~Glam Affair~ New at The Seasons Story and Mystic Realms


Hello glams!

Two great new event releases to share with you. The Seasons Story 1st Anniversary and also the Mystic Realm Faire

Let's start with The Seasons Story.

BRAND new face to join our Glam Affair Family. Penny is a bit more mature and every single bit as lovely as all the rest.

Penny for TSS comes in 8 make up options - simple and sweet to come hither smoky looks. Penny comes in one tone - Asia for this event and as always with 7 eyebrow color options, one no brow option and 5 eyebrow shape suggestions.

Valkyria earcuff is also out at The Seasons Story and this lovely piece is available in 8 color options. It gives just such a bold statement with any look you choose to wear it with.

And now on to our second event to tell you all about -

For Mystic Realm Faire, we again bring you the lovely Penny.  Six different makeup options and in tones; India, Jamaica and Asia.  Each pack contains 7 eyebrow color options, plus one no brow option and 5 eyebrow shape suggestions.

Chic Deer Antlers are also available and in six different colors.

As always, you can find the appliers at our main store.

We hope you enjoy our releases, as much as we have loved bringing them to you!

The Seasons Story LM

Mystic Realms Faire

Thank you,
~Glam Affair~

~Glam Affair~  Main Store


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SophHarlow~Glam Affair~ New at The Seasons Story and Mystic Realms



Check out ANE’s new item exclusively handmade & available for ROMP! These heels are made for Slink Womens Medium Barefeet, the feet are NOT included with your purchase. Don’t forget to try the demo. There are 3 shoes included w/ your purchase! <3


Submission Heels

Submission Heels

Follow ANE

qopiqopimeANE @ ROMP!

~Tableau Vivant~ New @ The Season’s Story and Mystic Realms


Hello everyone!

Two very fun events opened yesterday and we are excited to be a part of them both..

First one is The Seasons Story and we are helping to celebrate their 1st Anniversary with the very lovely Koyo. Koyo in Japanese means Autumn – colored foliage so we thought it was a fitting name for the long style with just the perfect amount of the windblown look for those chilly autumn days.

Now for the Mystic Realms Fair. For this event we did several styles, including some similar ones for the women and gents.

Myst and Mystic are long, parted in the middle with delicate waves flowing past the shoulders with the tips nearly touching your waist. This style is very versatile for whatever you choose to wear it for.




Fortuna and Prophet are also long styles with a thick portion of hair covering their eyes. They see no evil, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be a little wicked.




Pathfinder is a unique style for both male and females. The top is shorter than the rest, in almost a faux mohawk with braids on either side, long sides that sweep back into a ponytail with one large tendril escaping. It seems to be begging for some serious trouble, don’t you think?

~Tableau Vivant~

~Tableau Vivant~ Pathfinder


Last but most certainty not least; Defiler. This style is unisex, comes with two hair bases and if Pathfinder was begging for trouble, Defiler is the one to give it while demanding respect.

~Tableau Vivant~ Defiler

All hair released for both events has our new hud systems which means; 1 hud with 30 tint options. The fatpacks contain 12 huds (11 listed plus an exclusive one, Chemistry, not available as a single pack).

For undelivered purchases, please visit our redelivery terminal in the Main Store.

We hope you enjoy our releases as much as we have loved bringing them to you.

The Seasons Story LM

The Mystic Realms Faire LM

Undelivered Purchases – Redelivery in Store
Thank You
~Tableau Vivant~

~Tableau Vivant~ Main Store Location


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. FlickR group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/tableauvivant_sl/

sophharlow06~Tableau Vivant~ New @ The Season’s Story and Mystic Realms

Baiastice News – Collabor88 – October

Sissy Pessoa

Hello everyone,

For the month of October, the theme at Collabor88 is 'Spoopy Motel' and Baiastice's contributions this round are Lycia lingerie and Helsinki Boots.

- Lycia lingerie is available in 14 different colors and in 2 versions for each color, cotton and lace.

Velvety suede and leather boots in a sexy, over-the-knee design. A leather cord laces up the top line, designed to elongate your leg while making a bold fashion statement.

- Helsinki Boots are available in 7 leather and 7 suede textures.

Only at Collabor88

Sissy PessoaBaiastice News – Collabor88 – October

L.Warwick at The Seasons Story!


Hey everyone!

Brand newness from L.Warwick at The Seasons Story!  The awesome Ambrosia wedges for Slink high in 6 different autumn patterns!  And as a special treat, this one you see in the advertisement is FREE!  Hurry down to The Seasons Story and get yourself a pair!



