New release for uber

Morphine Janick

panel_ooss (1)

monso released 2 items at monthly event uber : 50 shades of sexy

unique style off shoulder shirt & matched lingerie.

5 shirts colors and 4 lingerie colors available.

there are so much ‘ SEXY ‘ items @ this round uber.

hope you enjoy :)


and here’s 50 shades of sexy photo contest flickr group link.

plz join and share your photos with uber stuff!


taxi to uber :

Morphine JanickNew release for uber

New Release at FaMESHed

cocoro Lemon

I've released new items at The FaMESHed, October round!

Please come and try the DEMO, I hope you like them:)
Thank you so much!

*COCO* Shawl Collar Coat (with Shirt)
Rigged Mesh
[Copy / No Modify / No Transfer]

Contains :
1. Shawl Collar Coat (with shirt)  *You cannot wear the coat and the shirt separately.
2. Glove (for Right hand)

This slim coat is the style that your left hand is putting into your bottom's pocket.
You cannot move the left arm.
The Alpha hides your both hands, so please wear the glove in your right hand.
If you have mesh hands, you can wear your right hand instead of the glove.

*COCO*  Felt Fedora Hat
Non-Rigged Mesh
[Copy / Modify / No Transfer]

2 versions are included.
*wearing on your left ear

The felt fedora hats are non-rigged mesh items and they are modifiable.
If you need to resize the hat, please make a copy before you modify it.

*COCO* Tailored Pants
Rigged Mesh
[Copy / No Modify / No Transfer]

Coming Soon!
I'm going to release the coats and pants for male soon. (@ The Mens Dept, from October 5th.)
Thank you so much:)

cocoro LemonNew Release at FaMESHed

::K:: Wrap Coat Homme / Femme @ FaMESHed Oct.

Kitt Ragu

::K:: Wrap Coat Homme / Femme

This item be available at the FaMESHed Oct. during the holding.

FaMESHed Location


Original Fitted Mesh

Available size
Homme / only for Male
Femme / only for Female

※Wearing the size of the opposite sex does not recommend.

【Fitted Mesh Info】
1.Formal viewer or third party viewer corresponding to Fitted Mesh is required for this product. 
2.Make sure you have updated your Viewer to the latest release which Fitted Mesh is required.
3.Fitted Mesh is not perfected yet.
In order to unite with your shape completely, correction of a few amendments to your shape might be required.
4.And unfortunately, it does not necessarily fit the body shape of all. 

Please try on DEMO before purchase enough.

I am glad if it adds to one of the wardrobes of yours.
I hope you visit my store.
Please enjoy your secondlife fashion.


::K:: Official Blog

::K:: MarketPlace

::K:: Flickr Group

::K:: Face Book Page

::K:: Kitt Ragu

Kitt Ragu::K:: Wrap Coat Homme / Femme @ FaMESHed Oct.

L.Warwick at Uber!



Now Available at Uber is a brand new wedge, Validation!  Fits both Slink and the new body by Belleza, so make sure you get yourself a pair!  Happy shopping!




lyricalemberL.Warwick at Uber!

Current events for!

Darling Monday

Hey guys! Here are the events that is either currently participating in or just about to be.

Collabor88 - September - "Miami Electric"

The Gloria.Heels will be available at this round of Collabor88 through October 7th. They are available in 10 versions, including a few suede neutrals for those of you who don't like the glitter. Please note that the glitter versions will not be sold in-store after the event is over!

The Gathering - October 1st - October 15th

The Gathering opens on October 1st and is a special gacha event started by veteran creators. They created this quality event for a small group of designers to benefit customers!

I have created two pairs of platforms for this special event, both included in one gacha. There are 4 commons and 2 rares for L$50 a play! The Lily & Xela.Platforms are compatible with your Slink High Feet and Belleza Mesh Body.

Stay tuned for more news and updates! <3

Darling MondayCurrent events for! updates! – September 2014

Darling Monday

So, I've obviously not been keeping up my website like I should! I'm going to do some catching up and HOPEFULLY in the future remember to post properly lol.

Product updates in-store:

These shoes have been updated to work with the new Belleza Mesh Body!

These shoes have been updated to work with the new Belleza Mesh Body!

The Bay.Sandals are a permanent discounted special at L$50 a pair!

The Bay.Sandals are a permanent discounted special at L$50 a pair!

I'll talk about current events in the next post! <3


Darling updates! – September 2014

Win a giftcard!

