[taketomi]_Ayamo_LightBlondes : NEW hair (bella.earst)
.Atomic. {Aphrodite} Floral Headpiece : Collabor88 (Ivy Graves)

:V.e. Gillian Dress For FLF : (valentinaevangelista)
::BB:: Leeke Doll Shoes DOTTED BEIGE : (suetabulous Yootz)
*PerveTTe* [Tattoo] Sex OldWest :The Closer Fair (lanna.cobalt)
GATO- Amapola Nails for SLink Hands : (Lalu Bonetto)

LaGyo_Aiko bangle : (gyorgyna.larnia)
POSE . Infiniti . - Paper Birds - 7 : The Fantasy Gacha (Brandi Monroe)

Location : Asalia House


[taketomi]_Amo_LightBlonde : NEW hair (bella.earst)

Tee*fy Sophie Cut-Out Ruffle Top Black : FLF (azure.electricteeth)
{SMS} Skater Skirt Cats Beige : (pastFLF) (irie.campese)
RO - Phalanx Wedges - Wheat - Container : Collabor88 (axsisthorn)
.Identity. Body Shop - Mysterious Way : arm tattoo The Closer Fair (Melissa Hindraba)
La Malvada Mujer - Royal Wolf  : (aina.cortes)

Candy Crunchers - Fishy Necklace - Copper : Suicide Dollz Event (kittymeow.tigerpaw)
Izzie's - Aarya Bracelet (TDRF) : (Izzie Button)
POSE . Infiniti . - Paper Birds - 12 : The Fantasy Gacha (Brandi Monroe)

Location : Chouchou


————————————————————————————— Clothes Look 1 (Left) Top: .:…

Fashion Rebirth



Look 1 (Left)

Top: .: ryvolter :. Marina Leather Bralette - Cream

Skirt:.: ryvolter :. Eniko Leather Midi Skirt - Navy

Pumps: [ChicZafari] - Polkadot Printed Stilleto[White]————————————————————————————


Bracelet: (FEMALE)[MANDALA]BILLIONAIRE_New-Rich(GOLD) @Collabor88



Look 2 (Middle)

Blazer:.: ryvolter :. Ola Shoulder Tuxedo Blazer - Floral

Top: .: ::LC:: Leather & Lace Cami [Black] @SwagFest

Skirt:.: ::LC:: Leather Side Split Skirt [Red] @SwagFest

Pumps: [Co57] Khloe Pump Naked CLR ————————————————————————————


Bracelet: (FEMALE)[MANDALA]BILLIONAIRE_New-Rich(GOLD) @Collabor88

Bag: .: ryvolter :. Xylia Knot Bag - Caramel



Look 3 (Right)

Top: .: .: ryvolter :. Leigh Draped Blouse - Floral

Shorts:.: // SEUL Samantha Romper Shorts - Onyx

Pumps: .: ryvolter :. Leila Fox-Fur Sandals - Golden————————————————————————————


Necklace: Zaara : Atiriya stone necklace

Bracelet: (FEMALE)[MANDALA]BILLIONAIRE_New-Rich(GOLD) @Collabor88


Fashion Rebirth————————————————————————————— Clothes Look 1 (Left) Top: .:…

Three Tom Boy LookS! Faux wit meh.




Pucca Firecaster! Amazing designer. Talented with his creations and always learning. He’s an amazing person. Not only is he super helpful, but kind. He takes the time to log on and help you with any issues you have with his creations. He is constantly growing as an artist and designer, as you can clearly see by my pictures below – but the sweetest thing to learn about him; is he is modest. It’s humbling to speak with a designer who is not only adorable but truly passionate about their designs rather than lindens. It’s about the experience and what you grow from learning how to make things in SL that I like the most about my favorite designers.