Lyrical and Linds ♥

lyricalemberL.Warwick at The Seasons Story!

::C’est la vie!:: * The Seasons Story – Autumn 1 Year Anniversary


Hi!!!Do not miss it♥
I’m participating in The Seasons Story 1 Year Anniversary event!!!
I have set up a new product of Sylvie long shirt.


Available in Standard sizing, XXS,XS,S,M,L
include alpha layer
100% original rigged mesh

and Anniversary GIFT!!!
hope you like it<333

We open!!

(( S P O N S O R L i s t ))

✧ David Heather / Gianni Broda
✧ Essences / Inka Mexicola
✧ *BOOM* / Aranel Ah
✧ [Miseria] / Athena Loring
✧ 8f8 / 8f8 Resident
✧ REIGN. / Kenadeecole Resident & illy Miami
✧ FLite / Liamcole Resident
✧ MOON / Silent Acoustic
✧ Noodles / Natalee Oodles
✧ CandyDoll / Rebeca Dembo
✧ GABRIEL / Takuya jinn
✧ Mikunch / lllMiku Resident
✧ Mithral Apothecary / Evadne Quintessa
✧ .Olive. / Naminaeko resident
✧ Kirin Pose Store / Carolina Sautereau
✧ Pure Poison / Shaleene Kenin

(( D e s i g n e r L i s t ))

1. floorplan. / Tegan Serin
2. VCO / Yamette Resident
3. B.C.C / Vitamingirl Resident
4. Due / Dubled
5. !bang poses / Luna Jubilee
6. La Petite Morte / Voshie Paine
7. xin. / superjaix resident
8. Noodles / Natalee Oodles
9. MaiOwn! / Emmanuel Pearl
10. KITJA CHERIE / Kitja Rexie
11. Spirit Store / Spirit Osmus
12. ::C’est la vie!:: / Larcoco Mathy
13. L.Warwick / Lindsey Warwick
14. [UMEBOSHI] / Keiba Resident
15. ::K:: / Kitt Ragu
16. +ILO+ / Zozo Raven
17. [okkbye] / Elisaokkbye
18. Sari-Sari / stupidmonkey & abbyanne
19. [MotiAme] / Malone Brandi
20. Soonsiki / Kattington Resident
21. D R O P . / sayaca unplugged
22. Kirin Pose Store / Carolina Sautereau
23. Cheeky Pea / Isla Gealach
24. Glam Affair / Amberly Boccaccio
25. Mango Cheeks / Kelly Bellman
26. Wimey / Sash Arabello
27. fri.day / Darling Monday
28. [Sheep Door] / meito karu
29. junk. / Tab Tatham & EvanKeel Resident
30. HOWL / Worusaai resident
31. David Heather / Gianni Broda
32. pr!tty / Karla Marama
33. {Imeka} / Nati Williams
34. Oyasumi / Kenzo Gateaux
35. Essences / Inka Mexicola
36. GATO / Lalu Bonetto
37. Le primitf / yani tryce
38. Miseria / Athena Loring
39. 8f8 / 8f8 Resident
40. REIGN. / Kenadeecole Resident & illy Miami
41. FLite / Liamcole Resident
42. PANIK / Maelynda Resident
43. Candy Nail / Peche Bury
44. =Zenith= / Miffyhoi Rosca
45. La Penderie de Nicole / marcopol Oh
46. *BOOM* / Aranel Ah
47. *katat0nik* / Katat0nik Pidgeon
48. ur.favorite.one / Charming meiler
49. anc Ltd. / aki69 resident
50. MOON / Silent Acoustic
51. Half-Deer / Halogen Magic
52. Milk Motion / Marie Lauridsen
53. ASO! / Menieelee Gelles
54. Pink Acid / Stasey Oller
55. +ILO+ / Zozo Raven
56. INK / nontroppo Torii
57. Buzzeri / Eleri Catlyn
58. Junbug / Juno Mantel
59. !bang / Luna Jubilee
60. [ keke ] / kean kelly
61. NuDoLu / Neuilles Neuman
62. ANE / Anemysk Karu
63. Tableau Vivant / M4ri1yn Magic
64. [ContraptioN] / Faust Steamer
65. Consignment / ValiantCo Resident
66. CandyDoll / Rebeca Dembo
67. Mikunch / lllMiku Resident
68. :pesca: / tsugu Nirvana
69. *(OO)*YUKI / ooyuki mint
70. Wasabi Pills / MissAllSunday Lemon
71. vespertine / amelie knelstrom
72. Aphrodite Shop / Jaylin Whitewood (maybe)
73. Pure Poison / Shaleene Kenin
74. Mithral Apothecary / Evadne Quintessa
75. Atomic / Ivy Graves
76. *ionic* / Lakua Arriaga
77. poche / miyu adder
78. .Olive. / Naminaeko Resident
79. Ingenue / Betty Doyle
80. [AF] Apple Fall / Warehousefifteendesigns resident
81. [ Taketomi ] / Bella earst
82. A.D.D Andel / Andel Rhiadra
83. |CerberusXing| / Kamayari Resident
84. ::Breath:: / alfredjames Resident
85. [NikotiN] / Raph Dirval
86. .Enfant Terrible. / leenfantterrible Resident
87. Sweet Thing. / AyaShula Resident
88. Leéchouette / Linolatina resident
89. ~silentsparrow~ / hyasynth Tiramisu
90. <:*BoOgErS*:> / Zen Zarco
91. Snips & Snails / Henry Haystack
92. {amiable} / Nodoka Vella
93. ON*SU / Alexa Sockington
94. chocolate atelier / YukaChoco Magic
95. Schadenfreude / Allegory Malaprop
96. Soy / Soyoy Resident
97. [theSkinnery] / Umazuma Metaluna
98. Eaters Coma / Kumii Yoshikawa
99. + elua + / Miu Edman
100. PEPE hair / Pepehair resident
101. GABRIEL / Takuya jinn
102. tomoto, / Tomo Wachter