Fae Eriksen

Fishy Survey

*fishy strawberry* wants to hear from you!

Please fill out this quick survey with your honest opinions on the *fishy strawberry*  brand.

Surveys can be filled out anonymously, but...-drum roll-

As a bonus, 6 individuals who submit the survey will receive a gift card! But there are rules...

1. Don't sugar coat your responses. Your honest opinion will NOT lessen your chances of winning as winners are selected at random! If there is something about the brand you feel could be better or omitted, don't hesitate to include this in your response. 

2. Only 1 response per person.  Duplicate entries will not be included in the drawing.

3. Official bloggers of *fishy strawberry* and recipients of recent prizes will not be included in the drawing.  Your opinion is highly valued, but we want to be fair in distributing items.

4. Threatening or abusive responses will not be entered in the drawing and will be deleted.

5. Anonymous entries will not be included in the drawing, but your opinion will be read!

How will it work?
-Starting on Sunday, September 28th the form will be open for responses. Each response that is submitted will be assigned a number (visible by admin) based on order of form submission.

-Surveys received by Thursday, October 2nd will be counted in the drawing. Anons and individuals who do not qualify for the drawing will be filtered out.

-By use of's True Random Number Generator, 6 participants will be selected to win a giftcard.

-The giftcard amounts are as follows:
 (1st Prize) L$2,500
 (2nd Prize) L$1,000
 (3rd Prize) L$ 500
 (4th, 5th, and 6th) L$250

-Winners of the giftcards will be announced via flickr and contacted on Friday, October 3rd.

Please note that the form will remain open for future opinions as *fishy strawberry* always wants to hear your opinions! :)

Fae EriksenWin a giftcard!

New mens hair *Dura-Boy*53 release!




Clothes: Mikunch- No-sleeves jacket with long-T(Comming soon)

☑Non-rigged mesh hair (added flex object)
☑All 18 colors
☑Dark 6 color FAT / Light 6 color FAT / Mix 6 color FAT

*Hairbase is not included in this product.
I am using hairbase of Lanevo product in this photo.
product name: [LANEVO] HAIRBASE - No.02 Long
This product is sold at the [Dura] main shop and the [LANEVO] main shop

Please try DEMO!!

Dura main shop(Click)
DuraNew mens hair *Dura-Boy*53 release!

GRIMES@BEUSY. A messy braid topped off with a snapback! Also…

• Stay Beusy •


A messy braid topped off with a snapback!

Also featuring one of the new MATTE hair colors that are now available.

The Snapback comes with it’s own hud for easy style change.


Thank you to Olyvia Stratten for the Grimes hair inspiration!

• Stay Beusy •GRIMES@BEUSY. A messy braid topped off with a snapback! Also…

Dutchie at Consensual: adult chaise longue

Froukje Hoorenbeek

Comfortable large scale French early 20th century chaise longue in original, slightly torn muslin upholstery. It is color changeable in 6 different combinations and comes in 2 versions, pg and adult. The adult version has 50 couple animations for femdom roleplay. There is 1 rezzing scene and a few temp attach wearable items.

 The chaise longue will be available at a 30% discount during Consensual until sunday oct 5th.
Froukje HoorenbeekDutchie at Consensual: adult chaise longue

Slink Physique & Visage Applier Updates


Izzie’s added an Eyeshadow- and a free Black Lipstick applier Hud set to the existing Maci head appliers for Slink’s mesh head! The Eyeshadow Hud – same as the Make-Up Hud – only works in combination with the Base Hud! The mesh head is NOT included, you can purchase it here.

There are also Slink Physique updates for Izzie’s Sheer Tights (basics and colors), Izzie’s Thigh High Knit Socks and Izzie’s Jolie Lingerie available now.

Slink Physique & Visage Applier Updates (out now!)

Visit Izzie’s Mainstore


izziebuttonSlink Physique & Visage Applier Updates

New @ mimikri… " Carla "

Mimikri Kit

Introducing " Carla " a new range of A - Line Leather Skirts , Silk Blouses , Python Ankle Boots and stylish Yeti Jackets.
Items are Rigged Mesh except of the Jacket " Prim Fur ", which is adjustable in size via a stretch menu. The Boots are made for SLink Female High Feet but can be worn without any Mesh Feet as well. " Carla " is available in 7 gorgeous colors .

TAXI to...      mimikri

Mimikri KitNew @ mimikri… " Carla "