The ninja! With Pucca’s newest items in the fantasy Gacha. It’s theme is Ninja! Which channeled my Japanese side, my Bruce lee loving hipster swag. I rocked his chest strap with items that reminded me of oil bowls and flying knives. His ninja belt which had some ninja stars and looks like a club with some chains. Anyways it worked out perfectly for me because the belt and chest strap was used in my rp.  Look at the detail in the belt looks like a real ninja belt. With a little symbol at the bottom. The stars are so crisp and the textures are so clear. That’s quality stuff right there. The hat is the effing bomb diggity! I adore it. The shoes are new too by Flite. They’re so cheap and not to mention you can make them into different sizes. From being a regular shoe or a platform boot. Like shown in my picture. Awesome stuff guys!

Eyeliner: -Glam Affair- Couture Eyeliner no no.03
Lashes: [LeLutka]-2011 lashes/natur
Teeth: DeeTaleZ Teeth & Tongue Piercing
Eyes: {Dead Apples} Twinkle Eyes – Raven
Skin: [theSkinnery] Zuri – Bare face (toffee) NB CL1

Tape: Nana my tape black – иαиα σямѕтєιи (audrey.lanfier)- Marketplace
Arrows: PFC~Arrow Wound (box)
Pants: Casual Chino_Dark
Shoes: FLite. -Skyhigh Black 1.1
Hair: HOMAGE — Frenchie : Essentials (unpacked)
Septum: MONS / MESH – Septum Ring (style5) black
Top: (fd) Crop Top – Black
chest Straps: PFC~NinjaStuffs – lethal ribs – FANTASY GACHA
Belt: PFC~NinjaStuffs – Ninjutsu belt – FANTASY GACHA



For this look I’m rocking some stuff I bought the other day. First off this is probably my first time loving a beanie hat. I’ve worn it for days now. Both on my free and my slave. The darling loose curls are fucking sweet. Plus the HUD gives you a ton of options to choose from. Slayer, Bad, Aint no wifey, Comme Des Fuk Down! So much more! I love it. Worth the lindens. The shirt and crop top is by Coco, which I’m sure you’ve seen around before, but the crop top was free. Part of Coco’s group gifts. The pack is by PFC which is also another part of his Fantasy Gacha items! You must try to win it. Perfect for our roleplay, you should see the others that he made too. They’re beautiful! Truly a great piece of work.

Eyeliner: -Glam Affair- Couture Eyeliner no no.03
Lashes: [LeLutka]-2011 lashes/natur
Teeth: DeeTaleZ Teeth & Tongue Piercing
Eyes: {Dead Apples} Twinkle Eyes – Raven
Skin: [theSkinnery] Zuri – Bare face (toffee) NB CL1
Hat/hair: [taketomi]_Kira_Blacks (wear)

Top: *COCO*_Gift_HighNeckCropTop(Red)
Shirt: *COCO*_ShirtAroundWaist_BuffaloCheckRed
pants: ISON – leather leggings (black)
bras: *blowpop* Yvette set – Nude
Shoes: FLite. -Skyhigh Black 1.1
Septum: MONS / MESH – Septum Ring (style5)
Packs: PFC~Cleric pack – FANTASY GACHA
Grapple hook: PFC~NinjaStuffs – Grapple – FANTASY GACHA




In my last outfit I’m wearing most of the stuff as before. It’s a crop day/week for me. As you can tell. The awesome belt is another item from the pack set which is by PFC. The deadly armor is by my pa! Damon Pinelli! Enigma. Then I’m wearing a quiver that is from an EZ Bow set!
Eyeliner: -Glam Affair- Couture Eyeliner no no.03
Lashes: [LeLutka]-2011 lashes/natur
Teeth: DeeTaleZ Teeth & Tongue Piercing
Eyes: {Dead Apples} Twinkle Eyes – Raven
Skin: [theSkinnery] Zuri – Bare face (toffee) NB CL1
Hair: Lamb. Strangelove – Black Pack

Armor: :Enigma: Valkyrie Bloggers Box
Arrows: PFC~Arrow Wound (box)
Pants: *chronokit* Cropped Sarrouel Pants Black
Shoes: FLite. -Skyhigh Black 1.1
Septum: Style 5 Mon – Septum Ring
Top: 1992 // Fallover Crop Top (Black)
Belt: PFC~Belt packs (black) (REVIEW COPY)
Backpack: PFC~Raa’s pack (black) RARE (REVIEW COPY)

Tagged: FANTASYGACHA, gorean, PFC, roleplay, secondlife
yoko.adrastusThree Tom Boy LookS! Faux wit meh.

ryvolter-vive nine-fiore


vive nine - ryvolter


Left look :

.: fiore :. Natasha Mesh Head Skin Base – SPF15

Rowne.Sonja – Mesh Roots NEW Roots HUD !

