is my all-time fav.

There are many stalls and gachas in Horrorfestive 2014, also the real hunt called "Bleak Mid Winter Hunt" will be held.
Here's your taxi. Have fun, get creepy, and spread the word!

UriahHorrorfestive 2014

(fd) remix 001

Toast Bard

fd remix 12 14

Hey, guys! I came up with some fun outfits using my current C88 items and thought I’d share them! If you’ve got some outfits using my items I’d love to see them! Feel free to add them to my flickr group!

Toast Bard(fd) remix 001

~Tableau Vivant~ New At Collabor88


Hello everyone!

Another round of Collabor88 and we are really hoping you like what we have for you. Two new styles – Snowbunny and Snowdrift. Perfect updos for the winter months that call for scarves and jackets with big fluffy collars.

Oh. Did I say fluffy? Click the picture below and check out why!

~Tableau Vivant~ Snowbunny

sophharlow06~Tableau Vivant~ New At Collabor88

New shoes release @ Slink – perfect for the party season!


We’ve come to that time of year again. That time where people hang up pretty bits of foil, flashing lights and shiny baubles, that time that we spend -hopefully- not bickering with loved ones about politics, exchanging gifts and eating far, far too much rich food!  This time of year also means parties, parties and more parties! And do I have one gorgeous party shoe to share! Now available in the Slink Mainstore!

Roxette Main Ad


These are exclusive for the Slink Av Enhance Mid Feet. For best results, enable the advanced lighting option in your viewer graphics!


Slink Roxette Poster

Slink - Roxette Black-Gold Slink - Roxette Marsala-Gold Slink - Roxette Plum-Gold Slink - Roxette Red-Gold Slink - Roxette White-Silver


Showing 5 of 10 available colours!



Roxette was one of my favourite bands when I was 15 – that should give you a good idea of my age :) And I still love them!


SiddeanNew shoes release @ Slink – perfect for the party season!

Lamb for C88 December


Two brand new hairstyles for C88 this month. The weather is getting colder so I thought I’d make a cute beanie hair! The hat has a hud for texture change. I hope you all come to C88 and demo them! Happy holidays!

Teleport here.


LambLamb for C88 December

A Touch Of Spring On Your Snow Day (C88)

Toast Bard

c88 dec ad 01

Hi, everyone! This round at C88 I have a couple skirts and a cozy sweater. The theme this month is Snow Day and it’s super adorable. I strayed a bit from the theme because I was so in love with the color palette for this round. I adore the contrast between the fresh and rich colors. I wanted to play with clashing concepts this round, mixing a classic sweater with formal, club and boho skirts. Hope you like the items! Happy Holidays!


c88 dec ad 02

c88 dec ad 03

Toast BardA Touch Of Spring On Your Snow Day (C88)

New at Tres Blah – Collabor88 and the Arcade

Julliette Westerburg

Hello! I have some new things out at 2 events this month, Collabor88 and the Arcade.

First up, Collabor88! Puff vests, knitted leggings, thermals scarves, and rain boots are all out at Collabor88. The leggings and thermals come in solid and winter patterns.

And then, I have a new gacha collection out at the Arcade. It's called Soiree and the items are ideal for setting up a cute get-together!

I'll also be in 2 upcoming events, N21 and Uber later this month so keep an eye out for that!
Julliette WesterburgNew at Tres Blah – Collabor88 and the Arcade

Intrigue Co. @ Collabor88 December 2014

Intrigue Co.

I'm excited to announce that my submitted theme "Snow Day" was voted upon by designers for Collabor88's December 2014 round. View the mood board and color palette at the official website -

Intrigue Co. offers two new releases! Shop for a Snow Day Sapling - a whimsical take on stringed lights presented in a novelty fashion. The lights are animated to blink on rez, creating a cozy winter ambiance for tabletops, counters, or floors.

A Pine Tree Carousel has also made its debut at the event. The carousel is fully animated to rotate as though the heat emitting from the candle is actually at work!

Visit the venue between now and January 6th for creations tailor made by an amazing group of designers. View the catalogue here.

Wishing you and yours a happy holiday season!

Visit Collabor88

Intrigue Co.Intrigue Co. @ Collabor88 December 2014

Modish Icequeen Accessories!


::Modish:: has released Icequeen bracelet and headpiece at We <3 Roleplay event !
 25 % Dicsounted  variation of colors available at the event !

elleModish Icequeen Accessories!

Duffle Coat @The Arcade

cocoro Lemon

I'm participating in The Arcade, December 2014!
My items are the Duffle Coats for female, 3 sizes are included.
I hope you like them:)

Happy Gacha-ing!

*COCO* Duffle Coat
Rigged Mesh
[No Copy / No Modify / Transfer]

- Demo Available
- 3 sizes are included
- L$100 per play
- 15 colors : 0 Rare

cocoro LemonDuffle Coat @The Arcade