カテゴリー:::C'est la vie !:: item, MV-SL-Fashion Tagged: C'est la vie!, THE SEASONS STORY
larcoco::C’est la vie!:: * The Seasons Story – Autumn 1 Year Anniversary

+elua+ New releases @The Seasons Story

Miu Edman

Hi there:]

+elua+ is partipating in The Seasons Story Autumn.(opens October 10-31.)




You can get L$200/color pack, L$1000/FAT pack during TSS only!!!
(the regular price L$250/color L$1350/FAT)

The seasons story

Wilma is a mesh version of FAYE from MIRONE (my previous shop)!

Enjoy shopping<333333333

Miu Edman+elua+ New releases @The Seasons Story

{Zaara} Mystic Realms Faire : Chandni Lehenga

Zaara Kohime

Mystic Realms faire is an annual event focused on fantasy and RP creations. 
Chandni Lehenga 
After nearly 3 years I have created a traditional Indian outfit, the Chandni Lehenga. This Lehenga is composed of 4 individual rigged parts and is available in an array of colors that can be mixed and matched to create your own unique look. The skirt of this outfit has been designed for clean free movement and works best with a full alpha as provided. PLEASE NOTE : This outfit is at a special price only for Mystic Realms Faire! it is subject to change once released at the mainstore.  
Available at Mystic Realms Faire upto 26th of October 

{Zaara} Chandni Lehenga

  {Zaara} Chandni Lehenga   

Being Mesh, please try the demo before you buy to ensure you are satisfied with the fit :) We do not use marketplace templates or kits for our items. While we check and recheck our vendors, just in case you spot a problem please contact me immediately so we can rectify it. We would really love to hear your feedback and suggestions :)
Available at Mystic Realms Faire  
After the end of the event this item will be available at the {Zaara} Mainstore ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~    
Zaara Kohime{Zaara} Mystic Realms Faire : Chandni Lehenga

::Modish:: @ Vintage Fair – Juliette sets


For Vintage & Cool Fair ... Modish has made lots of cosmetics options in tattoo and TheMeshProject installers Mix and Match freely!!

Julliete Faces separatly sold in tattoo or installers! each having 2 options to choose from

in the tattoo pack are included 9 tattoos layers for face
in TMP packs are included installers with lipstick, eyebrows and eyeshadow 

MIX and Match cosmentics April set made up of 4 mini packs and May set made from 3 mini packs! Includes tattoo and TheMeshProject installers

Each Lipstick comes with and without mole options in tattoo and for TheMeshProject installers

There are 4 sets of eyebrows Black, Brown, Reds  & Lights. each includes 3 color variations!

Visit Vintage&Cool Fair to try on Demos!
Fair be opend at 12PM SLT 10th October

elle::Modish:: @ Vintage Fair – Juliette sets