.: ryvolter :. Enna Drape Over Dress – XXS – DarkGrey NEW !

.: ryvolter :. Bruna Flame Mules – Oxblood NEW !

.: ryvolter :. Xylia Knot Bag- Oxblood NEW !

.: vive nine :. Lua Arm Bracelet – Gold

ISON - safari tribe ring (gold)

ISON – vipera watch  (gold)

::Modish:: Obscurity Shades -Black-  (Style B)

pose by me

Right look:

.: fiore :. Natasha Mesh Head Skin Base – SPF15

.: fiore :. VELMA Hair (S/Resize)

.: ryvolter :. Leigh Draped Blouse – White NEW !

.: ryvolter :. Mylienna Satin Track Pants -DarkGrey NEW !

.: ryvolter :. Xylia Knot Bag – Mauve NEW !

.: ryvolter :. Bruna Flame Mules – Black NEW !

MG – Necklace – Keisha – Long

(epoque) Cubist Ring – Obsidian


pose by me



marcopolohryvolter-vive nine-fiore

Confessions of a Broke SL Shopaholic 2014-08-29 21:45:00

Estella Magic

Hair: Exile::Letters and lipstick
Skin: Pink Fuel - Harley
Dress: Zaara : Antara Maxi dress
Necklace 1: Fashionably Dead - Shattered Mirror Necklace - Dark
Necklace 2: (Yummy) Oracle Necklace
Sandals: Maitreya Gold - Antheia Sandal
Bag: ISON - summer striped net bag
Bracelet: [MANDALA]Odyssey-Bracelet
Estella MagicConfessions of a Broke SL Shopaholic 2014-08-29 21:45:00

Look #47 Special Post

Cute & Fashion

Hi, today i make a different post for a special day today!  So, thank you guys for all the favs...
Cute & FashionLook #47 Special Post

You Say Fat Cat Like It Is A Bad Thing

Anabelle Marquis


Skin: The Skinnery @ Arcade Gacha (starts on Sept. 1st) Marni #7 – Champagne
Hair: Moon @ SWAG Fest (Starts August 30th) Insect Religion Oblong Set
Eyes: Buzzeri @ Kustom9 Celestial Eyes – Hazel
Shape: Wowmeh Fitted Mesh Body in Size
Hands & Feet: SLink Avatar Enhancement Mesh
Teeth & Tongue: DeeTaleZ  Tongue with Piercing

Lips: It’s a secret ;-)
Brows: The Skinnery @ Arcade Gacha (starts on Sept. 1st) Marni Brows #6
Eyelashes: Mon Cheri Falsies

My Kittah: Aisling @ Arcade Gacha (starts on Sept. 1st) Nino Duchesse Up Version – RARE
Crown, Earrings Necklace: La Malvada Mujer * New Agata Set (she has 3 new sets all gorgeous!)
Dress: Pantsu Hunter Yui – Pink

Anabelle MarquisYou Say Fat Cat Like It Is A Bad Thing

Things Get Silly

Cryssie Carver

As a grown adult whenever I'm given items that are intended for children there's something inside me that flips a switch and things get a bit silly.

Alouette have a ball pool that immediately meant that I scrambled for my dorkiest onesie and dive inside.

Balls Of Fun

What else was I supposed to do with a ball pit. Honestly I'm a little bit in love with this as it fits adults with very little adjusting and things will always get silly.

Never going to apologise for wearing a mint green bunny rabbit onesie!

You must be shorter than the kitten to play in the ball pit...

Getting Taller

Ooops. Oh well. Guess I'm breaking all the rules today!

Okay so the height chart from Alouette isn't to measure how tall (or short) you have to be to play in the ball pit but it's fun to pretend!

I promise to be back to my normal(ish) self in the next post.

Happy Shopping!

