Sweater Over Shoulders at The Chapter Four

The sweater over the shoulders are my new items for the The Chapter Four (Gacha Room).

The sweaters are Non-Rigged mesh, and are modifiable items. [No Copy / Modify / Transfer]
(The DEMO is not modifiable.)

I hope you like them:)
Thank you so much!

New Release : at TCF
*COCO* Sweater Over Shoulders (Non-Rigged Mesh)
[No Copy / Modify / Transfer]

Gacha Room : TCF
per play L$75 / 16 sweaters

The Chapter Four

It’s the two year anniversary at The Men’s…

It’s the two year anniversary at The Men’s Department!

To celebrate I have some relax pieces perfect for a weekend out of town or a day at the gym. You’ll find three new pieces out. The “short sleeve sweatshirt”, the “canvas bucket bag” and the unisex “stretch trousers”.

Come try a demo and check out all the awesome stuff at The Men’s Department.

Cheers :)

EGOZY I 10 Skinstones for Anjali , Laoya & Mendoza (Porcelain until Brun ) on Marketplace now !

EGOZY posted a photo:

EGOZY I 10 Skinstones for Anjali , Laoya & Mendoza (Porcelain until Brun ) on Marketplace now !

All skins are available with 10 skinstones for the time being only on Marketplace:
( Porcelain - Pale - Light Fair - Fair - Tan - Golden - Canelle - Nougat - Coffee - Brun )

New Applier available for you:

Baby Bump can be taken on the official group of second life as attachement :
EGOZY Group : secondlife:///app/group/88d5bbbb-bde1-6e73-89b7-6f5728c0f063/about

Ghetto Booty Notecard are not included but it can be sent, just im Nicole Button with your transaction history <3

Buy Now :

It’s Cuteness time with -Glam Affair- and ~Tableau Vivant~ !

Hello dear Ladies!

A new event just opened and it's so pink and cute and absolutely kawaii!

Cutie Moon Fair is a two week long event which takes its inspiration by the Sailor Moon anime we all know and love.

-Glam Affair- introduces here her new face, Brandi, a lovely fresh new face full of surprises. Brandi perfectly fits the manga style with her bold and colorful makeups; there’s six of them to choose from.

 Brandi is available in Artic, Asia, America and Jamaica tones, and you will be able to pick among 8 classic eyebrow colors (from blonde to black), and 5 pastel tone brows. A no brow option is also available in the pack.

On separate tattoo layers two extra nose shapes are available as well as 2 lipgloss styles and 12 lipstick colors.


For Cutie Moon Fair~Tableau Vivant~ introduces Moon, a breathtaking long and flowing rigged mesh hairstyle.

Moon is available in 6 packs each with a HUD in 14 tones the fatpack contain six huds with all the tones available at a special price for the event.

 For a perfect match with Moon hair we have created Moon headdress, an incredibly detailed hairpiece available in seven variations.

Moon headdress is sold separately and comes in two separate parts, left and right, and seven different variations inspired by Sailor Moon characters' names:
Princess, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and Uranus.

Come to Cutie Moon Fair and check all the fantastic creations available!


But there's even more!!!
-Glam Affair- and ~Tableau Vivant~ are back for the new round of Fameshed!

-Glam Affair- brings you Dahlia, a romantic headpiece that will add a touch of spring to your favourite hairstyle.

100% original mesh, Dahlia is available in 12 stunning colors to match any outfit!

~Tableau Vivant~ does it again with style and introduces Valentin, a sleek unisex bob haircut.

Following the latest trends Valentin hairstyle is unrigged and can be adjusted via a resizer script.
Should you feel lazy instead, we have added four four pre-made shapes for an easier and faster fit:

- Regular - standard sizes head, 50 average on every head digit;
- Squash - rounder and smaller heads;
- Stretch - longer and larger heads,
- Male - will mostly fit average male head shapes.

As always our hair is sold in packs with a HUD in 14 tones; fatpack contain six huds with all the tones available at a special price for the event.

Come visit us at Fameshed!

today 03

today 03

shirts: / XIAJ / Casual Sweater famale (navy)
skirt: GATO Balloon Skirt houndstooth
book: Dutchie snow crash

lamp: Soy. old nais lamp (brown)
books on desk: vespertine bookstacks
desk: Soy. Desk A
building: Zigana. deer play
*rug and arm chair are comming soon from soy

i love this Zigana of building! so nice

Soy. Old NAiS Lamp

Soy. Old NAiS Lamp [brown]Soy. Old NAiS Lamp [white]

●Mesh / 3LI
●Lamp with code and outlet tap, included type without code too
●Lighting system switch
●Mod ok / Copy ok
●L$120 each
>> visit in world store

Summer stuff out!

Also whoops it's been a while. Sorry it took me so long to get into updating the store! I ended up not having my computer for a few months. Apologies to all the IMs I got along the way! I did take note of as many as I could and put out the items in the requests below!

Summer stuff now added! There are also some other different items that I found floating around in my inventory along with some new requests:

Tanning booth
Stitch Machine Set - NEW PRICE! L$200 for the full set.
Stitch Machine
ElectroTaze Protection Device
Mace Protection Spray
Mixing Bowl
Breakfast Maker
Balance Book
Car Wash Poses & Props
Hairygirl Razors
Glass Puffy
Airline Pillow
Couch Cushion Blanket Clubhouse
Meggasuc Vac - NEW PRICE! Just L$200 for all colors included. 

Men’s Chambray and Dirty Plaid Shirts

Dust off your hardworking pants and put on a hat, guys!

The worker man gets a spotlight on Casa del Shai as the season gets warmer.  April is the perfect time to appreciate the outdoors with this weekend’s release: Men’s Chambray and Dirty Plaid Shirts .

