Ho Ho Holiday Band Collection


Holiday round of Arcade is now opened!
As you might or might not have noticed, this is my first ever December Arcade, so I'm super excited.

(better image on flickr)
- This collection has 17 figurines in total, no rares. L$50/spin.
- Each one (except Band Leader) plays their own musical instrument as Solo (single) or as a member of Quartet.
- If you collect more than 2 figurines from the same Quartet, you can let them play together in sync.
- Also if you won the Band Leader, you can let them all figurines to play as one big band.

(on flickr)
There are more options like "sleep mode", "figurine base on/off" etc, so please read the instruction notecard at least once.
As always, this collection will be retired after December 2014.

For decorating this collection, I made this sleigh-shaped figurine rack which is shown in the image above. I've already sent it to Subscriber Group as a gift. If you missed it, please visit BALACLAVA!! main store and get it from the redelivery panel on the subscriber board.

Here's Arcade Official Shopping Guide. It's VERY useful to make your wish list, and to locate each gacha machine.
Arcade SLURL is here, or you can shop from Gacha Galley!

If you succeeded to TP in the venue, don't forget to grab all gifts that are placed under the big tree.
This round of Arcade is holding "Season Of Giving", many stores are donating free gifts for you. Note that they are available only at this round of Arcade, so you got to visit the venue.

Here's my gift for Season Of Giving. I don't remember which box was mine (because there are lots of gift boxes!) so you have to look for it.

(on flickr)
This tip jar flicks the color of gum balls, plays a happy sound when someone tipped on you. Body color is changeable, and you can have almost full-control on floating texts.
Mini ornaments also flick the color on gum balls inside, come with an ornament hanger.

Hope you all have fun and happy gacha-ing. x

UriahHo Ho Holiday Band Collection

New Shoes

Monicuzza Babenco

After the preview at last 21Shoes round, we release the full line of Tivoli pumps and Latina Opentoes.
They are made for Slink feet high and Belleza Venus mesh body high feet style.

*YS&YS* Latina Shoes

*YS&YS* Latina Shoes Croco*YS&YS*  Laina Shoes Shiny

*YS&YS* - Tivoli Shoes

*YS&YS* - Tivoli Shoes Croco*YS&YS* - Tivoli Shoes Suede & Shiny

Monicuzza BabencoNew Shoes
erraticerratic / The Arcade December 2014 – Key + Shopping Guide “Cozy Winter Evenings”

{Zaara} for Arcade December 2014

Zaara Kohime

{Zaara} Arcade
This time for The Arcade we have something super exciting
- Drivable Tuk-Tuks or Auto Rickshaws if you know them better that way! 
We hope you have a lot of fun with these!!

  These Tuk Tuks come with a lot of features such as:
-Customised Animations for each drive state (idle, drive and park/engine off) 
- Seats 2 passengers
-Lock/unlock, lights, burnout, horn and several other features 
-Unique textures for each model.
-Commons are only ground vehicles  

Rare features: 
- Wings - Can fly! 
- Exhaust trails of rainbows and golddust!
- Additional drive state of flight with fun flight animations.

To trade your Tuk Tuk, you have to trade the HUD not the actual vehicle as it is scripted that way :)

Zaara for Arcade : Drivable Tuk Tuks!

Zaara for Arcade : Key

Zaara for Arcade : Tuk Tuk Info

 L$75 per play • 14 to collect (2 rare)  
Perms: Transferable HUD
Mesh: 100% Mesh
 Available at: The Arcade 12 am onwards, 1st of December 
The Arcade  

 For more information about this event please visit the Arcade website
Zaara Kohime{Zaara} for Arcade December 2014

ANE @ Geeks’nNerds!


ANE’s participating in the annual Geeks’nNerds Event! It closes on the 10th of December, so be sure to stop by and try ANE’s new thigh high boots, exclusvely created or Geeks’nNerds! The boots are included w/ 3 sizes. Try demo!

Visit ANE @ Geeks’nNerds!

Pixel Tall Boots

Pixel Tall Boots

Pixel Tall Boots

Pixel Tall Boots

Follow ANE

qopiqopimeANE @ Geeks’nNerds!

Cozy Tights


Izzie’s released a 20 colors set of Cozy Tights at the mainstore. The tights include system layers (socks and underpants), applier Huds for Slink Physique and Belleza Venus. It is possible to wear them with Slink body and Slink feet, Belleza body and Belleza feet and Belleza body + Slink feet.

Cozy Tights

Visit Izzie’s Mainstore

Visit Izzie’s Marketplace Store

izziebuttonCozy Tights

Chunky Chain Jewelry (for Uber)


Izzie’s is offering a Chunky Chain Jewelry set at the current Uber “Vogue” round, that started today. You can choose from silver, gold and copper metal styles – material versions and no material versions are included. It is possible to purchase each jewelry piece separately or as set.

Chunky Chain Jewelry (for Uber)

Visit Uber

izziebuttonChunky Chain Jewelry (for Uber)

Cindy mini set at Uber!

December Dollinger

Out at midnight for Uber!

Cindy mini set @ Uber

The chair that can sit up to two avatars and includes single and couples animations, two base textures and 6 fabrics to pick from (comes in adult or PG). It also comes with a book shelf, side table and a potted snake plant. The book shelf and the table have two textures to chose from and the pot has 6.

All the items are materials ready and are copy/mod.

Come grab them at Uber, November 30th at midnight!

December DollingerCindy mini set at Uber!

NEW at Livalle! Evoke Platform Boots!


Livalle introduces Evoke- a sexy platform boot with both Slink AND Belleza Support, as well as a regular rigged version!  These boots work with pants also because they have a HUD-driven alpha control!  They are available NOW in the mainstore, so hurry on over and get some!


Happy Shopping!

Lyrical and Linds ♥

lyricalemberNEW at Livalle! Evoke Platform Boots!

TO PIECES @BEUSY. This hair style fully wraps around the neck…

• Stay Beusy •


This hair style fully wraps around the neck and shoulders like a drape.

Completely  rigged, except for the Sunflower accessory. That is unrigged, optional,and resizeable!

TP/DEMO: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Anders/206/69/3018

Hairbase NOT included.

• Stay Beusy •TO PIECES @BEUSY. This hair style fully wraps around the neck…

It’s almost that time of year again, the Arcade is opening…


It’s almost that time of year again, the Arcade is opening it’s doors to a new round on December 1st.

ISON will be putting out these luxurious items perfect to dress up the holiday season. The “opulent bow tie” comes with a detachable brooch and 8 texture change gem colors.

The are frozen set comes with the coveted rare earrings in 8 colors changeable via the included HUD.

Come on by when doors open.

14 commons and 1 rare - $50L per play!


ISONIt’s almost that time of year again, the Arcade is opening…