Onesie - Intrigue Co. - Mint Bunny Pajamas
Hair - Truth - Jinx - Pastels Pack
Skin - League - Erin Pale - Feline
Pic 1: Ball Pit - Alouette - Kid's Ball Pit
Pic 2: Height Chart - Alouette - Watch Me Grow Height Chart - Kitten
Cryssie CarverThings Get Silly


Mavi Beck

The lovely Aida from Glam Affair is part of the upcoming round of The Arcade Gacha which will open on September 1st with a new skin called Skye.

Skye in Asia tone will be available as a common in the 12 makeups shown below:

-Glam Affair - Skye - Asia 12 H_001 -Glam Affair - Skye - Asia 11 B_001 -Glam Affair - Skye - Asia 10 G_001 -Glam Affair - Skye - Asia 09 A -Glam Affair - Skye - Asia 08 H_001 -Glam Affair - Skye - Asia 07 G_001


-Glam Affair - Skye - Asia 01 A_001 -Glam Affair - Skye - Asia 02 B_001 -Glam Affair - Skye - Asia 03 C_001 -Glam Affair - Skye - Asia 04 D_001 -Glam Affair - Skye - Asia 05 E -Glam Affair - Skye - Asia 06 F_001

There’s also 5 rares to collect: 3 in the Jamaica tone as shown below and 2 in the new Petal tone.

-Glam Affair - Skye - Jamaica 03 C_001 -Glam Affair - Skye - Jamaica 02 B_001 -Glam Affair - Skye - Jamaica 01 A_001

All skins come with the standard 8 eyebrow colors plus a no brow version.

The hair shown in this post is Tableau Vivant’s Barley by M4ri1yn Magic.

Mavi BeckSkye

Amelie et les petites: Episode "Beers & Bears"

Amelie Fravoisse

Amelie et les petites: Episode "Beers & Bears"
Adult 1 (Left)
Shirt: Spirit Store - Romana shirt - @ The Mens Dept
Pants: Spirit Store - Romana boyfriend pants - @ The Mens Dept
Shoes: [monso] My Studded Sandal - Black 
Cigar: [NikotiN] Rainbow_Red   
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Lilith
Pose: Amacci

Adult 2
Top: [monso] My Cropped Sweater - @ C88
Pants: [monso] My Roll Up Pants - Beige
Hair/cap: +Spellbound+ NachoBitch
Shoes: [L.Warwick] Revelry -Platform Heels- Brown Leather - @ Appliers Expo
Bag: -David Heather-Chess Travel Bag/Ivory - @ Kustom9

Mesh heads:
Slink Visage Mesh Head - Becky
Slink Visage Mesh Head - Emma
Skin applier: Deetalez Laura Slink Visage Applier Nordic 
Hands/feet: Slink

Complete outfit: {Lil Big Me} Vintage Boy Outfit
Paintball gun: {LBM} Trucks & Planes Paintball Gun - coming soon @  Woodland Treasures Gatcha 
(edited to shoot balls)
Bag: -ATTIC- Robber Bag Ripped Brown RARE - @ Kustom9
Bear head: <:*BoOgErS*:> Bear Head Wear (Free Gift) - Coming soon @ The Arcade on Sept 1st
Hair: *Dura-Baby*01(Blonde) - New!
Dog: AMU - Guard Doggy! (1p) - 9L

Building: Trompe Loeil - Brooklyn Carriage House - @ C88
[ kunst ] - Set of bar & beers
(Wooden bar stool, small bar, Small bar shelf, Kunsteiner bottle's box, barrel, bottles, mugs, Kunsteiner, cans)
Phone: floorplan. payphone / gold
[NikotiN] Cigarette Butts 
<:*BoOgErS*:> James Beartholomew Hook, Papa Bear, Skippy Bear - @ The Arcade on Sept 1st

Amelie FravoisseAmelie et les petites: Episode "Beers & Bears"

belle of the ball on Flickr.The Beauty Hair from Olive is every…


belle of the ball on Flickr.