First off the shelf, Men’s Chambray Shirts. A button up, collared work shirt in a light denim fabric, creased and worn out with washing. This shirt features shiny buttons, two breast pockets, a collar, and scrunched up sleeves. Rigged mesh in 5 standard men’s sizes of XS, S, M, L, XL. Available in all 8 color washes with materials. As always, the fatpack comes with a scripted color HUD that lets you change colors on the fly.


Men’s Chambray and Dirty Plaid Shirts


Our second shelf offering are the Men’s Dirty Plaid shirts. Similar in cut and style, these dirty plaid shirts are your season’s go to piece for casual everyday work. Faded on the shoulders, worn out in seams, this shirt features sculpted folds, shiny button detail, pockets, collar, and scrunched up sleeves. Rigged mesh in 5 standard sizes with materials applied. The fatpack also has all 8 plaid prints in a convenient scripted color HUD for easy wardrobe switching.

Dirty Plaid Shirt Fatpack

Men’s Chambray and Dirty Plaid Shirts


These Men’s Chambray and Dirty Plaid Shirts are now available at the main store at Casa del Shai and at the Marketplace. Also available at The Men’s Department for April.

Click the pics below for the Marketplace listings. Have a great outdoorsy weekend!


Chambray Shirt MP Blue OmbreChambray Shirt MP FadeChambray Shirt MP BluesChambray Shirt MP VintageChambray Shirt MP Vintage OmbreChambray Shirt MPNavyChambray-Shirt-MP-BlackChambray Shirt MP Gray

Dirty Plaid Shirt MP EvergreenDirty Plaid Shirt MP OliveDirty Plaid Shirt MP OrangeDirty Plaid Shirt MP Pink&BlueDirty Plaid Shirt MPBlueGreenDirty Plaid Shirt MPRedDirty Plaid Shirt MPVioletDirty Plaid Shirt MPYellow

PS: To match up your look, we also added a Buri Hat release for the guys. A mesh straw hat in a slightly similar to fedora style with a black band. Fits over most SL avatar heads at size 50-60 but its modifiable to your heart’s content. Head on over to the marketplace for the listings!

Buri Had Ad Fatpack


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*Dura* JAPAN FAIR 2014 limited hair

Dura participate the charity event of [JAPAN FAIR 2014].
I made limited hair for this event. 

*Dura* JAPAN FAIR Limited hair

women skin: -Glam Affair - Brandi
mens skin:~Tableau Vivant~ Marilyn Skin


☑Each 4color set (price: Each 160L$)
☑included resize hair

This product is released only during this event period.
After the event end, I do not put this product in the Dura main shop.
Therefore, please do not miss an event period!!


JAPAN FAIR 2014~ Japanese Creativity in Second Life
Official Charity event of Shelter BOX
Date : 4/5 (SAT) ~ 4/20 (SUN) SLT

JAPAN FAIR 2014 Official WEB site
Shelter BOX WEB site

《JAPAN FAIR 2014 Official image》
Original picture: (
Photographer & Model : ღღღ JDღღღ
Logo designer : SARU
Editor : Ruby O'Kelly [SL Model & Photographer]

-About us – JAPAN FAIR 2014-
By organizing this event, we hope to assist in introducing amazing Japanese creators, artists, and entertainers to the world. This event is also a charity event where 100% of the proceeds will be donated to ShelterBox. The Japanese people received support from the world through this organization in 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami.We would be very happy if we could re-pay even a little for the amazing support we received during the most difficult times.

New Unisex hair *Dura-Boys&Girls*51 Release!

New Unisex hair *Dura-Boys&Girls*51 Release!


☑All 18 colors
☑Dark 6 color FAT / Light 6 color FAT / Mix 6 color FAT
☑included resize hair


Tshirt/ ::GB::Shoulder fell Tshirt / Black (New)


Tops / -Pixicat- Cutout Tie Top (Grey)
Model: Ria littlebird

I put new hair to the Dura main shop. Please try DEMO!

Dura main shop(Click)

Nomi Skin

Izzie’s released a new skin today! Nomi is available in 9 skin tones: porcelain, fair, pale, natural, peach, sunkissed, medium, tanned and dark tan with natural make-up. It includes no more nail base for prim nails – instead I added a system eyelash remover and an eyebrow tinter tattoo, so you can tint your eyebrows in every color you want (works best with the blonde brows skin option).

Nomi Skin

Nomi Skin

Each skin tone includes:

  • skin with dark brows
  • skin with light brows
  • skin with blonde brows
  • skin with ginger brows
  • skin with dark brows + cleavage
  • skin with light brows + cleavage
  • skin with blonde brows + cleavage
  • skin with ginger brows + cleavage
  • freckles on tattoo layers (face only + body & face)
  • 12 lipsticks on tattoo layers
  • 10 eyeshadows on tattoo layers
  • 1 eyebrow tinter on tattoo layer
  • 1 mod/copy body shape
  • 1 mod/copy body shape (for Phat Azz)
  • 1 eyelash remover on tattoo layer
  • 1 eyeliner on tattoo layers

 Nomi Make-Up options (included):

Nomi Skin Make-Ups


skin: Izzie’s – Nomi Skin pale with freckles and moles tattoo layers
eyes: IKON – Ardent eyes
hair: Tableau Vivant – Gloster Hair

Visit Izzie’s Mainstore

Three new faces at Curio

Attention Curio Shoppers! Announcing three new faces, Gigi, Natasha, and Veronica:

Introducting-Gigi Introducting-Natasha Introducting-Veronica

Available now, only at Curio!