The Beauty Hair from Olive is every Disney girl’s dream! I really can’t wait to see what people do with this style! The headband is color change and the textures are really nice. The Beauty goes very well with La Malvada Mujer’s newest jewelry release, Agata. This jewelry is wonderful detailed, down to the faint Madonnas etched into the crosses. The gems have a subtle glow in the crown, I really think this is a gothic look I can get behind.

| Look |

Skin: Essences {Linka} TDRF *medium01* brunette
Body: Slink Physique Mesh Body V1.3
Shape: !matte.019 (shape) MOD
Cheeks: .random.Matter. - Perfectly Flawed - Sunkissed 1 (w/o freckles)
Hands/Feet: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands
Eyes: [Buzz] Celestial Eyes - Fatpack
Eye Lashes: *MC* “Falsies” Eyelash - Upper
Hair: .Olive. the Beauty Hair - Morning Coffee (Arcade)
Lips: [PF] Lipstick - Matte (red/teeth)
Dress: *{Junbug}* Adele’s Secret in Canary
Necklace/Crown/Earrings: La Malvada Mujer - Agata (New!)
Ring: (Yummy) Faceted Solitaire Ring - Diamond
Pose: Imeka

technotealbelle of the ball on Flickr.The Beauty Hair from Olive is every…

- 430 -


- 430 -

- Styling Card -

tram  C407 hair / black   @tram
duboo  space wanderer w/glass
Glam Affair  Rose - Asia 07 A   @Glam Affair
MiWardrobe  Three Planets - Necklace - Beige - MW   @MiWardrobe
Pixicat  WideCropTop - Black   @Olive You
Pixicat  Biker.Pants - Grey   @KUSTOM9
Nailed It  Black Drop Set - Mythic   @Nailed It

- Decor -

Pixicat  Space.Companion (Sloth) RARE   50L Per Play   @The Arcade - Available from Sep 1st SLT
Pixicat  Space.Companion (Alnino)   50L Per Play   @The Arcade - Available from Sep 1st SLT
Pixicat  Space.Companion (Tabby)   50L Per Play   @The Arcade - Available from Sep 1st SLT
Pixicat  Space.Companion (Panda)   50L Per Play   @The Arcade - Available from Sep 1st SLT
Pixicat  Space.Companion (Pug) RARE   50L Per Play   @The Arcade - Available from Sep 1st SLT
Pixicat  Space.Companion (Fox)   50L Per Play   @The Arcade - Available from Sep 1st SLT
Pixicat  Space.Companion (BunnyBrown)   50L Per Play   @The Arcade - Available from Sep 1st SLT
A.D.D.Andel  Planet Lamp-Mars/Jupiter/Saturn
A.D.D.Andel  Planet Lamp-Mercury/Venus/Earth
8f8  Dreamer's Cloudland - The Moon and Stars

- Pose -

Bauhaus Movement  Ballerina 11   @The Liaison Collaborative
Kirin01.Resident- 430 -

Autumn Days When The Grass Is Jewelled


Autumn Days When The Grass Is Jewelled

Is it technically autumn yet? I’m not sure. It’s still definitely summer where I love, but it feels like it should be autumn now.

I’m wearing the new Skye skin from Glam Affair that will be out on the 1st September at The Arcade and she’s a real cutie! The commons come in the Asia tone (my new fave) with the rares in Jamaica and Pearl. Arcade is a great way to grab skins for bargain prices, I usually like to get them all for my alts and being transfer is super handy for that of course.

I added the Juno hair from D!va at C88 and the Lagyo Metis necklace you can also grab there for a few more days, coz with this skin I just could not resist the pretty.

Is everyone looking forward to all the events opening in the next week? I know I am, after being away I really can’t wait to go get my shop on!



Hair – Juno – D!va @ C88 RECENT

Skin – Skye Asia (common) – Glam Affair @ The Arcade COMING SOON 1ST SEPT

Necklace – Metis Necklace – LaGyo @ C88 RECENT

Ears – Steking Ears – Mandala

Cheek piercing and dimples – Sugar Heart

Lip Piercing – The Minimalist (edited) – Hebenon Vial

Lashes – Falsies – Candy Mountain

CoralAutumn Days When The Grass Is Jewelled